Project Z: Northern Battles

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Alaska is not in the best place right now, facing the dead in the east, and the red in the west.

Adventure / Thriller
Dylan Wyatt
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Declaration of War

I heard on the radio that Russia just declared war on Alaska, saying it's rightfully Russian. Why would they do that, especially in the state that the world is in right now? The worst part is that Alaska is refusing to join The Union, meaning they won't get any direct help. I mean, the U.S is really close to taking back all of their previous territory, and they're focusing all of their resources, very limited resources, on that. So no help from them. Unfortunately. Last night, when I heard the broadcast, my mom started crying. She said that sometimes people just don't care about other people, that the men in Russia are so willing to kill, just for the fun of it. Hopefully they will show mercy.

This morning, however, instead of being sent to the coast, I'm being sent to the east. I don't yet know why, the officer that came and told me said that he doesn't know either. He said that they said it was classified. My dad, who's always hated the communists, probably because he grew up with them, said that Russia is probably planning to invite from there too. I wouldn't think that even possible, due to the amount of defences, and the wall that we have there. The officer said it's probably just in case something happens over there, that it isn't completely undefended. That because I'm so young and inexperienced compared to most others, I'm being sent where no combat will be seen.

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