Karen, the Misbehaved Girl

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Karen is a girl who is as naughty as she is mean. She constantly misbehaves. Will she learn the errors of her ways?

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Chapter 1

Start writing Once there was a girl who as naughty as she was rotten. Her name was Karen. She was small, snobby and would constantly misbehave.

Karen would tell people what to do even when it was not her place to.

“Come here,” she would say.

“Now, go away,” she would add in a rude tone when she was done tormenting others. When her peers would tell the class teacher, Mrs. Arnold, she would lie.

“Did you act bossy towards your peers, Karen,” the teacher asked.

“I would never,” Karen would defiantly declare, adding, “not in a million years. They’re lying.”

Mrs. Arnold, confused by the contrasting stories, told the children, “you have to get along with your fellow peers. Now, off you all go.” Karen got away with it. She then went home.


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