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The Chosen Ones

“See? Death himself has come to take us with him,” Elena whispered.

“Would you drop that already? There’s only one Angel of Death and no one knows if he even exists. And if he does, I’m pretty sure that he would be dressed in black instead of white, holding a big scythe. I see no scythe and no black,” P.J. whispered irritably.

“Well maybe all his black cloaks were dirty?” Elena said.

The three hooded figures listened intentively to their bickering, but they did not utter a word.

“Hey, voodoo women! What’s the deal here?” Danny asked, as he stepped forward bravely.

“That’s not how you talk to strangers that look like Angels of Death! What if they start beating us up because of you,” Elena hissed.

“Besides, I’m a man.”

One of the figures dressed in white dropped his hood, revealing his face. He stepped forward, so that they could see his face better in the light. The two people behind him did the same, mimicking his motions. Now that they could all see their faces, the figures looked less threatening. The oldest woman had tied her glossy silverwhite hair in a low bun. There was a white fleece over her light-blue eyes, which indicated that she was blind. She was the shortest one in the group and despite everything, a friendly smile adorned her wrinkly features. The second in line was a middleaged woman with strict, light-brown eyes and ditto hair, tied in a much tighter bun. She wore glasses with thin, golden rims, which gave her the impression of somebody one should not mess with. The third person was indeed a man, probably in his late teens. His jetblack hair was as glossy as the older woman’s. His eyes were cat-like green.

He winked at Elena when he caught her surprised stare.

“Uhm, right. Sorry about that,” Elena stuttered with a head that resembled the color of a tomato.

“Who are you? And where are we?” P.J. demanded.

“Cutting right to the chase, I see. Very well, then. We are the three sorcerers and you are the Chosen Ones we’ve been waiting for. You see, you have the Light of the Truth in you. I can even sense it from this distance,” the oldest woman started.

Her voice reminded Mona of an old creaking door. Despite that, it was not unpleasant.

“Excuse me?” Leo said, obviously not buying any of it.

She continued, “It all started seven generations ago. Please, have a seat. It is a long story.”

She made a weird hand motion and out of the blue, eight white chairs appeared in the large room. The three sorcerers approached the three closest chairs and sat down calmly. The five teens exchanged a look, before doing as they were told. Something told them that the oldest woman was the leader of their peculiar group.

“Alright,” the oldest woman continued when it was silent again. “Since the beginnings of time, your ancestors, and ours too, were members of the Council of the Light. Together with the Council members of all the other worlds, they would each choose one person from their world to work with them and protect the precious Light from the lurking Darkness.”

“The Council members of ‘all the other worlds?’ You mean there’s actually more than one world?” Mona asked, sounding utterly perplexed.

“Yes, there used to be once. But now only a few parallel worlds are left. Eight to be exact. We are currently in the eighth world, where nobody lives anymore. As you can all guess, we were too late to save this one from damnation. Anyway, only children with common sense, a clear conscience and a heart of gold made the cut. They all had to work together to keep peace and harmony in the worlds. They also had to protect the Magical Mirror of their world, the only gate that could be used to get to the other worlds. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong somewhere,” the young man now explained.

“So, just to be clear, all those images that we saw right before everything turned white… Were those parts of a gate to other worlds?” a bewildered Leo asked.

“Yes,” the young man in white replied.

“How weird. I’m not sure if I can believe this.”

The middleaged woman gave them a minute to let it all sink in, before she continued with, “Protecting the Light and the Mirrors went well for the longest of times. Generation after generation, the Mirror did not break and the people of that world were happy, until one generation ago the worlds were flooded by darkness. Dark magic to be exact. The Council of Light came into action immediately and the greatest war of all time started. Yes, those were dark times and the seven Chosen Ones were fighting as hard as they could, but they were ambushed. This resulted in them losing all their powers. One half went over to the dark side, the other half lost their memories and forgot who they really were. That is why there are so many wars and natural disasters throughout the worlds. Needless to say, it was certainly not a coincidence that the five of you were in the woods today, near one of the Magical Mirrors. The Mirror summoned you all. It is time for you to continue where the previous Chosen Ones had left off.”

