The Cursed Fire

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Chapter 6-More Info about the fire

Emma walked to the place where Grace was standing. Taking notes about the fire.

"Grace." Emma shouted, "Over here." Grace looked up and closed her notebook and walked toward Emma.

"Hey. Need a plot?" Grace asked. Emma was looking for something to write for her next inkitt book. She wants to name it "Cursed". "Okay, Grace. Any notes for the book?" Emma asked, curiously.

"Yeah. I looked up for information about the cursed fire. It says someone arsoned the fire. Its says that Zeus arsoned the fire. That's why its cursed." Grace chuckled, "Isn't that crazy?" Grace started shouting.

"Shhh, do you hear that? Someone's coming."

Emma panicked. It was the ghost of Zeus. The one who had arsoned the fire.

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