World Jumpers Into the Universe

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Jay a 16 year old high schooler is in love with video games and is even a semi pro player. He gets a new game called Space Adventure a mmo rpg game with full dive tech or FD for short. Waiting for the game in a line Jay the main character gets close with Ryan a school mate. After that Jay immediately gets in the game and sees the love of his life a light grey space ship, he also meets a girl named Merlin who quickly becomes his friend. The three meet up when an announcement goes out saying Thai is no longer a game for fun it’s a game of life or death the three try to work together and beat monsters and bosses as they fight there way out of the game. Will they succeed and save all the players with help or will they perish to the advanced ai of the game.

Adventure / Humor
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Newfangled World

BANG! 3 people flew into the sky, this was supposedly easy, but now we are already down 4 people! zzzt! What is this feeling in my chest, it’s like I burned my entire rib cage.

“AHH!” Jay screamed.

“Jay listen to me it’s fine, we will win this!” A voice in the back explained.

“Jay wake up! I thought you said that the game you want is coming out today.” Jay’s mom yelled from the first floor.

It’s not Thursday though, ugh phone how I missed you wait a minute my phone says its Thurs- Oh no I’m gonna be in the back of the lines!

“Mom, gotta run can you save me some eggs!” Jay asked

The line is so long, I don’t know if Space Contingency is worth the wait. I know the guy in front of me he goes to my school, maybe I can start a conversation, make this wait fun.

“Hey, are you Ryan from Hampton High.” Jay asked politely.

“Yeah, oh you’re that kid from my gym class that threw up after the paccer.”

“I mean I did, but I thought people forgot about that by now?”

“Most people have, it’s just that’s how I remember you.”

“You don’t remember how we sat next to each other in science for our second year,” Jay said a little annoyed.

“Well anyway, what did you want to ask me or did you just want to see I was me,” Ryan asked politely.

“To be honest, I just wanted to start a conversation this line is really long and it’s getting kinda boring, oh why are you in line I never took you as the FD kinda guy.”

“It’s a long story, but in short my friend told me they’re really fun and he said there are more girls on FD that are our age.”

“Hate to break it to you, but it’s still a game mainly guys play it not girls,” Jay explained depressingly.

This guy isn’t too bad he’s actually pretty nice and he likes video games who knew a potential friend candidate was in half of my classes, apparently not him.

“So you’ve asked me a lot of questions what about you, what got you into FD games?” Ryan asked.

“Oh! For me it was the competitive industry being built from it, I’m a bit of a pro gamer.”

“Really, I always wanted to compete in a tourney!” Ryan happily exclaimed.

That’s when the line went from an obstacle to an episode of any comedy show. In the end, we both got a copy of the game and exchanged info like phone numbers, but we also exchanged in-game names. When I got home, I did what any normal gamer does after getting a new game, I immediately started to play it. I grabbed my new FD headset and slide it on my head, then turned it on, I felt numb for a bit, but then I got full control and the game began. I walked over to my game library and went to the icon with a space ship and clicked it, soon there were bright lights and then I heard people, I was in the game. I thought to myself, where Ryan as if he was on yet so messaged him and then went to look around as no one has ever seen the complete game before. But then I saw it, a ship the, best ship on that note. The ship was a shining light gray color with some blue stripes mixed in, now don't get me wrong, that's a nice look but the specs are what caught my eye. The ship had a level 23 out of 70 jump drive, and it easily could fit 3-5 people living in it I mean it even came with a kitchen. The ship's deflectors were pretty low level 2 out of 70 but it made that up with its incredible speed, its engine was a level 57 out of 80. I knew I needed it so I checked how much it cost.

"35,000 krules, that's insane how am I expected to get that much." Jay angrily explained to himself.

"Hey, I couldn't help overhear your grumbling about money." A stranger said from the background.

"Who are you, but more importantly, how do I get that much money?"

"I'm Merlin, nice to meetcha, but to the pressing matters you can easily make that much in an hour tops." Merlin exclaimed in a weird tone.

I don't know if I should trust her, she seems to have some kind of ulterior motive, but I need those krules fast.

"You got yourself a deal! But how am I making that much money." Jay said overjoyed.

"Well, it's more of a favor..... Do you mind coming with me to get some supplies, you see I want to make a shop, but to do that I need things to sell?."

"Oh, that's it, of course, I can come I'm still waiting for my friend to get on anyway."

After that, the girl and I went to some easy monster spawns on the home planet. We finished pretty early, maybe 20 minutes in I already had all the cash I needed and some to spare I also leveled up 3 times. So as any nice guy would do, I ask her if she wants to go get some drinks after buying that shiny light grey ship. We walked around for what seemed like hours, but turned out to be half an hour, it was just so much fun. I started to think this girl is actually really nice, but the scenery that was amazing to the spawn point for everyone is at the center of a city with a real statue that commented on the bravery shown by the crew that left earth for mars, then the next thing you see is the great green sky, yes green they terraformed this planet to be habitable but the sky turned a light grey in some areas. My favorite part of our little walk was the architecture all the buildings were made like modern houses from the real world and it looked so amazing. Merlin's favorite part of it was the planets capital building, she said it looked cool because of how futuristic it was. After the walk, we did go to the pub, my favorite part of any trip, they only sell drinks for underage people like me. They sell coke, root beer, and Pepsi, my personal favorite is root beer. Then I saw Ryan because of the avatars being based on your real look.

"Hey, Ryan wanna join us?" Jay asked.

"I'm not doing anything better. So how do you two know each other?" Ryan answered

"Well, I helped him get enough cash to buy his precious ship, then we walked around the city." Merlin explained.

Ryan grabbed me and pulled me close to his ear and whispered "so you already found a girl" I just responded with, it's not like that then I felt merlin kick me, she looked kind of upset I didn't know why.

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