Hurley Island.

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Poachers revealed


The kids had all shuffled off after the uncomfortable dinner, she thought Jack was hard on Marty. Marty is a good boy, he is a little rough on Paul, but Marty never failed to follow Kelly or Jacks instructions. He cleaned up after himself and is very intelligent, Marty is often the one who fixes the boats engine or equipment.

Still, Kelly should have seen it coming, Leanne is very predictable, Kelly would need to find some way of punishing her, but for what? Coming to her younger brothers defense. Kelly is so deep in thought about her children that she doesn’t hear her brother in-law calling her name.

It isn’t until Nate snaps his fingers several inches from her face that her attention is brought back to the present.

“Kelly would you like another margarita.” She looks down at her empty drink, this would be her third.

“Yes please.” Says Kelly. Nate upturns the pitcher into Kelly’s glass. Nates wife Elizabeth quietly sits next to Kelly. Nate and Jack are deep into conversation about the island.

“How old did these traps look?” Asks Nate, Jack had just told him about Paul’s broken leg, and the two elephants caught in the traps.

“The one that Paul stepped in looked to be a few years old, the two that caught the elephants look like they had been placed days before we arrived.”

“You think there is anyone on the island.”

“No, we haven’t made our presence quiet either, every day we are hammering, digging and hunting. Whoever put these traps down, I am sure they will return.”

“When they do we will be ready for them, I have two other professional hunters onboard and counting my guards and crew we should have enough manpower to take out a team of poachers.”

“You don’t mean to kill these men?” Asks Kelly afraid. If they started killing the poachers, than they would try and kill one of them, what if her babies were caught up in Jack and Nate's war.

“There is no international law out here, these men will be more likely to kill us than to be taken prisoner, if you don’t intend to fight them, we need to sail away from this island.” Says Nate.

“Nate these are trained criminals why can't we call in the authorities.” Asks Nates wife. ‘Finally, someone with sense’. Thinks Kelly.

“I am with her, lets get some help.” Says Kelly.

“Who would we call?” Asks Jack, it was rhetorical as Jack continued his train of thought. Kelly knew her protests were done. “This is our land, these people are poaching our game, Nate this isn’t your fight, these are evil men and they must be dealt with, your men didn’t sign up for this fight.”

“Like I would abandon my brother, taking on poachers and fighting for my brothers homeland this will be fun.” Says Nate excitedly, he cracks his knuckles to show his eagerness, Kelly chokes down on the bile building at the back of her throat. She hates violence but won’t voice her concern in front of her husband, she would never seek to embarrass Jack.

“Nate, tomorrow I would like us to put three teams together, one team will go around the island counterclockwise, one team will go the other way, while the third team will cut through the forest and meet the other two teams at the intersection point in Sector E.”

“What do you have for weapons?” Asks Nate. Kelly felt her stomach becoming queasy with all this talk. Elizabeth sees Kelly’s blank stare.

“Kelly would you like to take in some air on the deck, let the men discuss their battle plans. Oh Nathan one more thing, Percy is not to leave this bay for any reason I will not have him getting caught up in this engagement of yours.” Without another word, Elizabeth walks from the room with Kelly following.

Once out of earshot Elizabeth says. “We should have never come here, this is silly, we have seen firsthand what poachers can do in Africa.”

“It may be nerve racking, I always have faith in Jack, he has never failed once in his life, I doubt he will now. I just don’t want my children hurt.” Say Kelly, leaning against the railing Kelly looks cross her bay to the open ocean. Kelly isn’t expecting Elizabeth to comfort her with a simple pat on the back.

“There, there” She coos with her English accent. “If your children are anywhere as fierce as your youngest daughter than we might all go down for war crime yet.” Kelly turn to look Elizabeth in her eyes and laughs, if they were damned best to be damned with a chuckle on your breath.

Devon (poacher) (Four Days earlier.)

Caper island.

He was new to the crew, he had worked in China dealing in Panda fur, before that he had been in South Africa harvesting ivory from Rhinos. Devon has seven years poaching experience, he first started out dog fighting in Michigan, then after he got pinched Devon “found Christ”. Devon weaseled his way into a missionary group, they gone to South Africa, Devon eventually left the mission group and wasted away in Johannesburg.

Skinny found him there laying in the gutter, Devon eventually took the needle out of his arm to pull a few jobs. Skinny his junkie friend and partner in crime overdosed one night, Devon was left with only Skinny’s contacts, one of those men was named Mombo, Mombo was once a big deal in a group called Boko Harem.

Mombo is in charge of Devon’s crew, which has five other men. Devon is the only white man in the group, he usually blends in, sometimes Devon pretends to be an escaped captive to gain access to villages to test and observe their defenses.

Devon is skinny, with piercings and he keeps his head shaved to the grain with one small perch of hair. He has a red skin tag the size of a piece of bubble gum on the left side of his neck.

Devon’s crew is waiting to return to their latest project. They have been harvesting a forgotten herd of Elephants. It was on some remote island 200 miles away, it was 8,000 acres, and somehow this island is full of fruit and grass, these Asian Elephants were nearly as big as their African counterparts. They harvested 40 million worth of ivory last time, this haul would be just as much, unlike the last trip, Devon’s crew stood to make 35 percent off the second harvest.

His cut would be just north of 1.5 million, he planned to go into business for himself, the Chinese would pay big money for a Galapagos turtle shell. They hadn’t been on the island for five months, they had set all the traps, entering the island he hoped that the Bulls were the ones caught in the traps, the traps would have killed them all by now, it would make most of the ivory easy pickings.

Currently Devon is on their ship, they would be setting sail tonight. He packs his rifle safely below Deck. Returning above Devon spots his leader Mombo, his shaved black head is covered in scars, Mombo is missing an eye, that never affected his accuracy he is one of the best marksmen on the crew.

Mombo is talking to Dimba, Dimba is a Kenyan that once belonged to a group of Mujahideen fighters called the Janjaweed. Dimba tracks better than any human or dog Devon had ever poached with. Mombo and Dimba are gathered around a map.

As Devon approaches the two other men, he feels the hum of the engine roar to life, they would be underway soon. He hears their conversation when he approaches.

“According to the source, a family purchased the island. He stopped for supplies and fuel before departing, the dock worker says he has three sons, a wife and 2 daughters with him.”

“What are we going to do about that.” Asks Devon nervously, he liked this island because they didn’t have to mess with other people.

“Well they haven’t reported any of the traps through any of the proper channels so let's assume they haven’t found them. We surprise him, get access to their accounts, kill his sons and sell the daughters.”

“What of the wife?” Asks Dimba.

“We need to keep some amusement for ourselves.” Says Mombo. Devon knows he is serious. Two young white girls would sell for a fortune, a grown woman couldn’t be expected to have the same shelf life. Devon has been with Mombo to the Congo, he would let the entire crew have turns with this unsuspecting man's wife. To Mombo it is about the principle, Mombo found this island, and these people despite purchasing the island were trespassing and needed to be taught a lesson.

“If they are going to set up camp anywhere it would be in the Bay, they would have calm water to anchor their boat, we will set up on the West Side of the island inside our bunker.” Says Dimba. Mombo nods his head.

“Devon” Says Mombo in his signature accent.

“Yes Sir.” Says Devon giving his leader his respect.

“Pull up our lines. It is time that we claimed out fortune.” Says Mombo.

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