Elements: The Three Clues

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Serena Zelay is found after a tragic house fire that took her and her best friend’s parents lives. Now Serena, and her best friend, Troy Mason live in Northern Indiana. They have a guardian, Leviana, a hotel employee who finds time to homeschool them and take care of them. When they turn 12, they realize they have powers...and dangers. They must journey to find others who possess powers, and they only have three clues. They will have to succeed in this mission, their lives are on the line. Read on, to find out.

Adventure / Action
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1. Four Years Ago, When it all Happened. Flashback

All Serena remembers is waking up and there being sirens blaring in her ears.

“Is she hurt? Where’s the others? Hurry!” Voices screamed through her as she saw blurred figures rushing around her, shouting orders.

“They were found, the parents. Get them to the hospital...looks like the boy is alright.”

Serena then woke up and found herself coated in ash, and on a stretcher.

“Mom?” Serena coughed, choking up dry saliva and smoke.

What looked like a nurse noticed Serena and rushed over.

“Sweetie? Your awake! Come on, we are taking you to the hospital.”

8 year old Serena laidback down as they pushed her up into the ambulance. It was cold and they gave Serena some water.

Serena regained her voice, “Burnt down! Our house!” Serena was panicking and didn’t know what was happening. Or how it all occurred.

“Shh, it’s okay, Miss...?” The nurse calmed her down.

“Serena Zelay.”

The nurse nodded assuring her she would be fine. Soon later, they got to the Henderson Hospital in downtown Millstone City, IN. All the doctors and nurses hopped out of the ambulance and they carefully pulled Serena on the stretcher, out. They all went through the lobby and into a elevator.

Serena could see other ambulances pulling in and she knew they were for her mom, dad and the four neighbors that shared their apartment. The neighbors were a man, woman, daughter, and a son, whom Serena had befriended.

Serena and the doctors reached the second floor and they set to work on checking Serena’s pulse and senses.

“She is breathing alright.” Said the head doctor, Doctor Blunt, “she’s very lucky she made it through that fire, she is.”

“Do you think it is okay if she walks around a bit?” Asked a nurse whose name tag said, “Jenna Hask.”

“Worth a try!” Said Cheerful Doctor Blunt. Serena doubtfully slid off the stretcher and onto the floor. Her legs were a bit wobbly but she managed to stand up.

“Well done!” Clapped Blunt, “Well, y’all take care of her. I’m going to go check on the others.” And he walked out of the room, the door coming to a halt behind him.

Next thing Serena knew, she was fast asleep.

Three hours later, Serena heard a bang on the door and jolted upright. She rubbed her eyes and felt sweaty from the waist down. She kicked away the covers on her hospital bed.

“Ugh...” She yawned. It was midnight and all she really wanted was to reassure her parents that their house would be okay, everything would be okay. But it wasn’t.

The doctors came in with news and with Troy Mason, the neighbor’s son. Also known as Serena’s only friend.

“Kids, it’s been three hours and your parents have been trying their best to stay breathing.” He then looked at Troy, “and so has your older sister.”

“What does this mean?” Serena asked, in a whisper tone.

“Well,” the doctor had tears in his eyes, “I hate saying this, but-but, your parents, they-they are somewhere better now.” He started wiping his eyes.

“No. No. This doesn’t mean...” Serena shook her head trying her best not to reach for the Kleenex, “they are not...dead?”

“I’m— I’m so sorry. You two were the only survivors.” The doctor blew his nose. “I’ll leave you two here together.” And he left the room.

“Not...not my sister.” Troy finally spoke. “No, they—they’re gone.”

Serena got out of her bed and walked over to the teary-eyed Troy, and gave him a hug, and they cried together.

Soon later, the doctors came in, now carrying a piece of paper and accompanied by a skinny and beautiful woman who had blonde hair and looked like something out of a fairytale.

“Kids,” Nurse Jenny Hask started, “this is Leviana Elvaro. She is your guardian. She will take care of you.”

“Why, hello!” Leviana gasped, “I knew I’d get to meet you someday!”

The nurse smiled, “Why yes, but could you sigh this, Miss. Elvaro?” The nurse handed this slip to Leviana. Then, forty seconds later it was official. Leviana had control over both Serena Zelay and Troy Mason.

After the funeral for Serena’s mom and dad, and Troy’s mom, dad, and sister, Leviana took them to her house, a simple cottage next to a hotel that Leviana worked at.

“Leviana.” Troy whispered, “What a strange name.” And Serena agreed.

They missed their families much, but they also were excited for the new chapter of life they were starting.

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