Love and War

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In a world where fantasy lies. Creatures of mankind fiction stories. Nightmare and folktale. (C) Copyright 2019 by scarface876

Adventure / Horror
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Chapter 1

My life before I died five months ago was real, full of life and laughter but now, it was dead as the silent night.

I was killed on January, my prom night, I was heading to prom when I was murdered but my killer brought me back to life with his blood and since then to now in the month of may it has been five months since I've been alive.

I laugh no more, I talk less, I became very antisocial, I was so popular in high school and I was expecting to be the prom queen of the school year.

But when I died that night everything was taken away from me, my life was ruined, everything was gone.

I wanted to cry so badly but I couldn't, it was like none of this was real and I'll wake up to see everything being alright.

My killer made my life so miserable by bringing me back to life, my killer was a vampire that I thought only existed in fictional books but truly they are out there, not in the shadows but walking amongst you in the daylight, they may look like humans but some of them are monsters.

My killer was a monster and a big fat liar, I didn't even wanted to come back, I had to face the frightful and painful looks my mother and father had gone through seeing their daughter looking dead on the crime scene, they thought it was the work of God that I'm alive, everyone else thought I killed my own self.

Five months later - May

I sat in front of the television, the colorful images on the screen were blurred, I sat in the couch day dreaming about my life five months ago, it has been so hard since that fatal day and my killer was still out maybe killing people and draining their blood

I was since in school just to finish some classes but I was not who I used to be there, I was not popular anymore instead I was seen as one of the freaks.

What I'm grateful for was that I don't have to hang around people who did bad things.

I had a boyfriend before I died but I thought that he and I would become one, but now its him, and I was far far away.

We occasionally talk with only hi and hey that started the conversation.

Otherwise we had nothing to say to each other and besides he's popular so he doesn't want to be seen talking to me, one of the freaks.

No one really knows about me being a vampire, they only know me the crazy girl in school who tried to kill herself but failed.

Life really sucks if you really think about it, it has its way at messing around with you and sometimes it changes it course.

"April, dinner is ready" Macy, my mother called out from the dinning room, at least my parents didn't disowned me, instead they thought I had PTSD.

My mother works at a tiny diner and my dad was a mechanic, my parents were understanding people and I really love them.

I got up and walked into the dinning room, Macy started share out dinner when dad walked downstairs he looked fresher than how he looked earlier.

They took their seat at the table, I looked at the food, if only I could eat it; whenever I tried to eat something I'll always feel full but I could not bring myself to eat this time, I would have to drink a cup of blood before I can enjoy a nice meal.

But my parents doesn't know that and beside where would I get blood since I don't like the idea of killing.

"April, why aren't you eating? your skin looks pale and you kind of look smaller" Richard, my dad said as he took in my appearance.

"I'm fine, I would like to go to my room" I placed down my fork "excuse me" I got up from the table and made my way upstairs.

I looked into a mirror, I had bags under my eyes because I'm always afraid that he would come again and my skin truly looked pale because I haven't drank any blood, I sighed and opened the cabinet that contains different prescribed medications.

I grab five different pills and pour them out some amount in my palm and got some water from the sink into a small cup.

I threw the pills into my mouth and turned the water to my head.

I looked at myself in the mirror once more before I turned and walked towards my room.

I laid myself in my bed with the lights off, I closed my eyes and waited for the pills to melt away into my system.

Why wait for him to kill me why don't just kill myself.

Just let me die.

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