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A young man wronged by his brother and his father goes off to get revenge against those that wronged him. He will stop at nothing to make sure they pay for what they did to him.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter One

The morning was dull and grey and the air was cold. The residents of Edston were getting ready for their routine day. Store and shop keepers preparing for the usual stream of customers. Young men heading to work to earn a day’s pay for a good beer. Old men standing by buildings, talking to their friends of the Civil War and discussions of the world changing. Some women going to buy groceries for their home and some women selling their services of lust to men. Some children were playing with their friends while some children were off looking to work to help their father provide for their family.

Jeremiah Roberts was a young man of the age of twenty one. He wore a grey shirt with his sleeves rolled up. He had dark blue jeans and black leather boots on. He had a revolver to his hip and kept it fully loaded. Jeremiah was a man with a rough face. Scars continued and discontinued across his face. Jeremiah didn’t get his scars praying to God or a nasty fall off his horse. Jeremiah got his scars a couple months ago in a deadly fight.

It was Jeremiah, his younger brother, mother, sister and her second husband fighting off against Jeremiah’s older brother, his father and three men that followed Jeremiah’s father. It was a deadly fight that took the lives of Jeremiah’s family. Jeremiah was left with the painful memories of that night and a series of scars across his face. But after Jeremiah recovered, he promised to himself and to his family that he would get revenge on those that ruined his life and took everything from him. Jeremiah rode his black stallion, Axel, into to town. He took his time as he rode. He gave the people of Edston with a cold stare. The joy and life Jeremiah had in him was long gone. Nothing could repair what he loss. Nothing but killing those who did him wrong.

Jeremiah made his way to the sheriff’s office. He got off his horse and tied his horse up to a pole right outside the sheriff’s office. He patted his horse and made his way inside.

The sheriff’s office was fairly dark, with only the natural light from the windows keeping the office from being completely dark. The jail cells were mostly empty except for one cell that was the local drunk. To Jeremiah’s right was a board that had the bounties posted. Jeremiah walked on the creaky wooden floor to the board and examined it. He saw the bounties posted with each of their names. Richard Roberts, John Roberts, Aaron Hernandez, Matthew McDonald and Horace Jones. And all under their names, The Robert’s Crew.

Jeremiah looked at the men separate’s posters. Aaron Hernandez was a short man of five feet and four inches. He had an eyepatch over his right eye and had dark brown eyes along with long dark brown hair. The price on Aaron’s head was $162.00.

Jeremiah then looked at Matthew McDonald’s poster. He was around five feet and eleven inches. He had short light brown unkempt hair with blue eyes. The price on Matthew was $220.00.

Jeremiah then looked at Horace Jones’ poster, a man of five feet and nine inches. He had a bald head. A scar on his lip and had dark brown eyes. The price being $100.00.

Jeremiah then went over to John’s poster. John was of six feet and three inches. His hair was short and was dirty blonde. His eyes hazel and he had a short beard with a scar on his forehead. His reward was $595.00.

Jeremiah then stopped at Richard’s poster. He was six feet and nine inches. He was bald but kept a long beard. His eyes were hazel and his reward, $1,000.00.

As Jeremiah looked at the posters. He stared at the ones for his brother and his father with a burning hatred. He then calmed himself and then walked to the counter. “Sheriff. I’m here about the Robert Crew bounties.” Jeremiah said. His voice was smooth yet raspy. The sheriff in his clothes, hat, badge and mustache walked to Jeremiah. He was an old man in his mid fifties and had a sea of wrinkles forming on his face.

“What would you like to know that isn’t on the poster son?” The sheriff asked followed by a chuckle. Jeremiah was slightly annoyed.

“Do you know where they were last seen?” Jeremiah asked.

“Last I heard. They made a ruckus down in Dehani a day ago. They ran off though.” The sheriff said.

“Dehani?” Jeremiah asked.

“Another town East of here.” The sheriff said.

“Thank you sir.” Jeremiah said as he began to hurry out of the sheriff’s office.

“You’re welcome. Just know that this gang is a dangerous one. They have a hill of bodies behind them.” The sheriff said.

“I know that all too well.” Jeremiah said as he left the office.

Jeremiah untied his horse and got back on it. “East of here and I’ll find Dehani..” Jeremiah kicked and his horse started to ride. Jeremiah had his horse move slowly out the town but the moment he passed the last building of the town he kicked again and his horse went faster. The wind rushed past Jeremiah’s hair and Jeremiah focused on the dirt road in front of him. The trees and the scenery went by so fast for Jeremiah that he didn’t realize the change until he saw the sign of the town of Dehani. Jeremiah was on a small hill as he saw the town in the distance. And even though Jeremiah didn’t even enter the town he could feel the death and misery that the gang caused. Jeremiah got from the hill and rode into the town as fast as he could. He saw the passing faces of the people. They were full of anguish and sorrow.

Jeremiah slowed down his horse and called out to a young woman. “Hello ma’am. Could you tell me why this town feels so lifeless.” Jeremiah said. The woman turned to Jeremiah. Her skin was a snow white and her cheeks were a faint rosey red. She wore a white shirt and her gown was burgundy.

“A gang of men robbed the bank yesterday and they killed so many lawmen, they even killed the sheriff. My brother went after them some time ago but he hasn’t come back yet.” As the woman spoke, tears began to form her in eyes.

“Well don’t you worry ma’am. I’m already tracking the gang down. I’ll find your brother. Do you know which way he went?” Jeremiah asked.

“He went south of the bank. I hope he’s alright. He has short blonde hair and he’s brown eyed like myself. He has on a white shirt with brown pants and boots and suspenders.” She said followed by a sniffle.

“He will be ma’am.” Jeremiah said. He got on his horse and began his ride. As he rode past the people he saw the misery on their face. Jeremiah only knew that this type of misery could be caused by his father and brother and his gang. He would put a stop to their terror for his family and the innocent people that are forced to suffer.

Jeremiah made his way to the bank and saw it. It was a big building. But surrounding it were men trying to fix it. They were armed. Shotguns and rifles as they tried to rebuild. The men gave Jeremiah a somewhat cold look and Jeremiah didn’t pay them any attention. He only rode past them and past the bank. He began to pick up speed and find the woman’s brother and the gang.

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