Don’t Forget About The Summer Of 1863

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Quanah Parker- then known as just Quanah- was, back then, just a boy. A careless, worry free child. Only about 11 years in age. Then, when the white men arrive, change hits him head on. He becomes a bitter, broken, and mean warrior. Then a savvy business man. Buts that’s not we are talking about. We are talking about the summer of 1863. Nothing less, nothing more.

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Chapter One: Beginning

“Wekeah! Wekeah, wait you rabbit!” I call after my friend. She stops and sticks her tongue out at me.

“What, the big war Chief can’t keep up with a tiny girl?”

“I most cerntainly can, I just ordered you to stop.” I puff.

“Right.” She rolls her eyes. I walk up and sock her lightly on the arm. She looks satisfied.

“So you can’t, then?”

“Oh, hush, or I’m gonna sock you harder!” I tease back. She laughs and takes off again.

With a smile, I follow her. I watch as she runs to a nearby clearing and collapses on the grass. I stretch my arms out to the sky looming overhead and let out a war cry, then chuckle as Wekeah tries to respond with another. I walk over to her and plop down beside her. I sigh, and, putting my hands behind my head, I relax.

Life is good.

Very good.

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