A Dragon's Promise

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Set in an AU, the Digi-destined are faced with a very difficult task of the past. Can they do it?

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Chapter 1

A Dragon's Promise: Part 1

A.N.: Hello and welcome to my (possibly late) Holiday and New Years gift to all of you! This story is a cross between my Digimon story on and DragonDude23's story of the Trident Dragon. This is set in an Alternate Universe (or AU) where Dio is the father of Thomas and Alice. This has no real direct corrolation to either plot line and I will link them respectively. So enjoy yourselves and leave a comment/review!

Based on the Sailor Moon Movie: Promise of the Lost Rose since I watched it recently, I wanted to try my own version it.

A few years prior...

"Hey! Dio!" A young boy's voice called. The thirteen year old turned around and saw his friend running to him. "Are you actually going away...?"

"Yeah... There are just some people that matter to me and I have to go to them." Dio replied. "I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it." The boy smiled. "Hey uh... here..." The boy held out a small locket. "So you don't forget about the rest of us in Vermont..."

"Thanks." Dio graciously accepted the locket."I'll hold it dear for as long as I can... I promise."

"Yeah. You better keep it." The boy laughed.


"-Hey give it here!"

"Ya' snooze ya' lose!"

"No fair!" Dio was snapped out of his sleep when he heard the yelliing of his two kids. God, he loved them so. But sometimes they're a bit too much to handle with. Like now for instance. Dio stepped out of bed and stretched a bit. He proceeded to his kitchen and found his son and daughter fighting over some bread.

"Give it here Alice!" The boy said, Thomas was his name.

"No, I wanna do it!" The younger girl, Alice, cried. "It's my turn!"

"There are not turns! I make lunch everyday and for this picnic it needs to be perfect!"

"That's why it's my turn! I can make sandwiches!"

"Both of you cut it out!" Dio shouted. The two fueding kids stopped to see their father standing there. His presence felt very oppressing in situations like this. Dio seemed to loom over the two kids as they began to calm down. "What is going on?!"

"Alice refuses to hand me the bread when I specifically told her I was making lunch." Thomas explained.

"But I wanted to help, but he said no! Daddy say something to him!"

"Me? But you're the one who-"

"Cut. It. Out." Dio stated in frustration. "I don't care who started it. Just let Thomas make sandwiches. Alice you can make something else."

"Really?! I'm a great cook!" Alice exclaimed, tossing the bread away at Thomas. "I think I can make some..." Alice trailed off as the nine-year old went to the fridge to see if there was anything to make.

Thomas sighed as he set the bread down and proceeded to wash his hands. "Thanks dad. You really helped."

"You're welcome son." Dio said. He looked to his daughter's locket and smiled to himself as she pulled out a bunch of ingredients and Thomas flipped out at how many she was carrying.

Once everyone was finally ready, Digimon included, the family went off in their van. They picked up the other Digi-destind children and drove off to a park nearby. The ride itself was rather short but tedious since they had to rearrange who sat where once in a while. But in the end they got to the park safely.

"Wow! What an awesome day!" Alice exclaimed in awe.

"Right! It looks like so much fun!" V-mon shouted in delight.

"It does, but remember to be safe." Lopmon said.

"Yeah yeah, thanks mom." Thomas replied sarcastically as he walked away with Gumdramon.

"Lopmon does have a point you know." Dese admitted. "Oh, and Jer remember for you and Veemon to-"

"We remember." Jer, or Jeremiah, told them. The pair then ran off to go and have fun.

"Oh I wish you wouldn't baby him so much." Patamon sighed as he rested on Dese's head.

"I know but I can't help it." She told her partner. Dese wandered off somewhere in the park.

"Boy, the sun is bright." Justin stated, shielding his eyes from the sunlight.

"Yeah. Now quit whining, I want to go and stretch." Terriermon said as he pushed at his partner's feet.

"OK OK." Justin sighed.

"I can't wait to get some inspiration on my art today..." Tori said.

"Yes, I can't wait to see what you have in store this time." Lunamon replied as they both carried art supplies.

"So that leaves me and you Alice." Dio said to his daughter.

"Yeah. And Lopmon." Alice said as she picked up her friend.

"Of course. How could I forget? So what would you like to do first?" Dio asked.

Two hours later everyone had gathered at the picnic area for lunch which everyone enjoyed. Tori showed off her incomplete picture of the area and decided to allow her imagination finish the coloring. Everyone else relaxing from their many games or just waking up from a nap.

Shortly after, Dio was alone and standing by himself amongst the many wild flowers of the park. For some reason he couldn't get his mind off of his final goodbyes when leaving for New York, then eventually Obadaia in Japan. Especially Finny, the boy who left him the locket which he eventually passed on to his daughter. Of course he tweaked the locket a bit with magic but Alice would need to learn what he did when she's ready.