“Yeah, nice story and all, but we really have to go now, before someone reports us as missing,” Elena quickly said.

“And do you guys have a name or something?” Danny wondered.

“Oh right, I’m sorry. Where are our manners? My name is Tony. This beautiful young lady-” he pointed towards the strict, brown-haired woman, “Is Maya. The other lovely lady is Mary. Of course, we already know who you are, so let’s just skip the formalities. I am also afraid that leaving is not an option, because all worlds need you. Therefore, we can’t let you go.”

“How so?” Leo asked with raised eyebrows.

“Well that brings us back to the beginning. You are the Chosen Ones, the new generation that we have been waiting for. It is your destiny to end the war and poverty in the worlds,” Mary explained, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“But there are only five of us. If this story is true, then where are the other two Chosen Ones?” P.J. asked, as his frown deepened.

For a moment they feared the worst but then the eldest woman replied, “They have yet to be found. Which will be one of your first tasks. If all the Magical Mirrors break, we are all lost and nothing can be done to prevent the end of the worlds… Tièrra included.”

“How can we possibly do anything when we don’t have a single magical bone in our bodies?” Mona asked.

“Oh, but you do. Danny, for example, wields the power of transformation. He can change himself and other things into whatever he’d like. He can even make himself invisible. Ember is his source of power. Leonardo-”

“It’s Leo,” the brunet teen said sharply, interrupting the young man.

“You have the power of telekinesis. Your color is yellow. Elena can control water. Obviously, your color is blue. P.J. is telepathic. You can read minds, and your color is purple. Mona is a special case. She is the one who connects you all. You may be geomantic, since you can have visions of the future. At least, if you practise enough. Your color is violet. You have to find Marina, the princess of Archaia, who wields fire, and the one who wields the power of Earth. So far, we have no idea who that might be, though. However, something tells us that the Magical Mirror and destiny will lead you to them soon enough.”

Mona blinked. When she looked around her, she noticed to her relief that she was not the only one who was not sure what to make of this. The three ‘sorcerers’ could be lunatics, but if she really thought about it, the story actually made sense. No one knew that most of her dreams came true. Several strange things had happened throughout her life. Things that she could not possibly explain. Of course, magic was the last thing she had thought would have to do with it. Mona would always think that it was a weird coincidence.

“This might be a little too much to take in on one day and we understand that more than anyone. I think it is time for a short break. Tony will bring you to your new rooms. I advise you to use today to get ready for tomorrow, for tomorrow is a long day,” Maya started.

“These guys are totally nuts,” Danny whispered, sounding nearly impressed.

“Follow me everyone,” Tony said excitedly, while completely ignoring Danny and his rambling.

The latter let out a deep sigh, but proceeded to follow Tony as well. After all, what other choice did he have?

Together they left the white room. Next thing they knew, they were standing in a big hallway. Tony motioned for them to follow him, climbing up the marble stairs. After that, they went through the first door to their right, entering a long, somewhat dark corridor. On the walls, they could see different fancy paintings of exactly seven teenagers.

“These are all Chosen Ones before you,” Tony told them. “As you can see, the number seven is a very powerful number. It has a certain symbolic meaning. Perhaps that’s why it’s such a strong number.”

“Tony? What did Mary mean with ‘You have the Light of Truth in you’?” Mona asked curiously.

He thought about it for a moment, before replying with, “It’s kind of hard to explain, but you will find out soon enough. Now, here is the girls’s bedroom. And the door right next to it is where the boys will stay. Oh, and please don’t forget to look in the closet. It contains everything you need to have a pleasant stay here. Dinner will be ready in half an hour. You can use this time to freshen up. We will meet in the room next to the White Lounge, alright?”

When Tony was sure that they understood, he left them behind.

