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Valcore: The Ancient's Rise

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Everything was normal for Hayden Valcore and Sophia Carter until they planned a hiking trip shortly after their high school graduation. While in the mountains, Hayden blacks out and wakes up in an old deer shed as he's turning into a vampire - with no recollection of his past. Sophia's been kidnapped, and while a high-profile coven takes Hayden in to integrate him into their society, he learns how to fly, how to hunt, and how to cope with the struggle of trying to control his new dark side. Psychology meets horror in this gripping vampire tale, will Hayden save Sophia before it's too late, or lose his mind to a darker power within.

Adventure / Horror
Z. C. Etka
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In a time long ago, before ice had devoured our planet, before the great war took over the earth and the continents drifted apart, there was a land in the far east, the land of Véir.

One hundred million years before our time, it was the dawn of a new empire. The land had become a very dark place, full of cities and castles, fortified with hammered steel and molten rock, erected into the darkest and most exquisite cities imaginable. These were the dark ages.

Back then, the demon advocates had risen to power by corrupting the minds of all the last remaining humans and vampires that once ruled before them; they sought to kill and conquer all that existed. They filled the human’s heads with lies and tortured them with their thoughts. It was a very dark time indeed. The advocates had begun to form alliances with the farthest corners of the earth, starting an event that would end the world as they knew it, and banish goodness and truth forever.

One night, as legend has it, a man, honorable in every way, was subjected to this corruption and viciously murdered by one of the dark vampires while trying to protect his wife and unborn son. He refused to back down or show fear. He shed one tear with his last breath, which fell upon the ashes of an old sacred oak tree, and as it landed, time was said to have stopped. Fire fell from the sky and entered his body—as he was already changing into a vampire. When he rose, a new species was born, a species of awareness, morality, and wisdom, matched with utmost lethal precision. The Order had stepped in. The new species was called Veiré, and this enraged the underworld leaders, for they knew the Véir bore witness to their corruption and would not allow it. The dark vampires sought a plan to wipe out the entire world, including the Veiré, and for a time they succeeded. But history always has a way of repeating itself. They’re coming back, and they are now known as the Ancients.

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