Because You Said Yes-Second Draft

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Laughing, Cyperian rolled his eyes.

“Helpless, the lot of you. I’m coming, I’m coming.”

“Oh, that’s what she said last night, am-I-right?” Agaliarept nudged his General in the ribs with 2 of his elbows, since he had so many to spare.

“You’re as bad as Abdiel… Where are the Brothers Dick, anyway?”

“Waiting for us, both of them. Nachi wandered off, grumpy pants in a twist. Apparently, we are“a bunch of boring sluts.” He wandered up a staircase, dragging his sword along a wall. Sliced up some paintings and tapestries pretty bad, too.”

“We need to do something about him. I’m getting worried.”

Exiting the small chamber Cyperian and Agaliarept roared and held swords aloft, but there was no one left to defeat. The last of the humans were stunned and in chains. A pair of soldiers handed off their captives to one of their platoon, snapping to attention when they entered the hallway.

“General!” Both gave an over the top salute. Cyperian rolled his eyes again. It was his personal bad habit.

“Report, Captain Verrier.”

“Most people here surrendered without fuss once they clapped eyes on us.”

And who wouldn’t? Captain Verrier stood shortest of his companions, but still was larger than an average human by a solid foot. His skin was snakelike, scales covering his exposed shoulders and arms. His fangs caused his words to have a slight lisp. He continued, “However, a significant group escaped into this chamber before we could stop them. ”

Verrier pointed his scaly hand with its elegantly long nails toward what was clearly a significant portion of wall. It had no visible handles or entrance but columns and grotesque statues flanked it. There was something sinister behind this door, they could all feel it. His reptilian eyes sparkled. “A group of robed men were fighting to keep some women in there before they closed the door. There were some beautiful specimens screaming bloody murder in there. They’re quiet now, but occasionally you can hear a little… squeak.” He rolled this last word salaciously off his tongue, tasting the sweetness of it.

“ Is that all you care about? “Specimens“, Verrier? Really?“

“Oh, come on, Cy…they’re just humans.“ the other responded.

“Abdiel, if I have to smack it into your dumb, pretty face I will. This is exactly what we’re trying to stop doing.” Cyperian pushed the purple haired beast out of his way by grabbing onto the curling goat horns and shoving lightly.

“Ow, you dick.” Abdiel had few beastly components other than his horns, which he now rubbed and clucked at possessively, but his personal choices made up for it. Swirling ink tattoos covered his arms, some of which roamed his body freely according to his moods. Silver rings glinted from his ears, nose, lips, and most other places someone could stick a needle through skin.

“Alright, step back.” Cyperian concentrated on the door, as he had done before. In his mind’s eye he found a counterbalance in a floor tile, a wall brick, and a statue’s head. The whole system was beautifully complicated, but all it took was a calculated thought and the head of the offending statue on the left exploded. The wall groaned open on hidden hinges, and screams blossomed from inside the room. Cyperian didn’t notice. His arm began to throb, the energy required to break down the lock drained him more than it should. He whipped his head to the right.

There was a smell, an energy... something he couldn’t describe coming from that direction. It was entrancing, intoxicating. His feet moved without thought towards the energy signature. Agaliarept grabbed his uninjured arm.

“Where ya going, buddy? Don’t you want to come into the chamber with us?”

“No, I’m..I’m good. I’m going this way. Can’t you feel it? It’s…indescribable.”

“Nope, can’t feel anything. You good?”

“Yeah.” Cyperian let out a wistful sigh. “This is it. The Sanctum. Can’t you tell?” The giant doors were open, and through the massive space he could see a space for a congregation and a large dais far on the other side. “I’m good. Ah…” He shook his head to clear the heady mist. “OK. Abdiel, Verrier?”

“Yes, sir?” They replied, snapping to salute mockingly again.

“Cut that out.” He rolled his eyes.“Get in this chamber and see what happens. Get as many alive as you can. Lieutenant, check in with Demolition and get Murmmer where he needs to be. I’m going to check...” he gestured towards the door and shook his head, “*this* out. Come get me when everything is cleared and ready”

They all nodded and split to their respective duties, Cyperian nearly floating on intoxicating waves into the Sanctum.

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