The Cursed Fire

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Chapter 2 - Research

"B-but that's impossible. Cursed objects, aren't even real! How is this possible, Emma?" Grace yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Maybe this is a dream," Emma panicked, "Let's just slap our faces into this tree, and we'll awa---" She slapped her face againist the tree and, she wasn't dreaming, "Nope----we're not dreaming. Grace, anymore ideas?"

"Research." Grace mumbled.

Emma stood up and stared at Grace, "Uh, what?" She finally asked.

"Research." Grace repeated.

"That's it!" Shouted Emma, "We'll do some, uh, reasearch on this," Emma quoted her fingers, "Cursed fire." Gracie and Her walled home and got on the computer. Emma saw that dwolfe24 submitted The Armed Wolf in a contest so she was gonna add that go a reading list.

"Emma," Grace said, trying to get her off dwolfe's book and just reasearch, "Reasearch."

"Oh, right! Research." Emma purked up.

She typed in the Google text box:

Is there a such thing called a cursed fire? She typed. She then pressed the 'enter' key. It came up to 88 results. 23 in the 'News' section.

"The Cursed Fire. Ramsey Creek. Um, isn't this where we just were?" Implored Grace.

Paying attention to the computer, Emma nodded. "Yeah, it says that you can stick you hand through the fire and you won't get burned, but if you are near it when the curse comes to power, you'll-----die." Read Emma.

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