Ruon and the Raijū, A Cross Dimension Story

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Ruon and the Raijū is a book about Ruon, an evil rune magician, who's quest is to capture the power of the Raijū. Dustin and friends has to stop him from his evil deeds.

Adventure / Fantasy
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After defeating Recondite Robust, King of Evil, and Rana and Atticus leaving, Dustin went back to his normal life. His mother was worried sick while he was gone, it was four weeks since Dustin saw his home. He was relieved to be back, and slept for seventeen hours.

In an ancient labyrinth deep under Toray, a man wearing a blue cloak and a sack of runes on his back studied ancient underground ruin walls.

“I’ll find the Raijū if it’s the last thing I do.” He spoke.

“Hello Ruon.” Something spoke from the shadows. Ruon threw a rune to the ground near where the person spoke, it exploded, nothing was there.

“Now now, don’t try to use your puny runes on me.” He walked out of the shadows.

“Oh, Lord Recondite. I am sorry lord.” Ruon bowed.

“Any luck on the whereabouts of Raijū?” Recondite asked while walking to the ancient wall.

“I examined these walls and in the ancient writing it says, ‘We sit and pray until the day the Raijū appears at Toray.’ I don’t know what this last part says.” Ruon walked to a wall and brushed away some dirt.

“So, Ruon, I shall send you on a quest. Go to Toray and discover the whereabouts of the Raijū, I will pay big time.” Recondite twisted a golden coin in between his fingers.

“Yes lord.” Ruon bowed.

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