Hurley Island.

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Carley's Corruption


It had been two days since their arrival, during that the men worked hard to secure the Bay, surrounding the bay is a three-layer chain-link smart fence. Any link is cut, and it reports it to a dozen transponders. Inside the fence she is allowed to hangout but there isn’t much to do other than chores.

Mostly she sat on her stepfathers yacht. It was the only way she could use internet. She felt bored, looking out one of the sally ports she spots that hunk named Ted walking out of his parents boat, she makes her way outside.

She corners him on the dock the wind messes up her hair. “Ted where are you going?”

“My father wants me to go on another patrol again.”

“You all have search and searched the island and have found nothing.” Complains Carley, she hadn’t had one moment alone with Ted. But even when he wasn’t helping his father or doing his chores Ted seems to avoid her.

“Actually, even with the three other patrols we have gone on we haven’t come close to searching the island.” Says Ted. The jungle is proving to be a very difficult challenge, it has peaks and valleys, this vegetation growth, the only way the can move around is by using the paths made by the elephants. So far they had found seven other traps set up in various orchards across the island, they had marked them on the maps and would keep checking them.

Her stepfather Nate is certain the poachers will return to the island to check their traps. Ted only had to see the tusks on several male elephants to know how valuable their ivory was. His father steps off the Hammer. In his hand he has a rifle for Ted. It wasn’t Ted’s hunting rifle.

His father carries two rifles of the same kind. They are called HK G36’s, they are some of the best assault rifles on the market. Each rifle is equipped with an suppressor and scope. Carley looks at him and his father with a hungry look. Ted turns away from her and takes the rifle. Jack addresses Carley.

“Hi Carley Ted can’t play now he has to come with me, why don’t you see what the girls are doing I am sure they would love to include you. Ted let’s get moving. She watches the two of them walk away, which she could do for hours only they were gone in minutes.

With most of the crew and guards hunting down whatever it is they are looking for Carley has the ship to herself. She makes her way back to her cabin. She had the second largest room, her room could fit Ted’s entire boat inside it. She pulls the drawers under her bed open, inside she finds a wooden box, a pungent stench drifts from the box when she opens it. A pill bottle is inside along with rolling papers and a lighter. Carley finds two rolled up joints premade and grabs them and the lighter. Storing her box Carley grabs her tote back and slips the joints into the empty case of her sunglasses.

Carley is going to go onto the deck to smoke when she hears her mother's voice on the phone. Looking out off the railing Carley hears noise from the elephant enclosure, she can spot little Leanne and Beth with the Elephants. ‘Hm,’ thought Carley. Then she gets a brilliant idea, corrupt Beth.

Walking to the elephant enclosure Carley watches Marty near the hut. He is shirtless chopping wood. She never noticed his muscles before. He is ripped, sweat drips down his abs and soaks the tops of his boxers. Carley makes her way towards him. He is unaware of her approach. Marty turns his back as he sets another log on the block. He lifts the axe high above his head and slices the log in half with one stroke. Carley looks and analyzes every pour on his body, a bead of sweat travel’s down Marty’s spine it slides down his crack, making Carley brush her hair behind her ear.

“You have a good swing” Says Carley, Marty is slightly startled, but catching sight of Carley she smiles seeing his shyness.

“Um, thank you.”

“So why aren’t you in the forest with the others?”

“My dad wants someone to finish the chores, I need to take the elephant to gather water in a bit.”

“I want to come..” Says Carley she felt penned up inside the fence.

“Sorry, I am only allowed to bring Beth.”

“Why can she go but I can’t.”

“Because she is the only one who controls the elephant. It is not a sightseeing tour, my father’s patrol is going to post up several hundred yards from the watering hole, we are just filling up.”

“How is your father going to know your going to the watering hole?” Asks Carley.

“We are going to radio him when Beth has her elephant ready.” Replies Marty.

“Radio and ask if I can come, ill make it worth your while.” Carley reaches out and circles her finger around Marty’s sweaty nipple.

He looks at her and says nothing it looks like he needed to be convinced. Carley leans forwards and kisses him unexpectedly. When she pulls away she is sure to look into his eyes.

“Um, I will ask him…” Says Marty. He picks up his radio.

“Dad come in it is Marty over.” He heard static on the radio then his father’s voice.

“Go ahead.” Says Jack.

“I would like Carley’s help taking the elephant to the watering hole, may I take her to the watering hole?” Asks Marty.

“Fine, none of the younger children are allowed to go. When will you be leaving for the watering hole?” Asks Jack.

“We should be ready to leave within the hour.”

“There is a rifle for you on the table inside the Hammer. The key for the trigger lock is with your mother. Radio in when you are ready to depart.” The transmission ends soon thereafter.

“I still have some work to finish why don’t you go over to Beth and see how they are getting along.” Says Marty.

“Thanks again.” Says Carley as she give Marty another kiss, this time she slips her tongue into his mouth. She leaves Marty with a dreamless state of wonder, she would make him crazy for her yet, she had nothing else to do, besides torturing him might make his hotter brother jealous, she loves nothing more than having two men fighting over her.

Carley approaches the elephant enclosure hearing giggles, the laughter comes from the youngest of the children. Leanne is bathing a baby elephant, the trunk of the elephant soaks up water in the bucket. Beth is standing nearby when the baby squirts a jet of water at Beth’s shirt soaking her. Leanne roars with laughter.

“I don’t know how this is funny to you.” Complains Beth, then Carley witness a massive elephant come from the trees, he lumbers over to Beth, he looks over them and flaps his ears, he dips his massive trunk into the bucket and nearly sucks up all the water. The male elephant points his trunk at Leanne and the baby elephant. He then unloads the water in a powerful jet soaking both Leanne and the baby. Instead of Leanne being upset she has a smile ear to ear. The baby elephant seems to be enjoying it too.

Carley clears her throat getting Beth’s attention. “What are you guys doing?”

“Giving them a bath what does it look like?” Says Leanne with a hint of an attitude. Carley ignores her and direct her attention to Beth.

“You dad is letting me come to the watering hole with you.” Beth smiles at Carley.

“It isn’t going to be fun; we are just going to fill up water and come back.” Mentions Beth.

“I know I just want to get out an explore for a bit.” Replies Carley.

“Beth I need to go back to the Hammer to help mom with the formula you think you and her can manage getting the tanks onto Fred?” Asks Leanne.

“Yeah we got it kido” Says Carley with a tone of condescension. Leanne casts Carley an angry glare.

Beth walks over to the tree line, behind the trees are a set of massive tanks with a harness, the harness is attached to a rope that is draped over a thick branch.

“So, that crank on the tree will raise the harness and tanks, I am going to get Fred into position use the crank.” Informs Beth

Carley does as she is told, she is surprised the crank doesn’t require hardly any energy to use and she gets it all the way up. When Beth centers Fred under the harness, Carley drops it onto his back. Carley helps Beth apply the straps to keep the tanks in place. When they were done Carley looks at her watch and sees they still had a half hour to kill.

She removes a joint from her sunglasses case and sparks up. Beth looks at her with wide eyes of shock. Carley pays it no mind and sucks down half the joint then with her lungs full, she holds the joint out for Beth while she exhales.

“Um, no thank you.” Says Beth.

“Come on I won’t tell anyone, I came down here because I thought you would be cool to hang with, maybe I should just go back to my boat.” Carley walks away but she smiles when Beth says.

“Wait, I will try a little.”

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