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Chapter 13

The enormity of what I had done still hadn't sunk in as I rode farther and farther away from my home. All that I was worried about at the moment was Tristan, I had bandaged up his wound as best as I knew how and managed to stop the bleeding but that was as far as my knowledge went. Kayden had assured me that as soon as we were a safe distance away we would find someone who could treat his wounds properly.

We had made good time, covering a lot of distance since we first left the garden. Tristan's carriage had been waiting for us in the stable when we dashed out of the garden and we hadn't stopped driving since. This meant that currently I had nothing to my name except the clothes and jewelry I was wearing and the little bit of money I happened to be carrying in my purse but this didn't bother me either.

"Tristan," I said as I looked out the window, "Do you think they're following us?"

"I doubt it, I'm sure we were long gone before they even figured out that there was something wrong."

"You really think so?"

"Well yes, it would have taken them a while to find the bodies. Remember, all they heard was the gunshots, they had no other clues as to where it all happened. They would have had to search the whole garden." I sighed and relaxed into the cushioned seat, if Tristan was right then we weren't in any danger whatsoever.

"How much farther are we going to drive tonight?" I asked ten minutes later.

"About three more hours, that's when we'll get to the next decent sized town." Replied Kayden giving me a deadly look, I just shrugged. He seemed to hate me passionately for no reason but I decided not to let it bother me- I didn't really value his opinion anyway.

We got the next town really late, I stayed awake just long enough to be sure Kayden had called for a healer then I collapsed on my bed. It felt like I just gotten to sleep when my best friend, Kayden dragged me out of bed into the carriage and we were off again. Just one more reason for me to hate him, right? It seems funny now how much I despised him back then.

We drove all day, stopping a few times for food and fresh horses. Finally around dawn of the next day we drove onto a huge estate, it was beautiful. Right as you drove threw the imposing gate you could see a silver disk, a lake, surrounded by a dark mysterious forest. On either side of the road there were rolling hills dotted with trees, and it wasn't until you got real close could you see the mansion situated in a small valley.

The mansion itself was beautiful as well, it open and light yet at the same time it had a mysterious quality- I couldn't help but stare. A servant led me to a spare room with light, sky blue walls, large windows, and a wide balcony but the best part was the ceiling it was the same sky blue at the edges but it faded into a midnight blue in the center. The sun, moon, and stars were painted in vivid detail on it, I laid down on the bed and looked that the ceiling until I fell asleep.

"We'll be staying here for at least a few weeks." Said Tristan that night at dinner, we had all slept most of the day.

"I'm glad, its so beautiful here." I answered with a smile, Kayden snorted and rolled his eyes but Tristan smiled back.

"I'm flattered you think so, this is my home."

"This is your home?!" I asked astonished.

"Yes," He paused looking down like he was embarrassed, "It could be yours too someday." I smiled, my heart was going wild.

"Oh god save me!" Muttered Kayden digging viciously into his food. I glared at him for a moment but I was too happy to let it bother me.

The days seemed to fly by yet again it felt as if time had stopped at Tristan's estate. I studied my code book mostly, it was easier than I thought it would be- understanding the codes was kind of like a patterned, for each code you would follow the patterned and the answers would unfold quickly. I was half was with the book in three days, even Kayden seemed impressed.

Tristan had insisted that I learn how to fight, to defend myself, but since he was hurt he had Kayden teach me- for once I was thankful for that because I waned to hit….a lot. It was really hard at first, I had no idea where to start or anything but after hours and hours of repetition I was doing fairly well. I was sore all over pretty much every day but I liked it, it made me feel accomplished. I could feel my body slowing changing, becoming hard and toned and I liked the change- it made me feel proud, powerful, and independent. I still had a long way to go before I was good but with Kayden's help I had no doubt I would be there soon.

In the evenings I went riding, Tristan said I could ride any horse in his stable. I picked midnight, a huge black mustang with so much spirit and energy it made all other horses I had ridden look like little ponies. He was amazing, so bold and wild, at first I had trouble getting him to obey me and ended up being drug threw the forest at neck breaking speeds but after a few times riding him I was able to control him. Well not really control him, I convinced him that we wanted the same thing and would let him run at his owe pace or however he wanted as long as he went where I wanted him too.

For those first few days I only saw Tristan at meals, he slept most of the day and rested in his private study which was completely off limits to everyone but Kayden. But soon he was out and about, he would watch my combat lessons with Kayden and sometimes go riding with me but when he came we never went far or fast because it hurt his arm. It was weird, like our relationship had changed since I came with him. He hardly ever kissed me and most of what we talked about had to do with my studies. But the strangest part was that I didn't mind it so much, I understood how important his job was to him and I loved him more for it. I knew he still loved me, he just didn't want our relationship distracting both of us from the important job we were going to do- he still didn't tell me what the job actually was.

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