"Dio?" A voice called to him.

Dio looked on in surprise and found a young man approaching him. The man had dark hair and amber eyes with this glare to them Dio found rather intimidating, but he was never one to back down so easily. "I'm sorry but, do I know you?"

"Are you saying you don't remember me? Do you remember what I gave you all those years ago?"

"Um..." Was all Dio could say. The other man took Dio's hand in both of his.

"Come on. You obviously should recognize me." The man said. "It's me! The one who left that locket with you."

"Hey dad. What's going on?" Thomas asked as he and Gumdramon approached his father.

"Is he giving you trouble?" Gumdramon glared at the young man.

The young man released Dio's hands and sighed. "Oh how could you forget about me so easily? And I assume the brat's your's?"

"Who are you calling a brat, punk?" Thomas asked approaching the guy.

"Don't push your luck kiddo." Was all that the young man said before he shoved Thomas out of the way and onto the ground.

"Thomas!" Gumdramon cried out and checked on his partner. "Hey, what was that for?! That was playing dirty!"

"Hmph. He just got in the way was all."

"Hey, is something going on Mr. Heart?" Dese asked as the rest of the kids and Digimon stood behind Dio.

"It's fine." Thomas said as he stood up and dusted himself off.

"I don't have time for this." The young man sighed. He turned and began walking away. "Just remember this, I am your friend Dio. Possibly your best friend." And with those words he seemingly vanished with the blowing wind.

"Was that... Finny?" Dio asked himself out loud.

"Who's Finny daddy?" Alice asked in wonder.

"N-no one..." Dio told them. Everyone had concerned looks on their faces but chose to remain silent.

Later that night, Dio had rented out a cabin for him and the kids. Dio was already in his room asleep, exhausted from the day. Dese was tucking Alice and Lopmon to sleep. Once they were fast asleep Dese went down to the first floor which led to a living room. Jer and Tori were at a table coloring in Tori's artworks of the day, Thomas, Justin and all of the Digimon were watching a news report.

"-Today we discovered a meteor coming to pass by Earth tomorrow. Whether it will come on to our planet or not is the question. Police and scientists have been investigating and we'll be notified when they come up with something." Was all the news said before it cut out.

"So any luck of our own?" Thomas asked Dese.

"I've tried but the results all wind up the same." Dese admitted. "With both me and Izzy working on this we've met our match."

"Do you think they're from the Kaiser-II?" Justin asked.

"I doubt it." Jer answered without looking up from his work in progress. "What would he gain by attacking via space in the real world? He wants the Digi-world right?"

"Yeah but remember the two worlds are linked. Maybe he'll attack this world and while we're distracted go for the Digi-World?" Veemon asked.

"I guess you're right Veemon."

"Well, even if the meteor comes and hits our atmosphere it'll blow up on contact and rain like dust onto the planet." Dese explained.

"How'd you figure that?" Justin asked while fixing his glasses.

"From the satellite images me and Izzy took we noticed it has a rather hollow shape and appearance. Besides meteors burn up anyway."

"OK that's a relief and all... but..." Tori said.

"What is it?" Lunamon asked her partner.

Tori put her colored pencil down and stared down at her picture. "I was just thinking about that weird creepy guy we met today..."

"Oh him? I don't think we should concern for him." Thomas told her, spreading out on the couch. "He's dad's problem. So dad'll solve it."

Tori stared at her image of the flower for a while. "I guess so. But everything about this just worries me." Tori told her friends.

"Don't worry Tori." Patamon said.

"Yeah, Mr. Heart will take care of that guy." Dese said, trying to reassure Tori.

"I know but what if he hurts Thomas again? Or one of you..."

"Oh is that all?" Jer asked. He looked up at her grinning goofily, "Don't worry! We'll have to kick his butt then!"

"Yeah, back to whatever slime hole he crawled out of!" Veemon told her triumphantly.

"Thanks guys..." Tori said as she moved to the window cill and stared at the moon.

"OK, well I guess it's time to go to sleep now." Justin delacred, begin to pick up whatever mess there was to clean.

"Yeah I guess." Thomas sighed blissfully.

Tori just kept staring out at the night sky. Something in her gut was troubling her. It was as though something horrible was about to happen and she could feel it. But she had no way of proving it. Woman's intuition can't always be right, can it?

Unbeknownst to any of them, something was falling from the sky. Something that resembled a Dark Spore fell right down from the sky. Softly and with the wind until it found refuge in the ground, where it buried itself inside. Quickly from the spot a Dark Flower bloomed very quickly in a spot of town.

The next morning the children and Digimon rushed out of bed and started running to school, since it was nearby to the park. "We're gonna be late!" Thomas shouted.

"Don't worry! Taking this shortcut will guarantee we'll get to school on time!" Dese told him, trying to reassure him.

