The Beast of the Creek (SHORT STORY)

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A group of sixth-graders finds a book about a monster who inhabits the creek of Sligo.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Emotions can make you feel like you are being tortured, you feel like you are going to have a breakdown at any moment. That is the exact emotion Brendan is having right now, he is studying his next Algebra test tomorrow and he is struggling to study because of that one fateful incident this morning.

During a dangerous storm in the fall, Three sixth-graders were just studying for the same test in a library. Besu looked at his notes while giving it an analytical look and a confident smile. Enzo then started studying, except he is making silly faces like a circus clown. This made Brendan and Besu disgusted. During the time in the library, Brendan took notice of a peculiar book. He walked slowly and read the scratchy cover. “The Chlorobeast.” Besu and Enzo noticed Brendan shaking while he was reading the book and they soon zoom in to see what’s going on without a second thought. The trio began to read the mysterious book slowly.

“The Chlorobeast is one of the many myths surrounding Maryland, they said that it existed for thousands of years before even the state itself was found. They said that it inhabits the forest of Sligo and feast on the sun for years. According to some sources, the beast would feast on anyone during the fall to restore its energy after growing a huge number of plants. That may be the reason for the forest always having the green color for all seasons as well as the killing spree. The monster---” The remaining pages are missing. The name of the author, “John Queen” was written in the back of the stained and damaged book.

The boys then soon realized that Silver Spring may not be that average of a town. Though Besu and Enzo were fascinated by the information they had, Brendan was certainly not. He dropped the book on the floor with a panicky look on his eyes like he saw a ghost, while the other two took noticed and grabbed Brendan as fast as they can and as hard as they can. The trio decided to discuss the monster tomorrow after school.

The present Brendan soon stopped studying and went to his room and to get some sleep with an eerie feeling that someone is watching him as he slowly looked behind him with a frightened face like a three-year-old. Though it was no monster, he saw his sister that looked like one, a face that is hard to describe even science couldn’t think of it. Brendan just laughed and went to bed, though still having that nervous feeling before. Brendan went to his room with a tired face and a tired body as he looked at his window from the bedside next to a bin filled with dirty laundry, he just sighed and shut his eyes.

While the night starts growing like a plant, the clouds began to form as Brendan opened his eyes in a dark room with no way out in fact he doesn’t even know how he got here. Brendan starts to notice something strange in front of his own eyes, he sees a tree that looks like human almost resembling the monster from the book. Brendan started screaming as he starts to run away from the monster’s sight. The Chlorobeast soon finished taking form and stabs Brendan without showing remorse from the monster. Brendan starts to open his eyes with shock. The morning of fall then began to shine in front of Brendan as he zoomed his tired and broken-looking eyes.

The trio meets up after school with Enzo bringing a slingshot and Besu with a slightly broken bat. Enzo announces, “ Ok, boys! Who’s ready to go to Sligo Creek?”. Brendan has that scared expression that looked like he killed someone as the two kids dragged him to Sligo Creek. When they arrived at the forest, Enzo grabbed his hands in his pocket to grab a case full of silver stones that looked like from the miniseries “IT” Besu grabbed his bat and started hitting a tree until one of them grabs the trio. Brendan started to sprint out of the forest to avoid confrontation with his two friends. Enzo started yelling Brendan’s name: “Brendan! Come here now.” as the vines and tree branches start to hug Besu and Enzo. Besu then started to remove the crawling vines from his feet with rocks around him. Enzo continued to scream but this time it is not for Brendan to go back instead it is a cry for help. Brendan heard the screams and ignore it at first with ears covered and tears dropping from the watery eyes. Then the noises were gone, disappear like a puff of smoke. Brendan soon tries to go back and check his friends as he starts to shiver. Brendan gazed upon a big hole that is so big that an elephant can even fit in there. Brendan started to let the water flow as he started banging his head against the trees with blood slowly coming out of his head. After all the frustrations were gone, Brendan saw the slingshot and the case full of silver stones. This gave Brendan an idea, he will try to save his friends from the monster even if it means fighting the monster himself. Brendan grabbed the two key materials to use to save his friends, Brendan then started to slowly climb down the hole with heavy breathing as if he sprinted the Olympics as he went down with determination and tiredness.

Soon, Besu and Enzo started screaming as the Chlorobeast starts to form like a flower. The features contain a tree-like appearance that looked like it was carved from a tree by a sculptor and mushy moss and vines to his aggressive-looking face. The monster opened his mouth with a tongue that has a mouth that looked like a snake as it advances on Enzo’s face with a big bite except for the fact that Besu countered it with a powerful strike from his bat like a baseball player. The monster started to get angry and tries to summon a powerful vine whip with its hands and slaps Besu like he was hit by a belt giving him a bruise. Enzo pleaded in despair to not kill him and Besu but the hungry monster drools even more. The Chlorobeast felt a strange disturbance that someone is trying to destroy him. The boys tried to whack the monster with a bat and gave the monster some punches that will leave a regular human a broken stomach. Although, that wasn’t the case for the Cholorbeast as it started to wrap the boys in vines that are so tight you need big scissors for it.

Brendan then jumped into the scene and hits the monster with a silver stone to the head weakening it greatly. The Chlorobeast opened his mouth revealing dangerous poison ivy that is thick as tree bark, it then tries to suffocate Brendan nearly succeeding. Brendan dodged it as he fell into the ground hurting him completely as he tries to hit the monster in the heart with the stone. The beast walked slowly as Brendan tries to hit it with the addition of three stones as hard as he can but with no effort killing it.

The vines from the boys started to wither, like a dying animal, freeing Besu and Enzo in the process. Besu ran quickly and whack the monster repeatedly from the back, like hitting a pinata while the monster starts to wrap the boys with the slimy vines from its hands. Brendan got petrified as he is witnessing one of the most horrifying moments in his life, seeing his friends get killed in cold blood. Brendan starts to shed a tear as he slowly grasping the slingshot and aim for the monster in the chest with caution and anger colliding making his fear come into a full circle. The Chlorobeast starts to bite Besu without a second thought until, at the last minute, Brendan hits the monster’s chest with the last silver stone that will likely cause a rupture into a shield of anger. The monster dropped the boys and began to feel weak as it starts to hold onto its chest. The trio, now filled with anger, pushed the monster of the cliff disappearing into the unknown, grinning, drooling, suffering.

In the evening, the boys got out alive barely making it. The heavy breathing felt like their souls are coming out at any moment. The trio noticed that the leaves from the trees are slowly turning to the right color of fall. Brendan hugged the boys with his arm wrapping them tight as he finally gained peace. “If the monster comes back, we need to stop him. NO MATTER WHAT!” Enzo announces as he and his posse hold hands. Little did Besu and Enzo know that this moment, Brendan finally gained confidence.

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