Requiem Of Fate

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The Pandora has opened the forbidden jar of judgement. She had broken the chains of fate. Only The Creator could decided the fate of the world, whether humans would be forgiven or would be killed. The chains that had chained The Destroyer has broke, The Guardians has sang the song of resurrection, from the ashes has resurrected the dead. The war between humanity and fate has begun. “Today, is the day when The Creator shall judge humanity. Death shall rise from the ashes, and The Judge will decide the world's punishment.”

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“Ah,” she sighed with disappointment in her voice, raw without any coatings to covered her feeling right now. Her face full of sadness and grief, that no solace could cure it. Her fingers wrapped around a black scythe, it’s colour was vivid black like the night. The shiny silver chain wrapped around the scythe, jingled softly, hitting the black iron with it’s every movements.

On top of a tall building, she stood and staring at the lawless city in front of her; a city that has been corrupted for a long time and had fallen into the grip of the Sins, would no longer be able to return to holiness and receive the Creator’s blessings.

“You have to know,” the young woman that stood beside her said slowly. Clad in black loose robe hiding her clothes from sight and white gloves covering the slender fingers, with shiny black hair down to her waist and pale skin looked sickly under the moonlight, she looked like a creature belonged to the night. She has white bandages covering her eyes; completely hiding the emotions inside those orbs.

—The eyes is the window of the soul—

Her slender finger pointed at the scythe in her hand. “Once you swing the scythe and hand the judgment over to the Creator, you wouldn’t able to stop it. Would not and never would you be able.”

Her chest felt heavy, like bearing a very, very heavy burden. But, she is. This scythe was the one that causing her heart to felt heavy. A burden for her to bears with. Her fate arranged for her since her birth.

The scythe in her grasp was like the Pandora’s box which held hope, as well as all the evil in the world. What the box would release, she didn’t know.

—You reap what you sow—

Whether in the end, humanity that has fallen to the Hell full of sins, would be forgiven or judged, only the Creator could decide. She was just a pawn for the Creator to commanded. Who would decide whether or not judgment have to be carried out, upon this world.

She was the Pandora, the woman that had opened Pandora’s box, a jar that stored all the evil of the world, and released them to this mortal world.

She would opens the jar now. The Pandora that the Creator had chosen to starts the day of judgment.

She closed her eyes, her hands held the scythe high, as she took a deep breath.

It is the time to choose the world’s fate.

The young woman smiled coldly at her, who preparing to choose what he would do now. She sneered as she looked up at the sky, without moon nor stars scattering across the dark cloudless sky.

The fate of the world has been decided since the dawn of time.

Destroyed or saved.

Obviously it is ‘destroyed’.

She laughed soundlessly and stepped back, letting the darkness of the night wrapped her body in it’s gentle touch and disappeared without a trace.

Everything starts ... Now.

He swung the scythe, murmuring the name of the Creator with respect and reverence, handing everything to the Creator. The fate of the world had been decided.

Punishment shall be carry out, upon this corrupted world.

May the Creator give you all salvation.

A tear escaped and trailed her cheek as she sang the song of destruction.


The chain that had been chained her for thousands of years had fallen off, shattered into tiny pieces like broken glass.

She stared at the pieces scattered on the black ground from this empty realm, where he was imprisoned. She stepped, stepped on the fragile fragments and walked to the pool of water in the middle of her prison.

The water was still as black as tar. Previously, she remembered, this pool was as clear as the Sacred Mirror of the highest Goddess of Beauty; reflecting the life that took place in the mortal world. She loved to watched the mortals, observed what did they do, and memorized the scenery, as they changed as time passed.

But, now...

She closed his eyes for a moment, sharpened her hearing.

His ears could captured the sounds of destiny that sang in joy and sadness over the destruction of her chains.

She could also heard the three sounds; the three Chosen Guardians welcomed her by chanting the song of the death of the world, hailed for her coming to fulfill her destiny.

The time has come, the day of judgment of the world; which has been promised by the Creator to her before she was chained and sealed in this empty realm.

A smile adorned her face, full of satisfaction and happiness. But, her eyes spoke different things. The silver orbs held malice and hatred, buried in her heart for years and had not find any solace, yet.

The seeds of the flowers of despair that grew in the empty realms where she was chained at, have been sown into the mortal world, fallen like dandelions blown by the wind.


Her ears caught the soft whisper. A familiar voice in her ears, calling that name weakly and helplessly. He could not help but drop her smile when she heard this voice. Her eyes darkened as she spat out the name.


She whispered her name. A smile on his face, cold and grim, remembering the owner’s name. Someone who used to be very precious and her loved one, the one who held her heart long time ago. But now, unfortunately, is her enemy.

The world that you care about, in the end cannot fulfill your expectations, and has fallen into the hands of the Sins.

“Oh, my poor sister, now your world has fallen into chaos. Today, is the start of my revenge.”

She laughed coldly. Her eyes narrowed, hiding all her emotions from sight. Darkness and shadows danced around her, worshiping their Goddess who finally woke up from her long slumber.

The Destroyer has been freed from the void prison that had held her for thousands of years.

Goodbye, dear sister. May we meet again in the battlefield.

Lacrimosa dies illa

—Full of tears will be that day—

Qua resurget ex favilla

—When from the ashes shall arise—

Judicandus homo reus

—The guilty man to be judged—

Huic ergo parce deus

—Therefore spare him, O God—

Pie jesu domine

—Merciful Lord Jesus—

Dona eis requiem. Amen.

—Grant them eternal rest. Amen.—

Song of Destruction is something fiction. A poem if I could say it is. Originally written in my native language, and well, it’s lose all the original flows. Never mind. Just thought of its as something meaningless. Though it contains some hint for the story. Or all of it is.

Song of destruction :

When the snows fall, stars dissappear

You promised us the day, in the void

Let fates sing the song of destruction

Let the world fall into chaos, destroyed

Full of cry you will be, could only watch it

When destruction come, to this world

Oh, human, poor and helpless souls

This is what you had sown by yourself

Cry for yourself and the world’s fall

This judgment shall silence your voices

Death shall rise from the ashes today

The Judge would decide your fates after

When dawn come, the Destroyer awaken

The Dark Knight let go of the hidden fate

False hope will be given by the Salvation

The Guardians will sing song of rebirth

Oh, our merciful Lord, the Creator

Give your command to us, servant of fate

For the day you had promised has come

War of humanity and fate will begin

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