When they all turned a corner into town, what they were greeted with surprised them all. Everyone in town was passed out on the ground! Some cars crashed into stuff but nothing major. Just a lot of unconscious people. "What the heck happened here?!" Gumdramon asked in shock.

"Well... I knew I was drop-dead gorgeous but this is a bit literal on the term..." Tori laughed. She went over to investigate one of the people. "I do wonder what happened here..." Before she could react, the person grabbed her ankle and flipped her over. Carrying her like a rag doll by her ankle. She let out a scream of surprise.

"Tori!" Lunamon shouted.

"Lay off!" Tori exclaimed as she kicked the person square in the jaw and did a tumble to the ground and managed to re-orient herself.

"That was amazing Tori!" Thomas exclaimed.

"Oh. uh, Don't try flattery. It was just a defensive measure. Nothing much of it!" Tori exclaimed.

Other people began getting up and began moving like zombies. "What's going on?!" Patamon shouted in horror.

"I'm not sure!" Dese replied.

"Look!" Jer pointed to a moving vine as it latched itself on to an unconscious person. The person then proceeded to get up like the rest of them. "Are plants... controlling them?!"

"We never had to fight people before!" Terriermon shouted.

"Don't worry! We'll find a solution!" Justin said.

"Here's a solution, watch out!" Alice shouted as the people began to get closer to them.

"I have an idea! Why not trying to knock the vines off of them? Since that's controlling them it would make sense!" Dese hypothesized.

"Worth a shot." Thomas told her.

"Let me handle this!" Gumdramon said. He leaped straight into the air and formed fire around his tail-hammer. He gave it a swing and small embers went flying on all the vines controlling people. The vines burned away and they became unconscious once more. "Flawless, if I do say so myself."

"Now we'll need to figure out what is causing all this." Justin told them. He pulled out his D-terminal and began an energy scan on the area. It kept scanning until it lead them to... "There!" Justin pointed over by a tree. In the tree's shade was a dark and gloomy looking flower.

"Not your best work Justin..." Tori admitted. The flower then popped right out of the ground and began using it's roots like legs. "OK I TAKE IT BACK! JUST PLEASE SOMEONE KILL THAT THING!" Tori shouted.

"That looks more like a pest than a plant!" Jer commented as the flower darted around everyone. It then attempted to lunge itself at Alice. The plant took a full dive in order to attack her.

"Alice watch out!" Thomas held her close. The two of them were sent flying straight into a window of a diner.

"That has to hurt..." Justin commented. But the plant wasn't done yet. From the flower, a dragon made of pure darkness emerged.

"Now THAT is freaky!" Dese exclaimed.

The dragon lunged for the two closest people it could find: Dese and Justin. The dark plant dragon grabbed them by the necks and pinned them both to a wall. "OK... that hurts..." Justin groaned out.

"Really? No duh it hurt..." Dese groaned. The dragon did something unexpected. It opened up it's wings and they began glowing. It was feeding off of their life essence!

"I can't... do anything..." Justin panted.

"So you admit it! Ha... aha... ow... Thomas owes me... big time... ow..." Dese breathed heavily.

"Oh my god!" Tori shouted.

"We need to do something!" Veemon shouted.

"Yeah!" Jer exclaimed. "Hope Digi-Armor, Energize!" He cried out.

"Veemon Armor-digivolve to... Sagittarimon, the Greatest Hope on Earth!"

"Light Digi-Armor, Energize!" Tori cried out.

"Lunamon Armor-digivolve to... CresNefertimon, Angel of Moonlight!"

"Judgement Arrow!" Sagittarimon let loose a bow and it went straight through the plant dragon's arms. It made the dragon drop Dese and Justin in a heartbeat.

"Curse of Moon!" CresNefertimon shot two beams of white light at the dark plant dragon, sending it away from the two. The dark plant dragon began to regrow it's severed arms.

Terriermon and Patamon rushed to aide their partners. "Are you ok?!" Terriermon asked out in concern.

"I'll be fine..." Justin panted.

"Whew... that weed was something else..." Dese chuckled. "Are you ready Patamon?"

"You know it!" Patamon said.

"So am I!" Terriermon declared.

"Alright then! Love Digi-Armor, Energize!"

"Patamon Armor-digivolve to... Pipismon, the Echo of Love!"

"Reliablity Digi-Armor, Energize!"

"Terriermon Armor-digivolve to... Orcamon, the Splash of Reliability!"

"OK, now we can take it down!" Pipismon declared. Meanwhile, Gumdramon and Lopmon ran off in search of Thomas and Alice.


And that wraps up the first part of the AU. If I gave it to you guys all at once it'd be way too long to read all of it. Feel free to leave a comment/review and say what you think.

Sailor Moon, Digimon, and American Dragon Jake Long belong to their original owners.

OC's belong to their respective owners as well.

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