The Cursed Fire

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Grace and Emma are walking along a path in Marine forest. They come upon a fire, one that always will glow. Is it....cursed?

Adventure / Mystery
Kitties Rule
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Chapter 1 - Is it cursed?

Emma was typing her next book for Inkitt on her computer as Grace walked up her driveway.

"Emma," Grace shouted from outside. Emma purked up as she heard Grace yell her name.

"Coming," Emma mumbled. She saved her book and ran out of the front door.

"So, are you writing a book?" Grace knows that Emma writes Inkitt books all the time.

"Yeah, its my latest. Crow Fest. Its gonna be an interesting read." Exclamied Emma.

"Hey, do you know dwolfe24 from Inkitt?" Grace implored.

Emma nodded, "Yeah. We followed each other." She told Grace.

They were walking down the Marine forest as they come upon a fire. One that burns forever.

"Is it....cursed?" Mumbled Emma.

"Grace, stick your hand over it." Demanded Emma, seeing if it was hot.

Grace placed her hand over the fire, "Wow. Its not even hot. Could it be," She paused.

"Cursed." They harmonized.

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