The guys disappeared into their own room, while the two girls entered theirs curiously. Their new bedroom was white too, as expected. It was fairly spacey, with four queensized beds, a golden-white closet, two desks with two chairs and a large television. On the wall, there was a painting of a white house on the prairie.

Mona walked towards the window. It had gotten fairly dark outside, but the brunette could still see that the garden surrounding the building was gigantic. It would be easy to get lost in it. They were fairly high above the ground too, which made her wonder if they were currently in a tower. She turned and looked around her in hopes of finding answers. It looked as though they were in some sort of castle or perhaps a palace. With that thought in mind, the brunette started touching and lifting random objects in the room. When nothing happened, she decided to brush the wall randomly with her hands.

“Uhm… Mona? What exactly are you doing?” Elena asked.

Mona clearly heard the surprise in her voice.

She turned around, facing her new roommate. “I’m looking for any hidden exists. I have no intention of staying here if I can’t go home or let my father know first.”

Mona knew that her father was probably still at work, which happened to be in the Old City. Still, there was always a very small chance that her father was worried sick about her by now.

“Oh... Good idea! I’ll help.”

She secretly gave Elena a sidelong glance and saw to her surprise that she had started touching another wall. At least they would make progress this way.

“Hey, have you noticed how Tony isn’t exactly lacking on the looks department?” Elena suddenly asked.

“He’s…okay I guess, but not my type. He tries too hard if you ask me.” Mona sighed and gave up when she still could not find anything to help her. She walked towards the closet to open it. Perhaps it had something that she could use. “Besides, one should never judge a book by its cover, right? He may have cool hair, mezmerizing eyes and dimples on his cheeks, but he and the other sorcerers are still keeping us here against our will.”

“I guess you have a point,” Elena said slowly.

“Why, do you like him?”

“Well, I like every-”

At that moment, Elena let out a loud shriek. The wall that seperated the girls’ and the boys’ room had started to vibrate, before it parted and then disappeared alltogether. On the other side of the wall that had disappeared, Danny, Leo and P.J. looked back at the girls, clearly flabbergasted.


The dinner had been rather chic, in yet another large white room. Thankfully, the magical wall had appeared as soon as Elena had pushed a certain brick. Still, the Chosen Ones had decided not to mention this little incident to the three sorcerers. There was no need to wake up sleeping dogs.

“You will be woken up by me early tomorrow, because we have to test your abilities and improve your skills. We don’t have much time on our hands, so the sooner we start, the better. Good night, everyone.”

After one last flirtatious wink, Tony closed the girls’ bedroom door behind him and left. On their beds, they found a sleeping gown in their color, with their initials written right above the small pocket. Silently, the girls put on their pajamas.

When they lay down in their cozy beds, the lights suddenly went out by themselves, causing both girls to gasp. Clearly, there were a lot of things that they would have to get used to.

Meanwhile, Mona wondered how they would test their abilities tomorrow. She hoped that it would not be too hard. If there was one thing that she hated, it was physical exercise. But then again, sorcerers knew how to use magic. With a little bit of luck, they had found a way that did not need any labor from their side.

After saying their good nights to each other, Mona turned away, hoping that sleep would catch on soon.

“Hmm, those are very interesting types, that is for sure. It’s just so bad that they do not trust us enough yet,” Maya said.

The three of them were consulting with each other, sitting in a leisure room in front of the fireplace. They had decided not to let the remaining members of the Council know that they had found the majority of the Chosen Ones yet. After all, they did not know for sure if the Council could still be trusted with that information. Not after that last attack of a few months back. Who knew how many of them had turned to the dark side by now.

“Well, I can’t blame them; they hardly know us,” Tony thought. “But aren’t they a little too young when it comes to saving the worlds from evil? They’re still kids!”

“That’s what we thought about you too and you kept surprising us since day one,” Mary told him.

He smiled. “Why thank you! I’m so flattered, Mary.”

“About the tests… I think I found a perfect way to do this,” Maya started.

It would be late after midnight until they could rest as well. Tomorrow would be a big day and since nothing should go wrong, they needed to take extra preparations.

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