Because You Said Yes-Second Draft

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Cyperian took one last look at the crumpled body beneath him before shaking off the melancholia. He rushed off towards the open door, and through it a short tunnel led to a spiral staircase that connected to another tunnel. This wasn’t just a cheap hole dug out of the rock, they had planned this. It was dark, but Cyperian grabbed a convenient torch off the wall. Concentrating, he exhaled on the pitch at the top and it burst into flames. As he trotted up the sloping floor, he thought about what this raid could mean for his people.

No more war. He was growing bored with fighting and sick to his stomach of killing. When you’re over a thousand years old, you have time to reflect on such things. No more cyclical nuisance of creating reasons to go and fight. He rolled his neck as he approached a stone door. He could find no handle, but as before this wasn’t an obstacle. His mind focused on the lock, and found it in a counter balance attached to a cord inside the wall. With a thought it snapped and caused the door to fall down into floor, its system discombobulated.

As he stepped into a small room, heavily perfumed smoke assaulted him. He banged into a small metal, ornamental fountain of dark red liquid. Perfectly at level with his thighs it was a hinderance that stained his trousers. He kicked it over in annoyance. The noise caused a large figure to enter, wielding a 2 large swords in his direction. Cyperian ducked out of the way, narrowly avoiding a slice.

“Holy Mother, Gal! Take it down a peg, it’s just me.”

“Ah, Your Generallness.” Agaliarept bowed low, mocking his friend. “A thousand apologies, my great and lugubrious lord. Luckily, your stamina knows no bounds and you’re fighting prowess allowed you…”

Cyperian stopped him by covering the other’s mouth with the hand not holding the torch.

“You done?”

“Mmmphhhgggmmmm.” Agaliarept insisted.

“So, weird thing.” Cyperian released his friend’s mouth only to pick some random dirt and blood out of the other’s hair. “You know how uh…”

“Uh, uh? What?” Agaliarept smacked Cyperian’s hand away and used *one* set of his arms to pull the hair into a quick knot on the top of his head while his other set still held their double blades.

Cyperian sighed heavily and turn his body to show the other his injured arm. The other gasped, eyes wide.

“What the fuck?” He dropped the swords to the ground and used all four hands to press his thighs, completely ignoring the seemingly minor cut on his arm. “Cy, how did this happen? There’s so much blood!”

“No, dummy.” Cyperian swatted his hands away and placed his own on the stain, bringing it up to his nose. “This isn’t blood. I knocked over that fountain. I think its…” He sniffed.

“Wine?” Agalirept gave him a confused look. “So, what’s the problem?”

“THIS.” Cyperian again gestured to his injured arm.

“Ok, that’s…still pretty bad. Who was able to wound you?

“I don’t know. I didn’t think about the implications until… well… the kid who did it is dead.”

“He could have been useful. At least it doesn’t look too bad?” Agaliarept placed his fingers near the wound to gauge its temperature and pain level. “Come here, let me help.”

Agaliarept moved his head down, as he was almost a full foot taller than Cyperian. He clashed his lips into his General’s and in a moment a golden mist leaked out of his mouth and into Cyperian’s. Cyperian took the energy inside himself and tried to direct it to the cut. They broke apart a moment later, panting. They both looked to the injured arm. Nothing. No repair.

“Shit. At least it doesn’t look too deep. You must be careful until it heals.” He tore a strip off of his cape and used it to bind the wound.

“Yea, yea, I’ll be careful. I’m just so angry. I’m trying to change things and we still don’t have the resources to stop the killing.” Agaliarept cut him off by tying the ends of the makeshift bandage too tightly at first on purpose. “Ow, you dick!”

“Come on, buck up buttercup. THIS raid will show them we can start again. We CAN make it work. Our dads will get shown their own shit. You’ll see.” He placed a gentle hand on his friend’s jaw, the bull’s face smiled back at him. “I do have one thing I need help with, though. Wanna break down a door for me?”

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