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More than the Miles

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Jimmy is your typical lazy underachiever, a mess for a life, but music can always lead the way, even if the road it takes him down is rough.

Adventure / Humor
Joshua HJ Light
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Chapter 1

‘Jimmy!’ A voice exclaimed over the hum drum of the factory floor. Amidst the grunting and loud machinery a short, bald, bearded man came bouncing up, a flustered reddened face as he huffed his way up next to Jimmy.

Jimmy cocked an eyebrow at the man and gave him a grin,smiling amused as the man didn’t reciprocate his gaze but instead glared back.

‘Hey Turner.’ Jimmy said in the most sarcastic way, trying to ignore the frustrated look on Turners face.

‘Jimmy, I told you what would happen the next time you messed up these cuts dude. I fucking told you. But no, you have to always play the hot head. You always gotta be the fastest, best at everything. Well you fucked up man, I can’t fucking cover for you this time. FUCK!’ Turner was heated, Jimmy just stood there with a bewildered stare, then he let out the biggest smile.

turner was so thrown off, taken aback at Jimmy’s reaction.

‘so I’m fired?’ Jimmy asked, eyebrow still cocked, jimmy nodded his head, almost pleased with himself.

‘see you at Six Strings tonight?’ Jimmy asked, still smiling at turner, the tension could be cut with a knife. Turner nodded again, still confused.

‘See you later bro!’ Jimmy lifted up his fist, but kept one of his fingers in the air. The middle one to be exact.

Jimmy bolted across the factory floor, yelling out the occasional ‘sucker’ as he ran through the big double doors. Workers turned and gave Turner questioning glances as he followed Jimmy.

Jimmy pulled out his keys, hitting that lock button twice, making his F-350 chirp. A little grin came across his face as he slid behind the wheel, turned the key and listened as his baby roared to life.

like a que, Jason Aldean came on the radio “quit my job flipped off the boss, took my name off the payroll” Jimmy hit the clutch, revved up his truck and threw her in first. Gravel spit from under the tires like an angry old man and a dip can. He let out a cheer as he ripped through the gates of the tire factory, bypassing the gaurd stand and leaving the gun wielding rent a cops with a big fuck you.

“throw your suitcase in the back!” Jimmy threw his truck into third gear, the power stroke roaring like a tank barreling through enemy lines.

“done gassed up the Pontiac.” He raced through a red light, before turning down a road paved in dirt, dust flying up behind him, the corn on either side of the road a giant blur.

he reached into the back of his cab and whipped out a six pack, cracking one of the bottle tops open as he neared a little house at the end of the road.

screeching his tires he slammed on his breaks and hopped out of the truck. The screen door popped open, and a red haired lady came out, smiling from ear to ear.

‘Jimmy what’re you doing?’ She Asked still smiling, looking down at Jimmys little road soda.

‘drinking, what’s up momma.’ He gave her a hug, and stepped forward, opening the little screen door for her. Stepping inside he was greeted by German Shepherd puppy and an ugly little pug, bouncing up and down in delight as he ignored the stub nosed nomad and gave the shepherd a grunt.

‘sup Steve’ Jimmy said, looking over at the sac of a man sitting on his mothers couch, all he got was a grunt from the grizzled hobo of a man. ‘You’re still dating this sack of shit momma?’

she turned around, red and flustered just as she was about to reach into the fridge. ‘Jimmy! I know he’s new in my life but that is your step father, and he’s very important to me. Now wash your hands I’ll heat you something up.’

Steve barely turned his head, instead he just stared straight at the giant tv plying the latest country music videos and mumbled something under his breath about how he was insane in the head and he could have been a musician.

‘seems like a great guy.’ Jimmy looked on in disgust, potato chip crumbs on his oversized beer belly, which also happened to be hoisting a small Miller lite bottle, nasty greasy hair, unshaven beard, he looked like he woke up in a dumpster.

jimmys mom walked over to the kitchen table, a steaming hot plate in her hand, she smiled over at him.

‘whatcha got momma?’ Jimmy asked, leaning over and smelling a burger they must have grilled the day before.

‘we grilled out yesterday, i have some baked beans in the fridge and I could bake some fries if you like?’

Jimmy sat down, before offering her a smile’ no way, this looks great’

‘so what brings you home tonight?’ She asked, as if there had to be something wrong.

