Hurley Island.

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One big happy family


“Beth we are just going to dinner.” Says Leanne. She looks at the growing pile of clothes that Beth has tossed aside.

“Did you see that Percy? He is so cute.” Beth picks a satin dress that could pass for a banquet.

“I did, he seems nice but… You do know he is basically our cousin…” Replies Leanne.

Beth drops her shoulders in defeat, she hadn’t realized this fact. “It figures the only cute boy to visit our island is someone we can’t have.” Says Beth defeated, she tosses the fancy dress on to the growing pile, Beth choose a pair of dark washed jeans and grey polo, Leanne copies her sisters conservative attire.

“Beth I am sorry, I said something.” Says Leanne noticing that her sister is still upset. But being the great sister Beth is, she turns to Leanne and hugs her.

“Stop, you are so smart for your age. It is just a little sad that’s all, I will get over it. Let me do something with your hair…” Offers Beth.

They spent the remaining twenty minutes working on Leanne’s hair, she had to admit, Beth has a talent when it comes to fashion. Beth choose to French braid Leanne’s hair. Their mother Kelly pokes her head into their cabin.

She stands silently for a moment admiring her daughters. Kelly always loves how well her girls get along. Leanne sees her mom in the mirror, she turns around.

“Mommy Beth braided my hair what do you think?”

She walks over and takes Beth’s place behind Leanne’s shoulders; she pushes the braid’s tail forward over Leanne’s shoulder. “I think Beth made you look like a princess, lets go upstairs the boys look like they are getting hungry.

“They are always hungry” Says Beth annoyed.

Leanne looks at her mother, Kelly looks captivating, her hair is straighten, it has a reflective shine. Around her thin and ageless neck, Kelly wares a elegant yet simple necklace. Leanne’s favorite feature of her moms is her eyes. Leanne can stare into them for hours, Kelly caught her doing so again. As usual Kelly wears a big smile and Leanne gets an unexpected kiss on her cheek.

Leanne holds her moms hand on their way above. In the Saloon her father Jack looks on approvingly at his girls, he kneels down and gives Leanne a kiss on the cheek.

“You look beautiful Leanne, you too Beth.” Leanne loves when her father dotes on her, he is hard on the boys but she always felt that she and Beth were held to a different standard, he was strict with them but more relaxed. My dads just are easier on the girls, or at least that is how Leanne sees it.

“Let’s wait on the dock for Ted.” Suggests Jack.


He wore a pair of brown shoes, a brown belt, his polo is tucked into his pressed Khaki pants. A blue blazer completes his outfit. No Ted did not pick these clothes, this mother had laid out his outfit, she had laid out the same style for Paul and even though Marty was in another cabin, he was going to be dressed the same.

Tonight, would be his and Marty’s first night sleeping on the island. Their mother had ordered bedding with their latest shipment, once they put the roof on she had made their beds up for them. Ted places his pistol in his small passcode protected safe, once his firearm is secured from the preying eyes of his younger brother Ted makes his way above. He finds his family gathered on the dock. Marty has his hands in his pockets, Paul leans on his crutches.

“Leanne, get off me.” Says Paul frustrated.

Leanne was trying to fix the collar on Paul’s blazer. Jack is the last one up, he wears slacks and a tight fitting button-down shirt. They walks towards their uncles large yacht. The galley way is open, one of the crew wearing a blazer greets them at the entrance.

“Welcome, please follow me this way.” Says the crewmember. Entering the ship, Ted notices the attention to detail, everything gleams and is gilded. Everywhere they look they can see evidence of Uncle Nate's travels. Tusks are used as staircase railings and heads of animals cover the walls. Entering the atrium Ted is amazed to see a stuffed polar bear, it must stand 16 feet tall!

