The Cursed Fire

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Chapter 5-Please come back

Emma was depressed. Depressed in a way that no one ever used to be. Why? Well, she is depressed because Grace left her as a friend. Grace was mad. Mad in a way that fire ants are.

Emma thought, Why? Why did we leave each other? I have to get Grace back. Its the only way I can get my story famous. She picked up the phone and dialed Grace's number.

"Hello?" She said into the bottom part of the phone. This phone is the old style. The ear and mouth phone. Like macaroni shaped phones. "Hello? Grace, I know you're mad but I need you're help. Maybe we can get, listen. Maybe we can get famous. I was" Emma chuckled, "Look, I was thinking, maybe I can write a novel about this cursed fire. And then, me and you can get famous, just like dwolfe24. Please Grace." She listened for a moment and then talked again, "Okay thanks." She placed the macaroni phone down and ran out of the door with her phone. Her regular one. The one you text on today. She ran out of the door, going towards the path that they found the fire on.

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