Salted's Adventure

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Salted is a snail who goes on a quest. Salted's goal is to find a sword made out of pineapples and cheese. This sword is the only thing that can defeat the giant ant, Squashed, back at his colony. Salted's snail colony is counting on Salted to get the sword and come back before Squashed can destroy the colony.

Adventure / Fantasy
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It's a normal day for the bright, young snail, Salted. He's going the casual .029mph while crawling through the autum's bright green grass. Salted was only one year old, which made him the youngest in the snail colony of Mr. Mylek's garden. The garden was filled with all the vegetables you could imagine and was around 150 square feet. Salted had never been able to journey to the other side, because not one snail had. Salted was too young to travel there alone, and no snails wanted to travel with him.

One day, Salted's parents, told him stories about a long lost sword that once saved the colony from a horendous, monsterous, evil fly. This sword was made out of pineapple and cheese, a combination that would never be replaced. For Salted, he did not dare question why the sword was made out of pineapple and cheese, for he only questioned where it was. The result of these stories made Salted dream of finding the sword, but there was no need. There had never been another problem in the yard. Salted wasn't very popular in the colony. Salted had never made friends in the garden, partly because no snail was close to his age, but they were always a little too nice to him. Salted was naive, and was always treated as if he could never be as important as the other snails. Salted just knew that one day he would prove them all wrong. Although, he never knew how he could do just that.

Mr. Mylek would always tend to the garden every Sunday, and had a special place in his heart for any kind of animal. Mr. Mylek would always leave the snails as be, and any other organisms in the garden. One day, Mr. Mylek had gone to the store for some reason the snails could not figure out. Although, throughout the past week or so, a bird known as a starling had been hanging out around Mr. Mylek's house. It had seem to be that Mr. Mylek was caring for the bird. Starlings eat a fair amount of grubs and insects, but it did not go after the snails. With that being said Mr. Mylek came back with a ton of ants.

On one Sunday afternoon, while Mr. Mylek was tending the garden, Salted had noticed that some of the ants were escaping the holding carrier Mr. Mylek had made for the starling. All of the ants were going down the sidewalk, opposite of where the colony was, except one. One particular ant did not. It had been the biggest ant that Salted had ever seen. It was bigger than all of the pebbles Mr. Mylek had scattered around the garden. Salted looked at the ant and saw that he had an evil expression on his face. As soon as the ant saw Salted looking at him, he changed the expression to a kind, friendly face. The ant walked by Salted without looking at him again, and walked into the crowd the colony made in order to see the ant. He introduced himself by saying in a triumphant voice, "Hello snail colony, my name is Squashed. I have come to seek hospitality in your colony if that is accepted of me to do."
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