They climb the staircase in the atrium, Ted Notices that his sisters Beth and Leanne, refuse to touch the tusk railings. He assumes they must uncomfortable seeing all the mounts. Ted had been hunting most of his cognitive life, but it was more respectful than sport. They needed to eat, hunting and fishing while circumnavigating the globe, is just practical as grocery stores are hard to come by when travel through an island chain.

His Uncle Nate always loves the extravagant and never observes moderation. A fact that is evident by this ship. When they enter the dining area they are that the topmost deck of the ship. They have small aft deck that has it’s doors open to allow the fresh breeze inside. From up here their Bay looks beautiful.

Ted walks over to the bar and orders a glass of iced tea, he can’t remember the last time he had a drink this sweet, most of their sugars had been coming from the fruits that his family consumed. His siblings crowd around the table.

It was only a moment until his Uncle Nate and his new family entered. Ted greets Percy first, he seems like a good kid. He instantly asks Ted about their elephants.

“Is it true you have an elephant?”

“Well yes it is, we have three at the moment. Actually, Beth and Leanne have been taking charge of the elephants care.”

“Really, would you two mind sitting with me, I have tons of questions about them?” Ask Percy, he even holds a chair out and gestures Beth to sit.

Ted didn’t understand why Beth was blushing, he was proud that she had been stepping up lately, then again Ted assumes that girl blush for no reason.

He looks around the room and notices that everyone is taking their seats. There is one spot between the girl named Carley and Paul, taking the seat Ted turns to Carley. He gives her a wide smile, if they were going to sit next to each other it was best to get off to a right foot.

“How was your voyage?” Ted asks Carley.

“This is a comfortable ship, but I am afraid I have had enough of the high seas.”

“That is because the only thing you have done all holiday is lay around and tan.” Says Percy snarkily.

“Shut up murmur, why don’t you find a bed to wet...” Says Carley.

“Mom” Complains Percy.

“That is enough you two, this is the first civilized dinner we have had all holiday.” Ted looks it was Carley’s mother who spoke. The parents are clustered at the end of the table. He sees that his father’s wine is untouched as is his moms. His Uncle and now Aunt on the other hand were drinking their fill.

Marty spoke up for the first time all dinner. He directs an insult towards Paul. “We have a bed wetter too; Paul wore diapers until he was 7.” Several things happened at once. That is a very touchy and embarrassing part of Paul’s early life, he had some medical problems as a younger boy and couldn’t control his bowels. Paul looks like he could cry, Leanne immediately comes to Paul’s defense, she sits next to their mom Kelly.

Leanne lifts her mothers unattended wine glass and tosses the red fluid into Marty’s face. She soaks his whole face and chest!

“Wow this is better than TV” Exclaims Carley with an excitable tone.

“You little bitch!” Screams Marty, Jack is in motion. Ted knows his father’s furious. To stop the scene from escalating further, Ted gets between his father.

“Dad I will get him out of here.” But Jack looks at Ted with a cold stare, Ted has no choice but to step aside.

Jack is so strong he controls Marty by the scruff of his neck, he leads him down the stairs, once out of site, they can hear several cries of Pain from Marty. The room is silent and uncomfortable after that. Marty never returned to the table, Paul out of embarrassment left the table, before Jack returns.

After the meal, Beth, Ted and Leanne went home while the parents continued to have cocktails. Ted walks into the hut with a bag of his stuff. He finds Marty is inside the room, he sniffles, and his eyes are red and puffy leading Ted to believe he had been crying. Ted is about to lay into Marty, then as Ted moves closer to his brothers bedside he sees that he has a red mark on his chin.

“Did Dad hit you?”

“What do you think, the word just slipped out.”

“You tried to impress that girl by throwing Paul under the bus, that was low even for you. Then what makes you think it is a good idea to ever swear at one of our sisters.”

“I am sorry Ted, she was playing footie with my under the table, I knew it was wrong, but I don’t know what came over me…”

“That girl is nothing but trouble, you need to stay away from her.” Says Ted.

“No need to tell me twice.” Says Marty

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