‘eh nothing, just came by to say hi, and let you know I got fired.’ He spoke as non chalantly as possible, but she started to get all upset and frazzled anyways.

‘what? How? That boss always had it out for you I tell you what.’ She exclaimed, Jimmy took a sip of his beer and smiled up at her.

‘you always do take my side momma, but that boss is my buddy, just did what he had to do you know?’

‘I suppose, but they should have given you a Warning or something, it’s just not right.’ Jimmy laughed at this, chuckling as he tossed his empty into the trash and dug around for another in the refrigerator.

‘don’t drink any of the Miller lites those are all mine.’ A voice from the living room belched, Jimmy grimaced before popping off the top of a long neck Miller lite bottle.

‘he did momma, I just get so hot headed about shit, it’s like when I work my ass off I get chewed out, and when I just do enough to scrape by I get chewed out, I’m not a fucking drone, I don’t know what they want from me. I don’t know what the fuck I want.’

‘you’ll figure it out honey you always do. You know it’s beautiful weather outside, you should go out hiking, or do some type of productive activity.’

‘actually that reminds me momma, I wanna take your Harley out for a couple days.’ He slammed down his next empty, reaching in the fridge and grabbing a Miller lite, he winked at Steve as he popped the bottle cap off and took a swig.

‘well Steve was going to go riding one of these days, you’d have to ask him.’

‘well he seems to be riding the couch pretty well so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.’ Jimmy grabbed the keys hanging up on the wall in the living room, showing Steve his middle finger as he walked by and opened the door, he turned around. ‘Love you momma take care I’ll be back in a few.’

‘have it back tomorrow, I’ll need it.’ Steve mumbled out.

‘Fuck you Steve’ Jimmy smiled and belted out the door. Jimmy sat down on the soft tail, flexing his hands on the grips of the handlebars. An uncontrollable grin came across his face as he grabbed the clutch and turned the key, making the cruiser roar to life, grumbling like the badass that bike was. He grabbed the clutch again and kicked it into first, gravel came loose from under the back tire and he sped off, destination bar, goal forget about the shitty day he was having.

Six Strings was an old hole in the wall dive bar type, but turned around and remodeled by A friend of jimmys fathers, now it’s one of the most thriving bars in the medium sized college town he lived in. His favorite thing about it; it didn’t attract the frat dueshbags and idiotic sorority girls most bars on the strip did, most of them bypassed it completely. That and the fact they predominantly played country music there, and had live shows almost every night. Jimmy walked up to the bar, and was greeted warmly by a chizled biker looking man. Complete with the beard, full sleeve tattoos and shaved head, covered up by a black trucker hat.

‘sup Tom.’ Jimmy said nonchalantly, pulling out a wad of money and glancing around the place, casing things out.

Tom nodded, and reached under the bar, grabbing a bottle of whiskey, pouring it while simultaneously pouring coke into the cup.

‘the usual I’m guessing?’ Tom said, his voice raspy from years of drinking and smoking.

‘make it a double man, it’s been a rough day.’

‘yeah, I heard, Turner told me about it a couple minutes ago when he came in. Shits rough man, what’re you gonna do now?’ Tom passed Jimmy the cup, and grabbed the bills Jimmy held out to him.

‘keep two bucks for yourself man, and I don’t know, party like always, I’m not fucking worried about it.’ Jimmy grabbed the change from Tom, shrugging off his displeasure. ‘Who do you have lined up today? Saw a picture outside with some Florida Georgia line wannabes, what’s that about?’

Tom raised his eyebrows, nodding past jimmys shoulder. Jimmy rolled his eyes ‘they’re behind me aren’t they?’ Tom just smiled, shaking his head as he walked away, grabbing a drink for another customer.

‘Fuck yeah we’re behind you, what the fuck?’ Jimmy turned around, the squeaky voice matched the face, this dude was defiantly trying to pull off Tyler Hubbard.

‘what do you mean what the fuck? You really think you’re gonna go anywhere looking like that? It’s been done man, and you’re doing a shitty job trying to pull it off.’ Jimmy cackled, his face a full smile, this dude seriously looked like a joke, like a dude who wanted to make it big off some other guys success.

the Tyler Hubbard wannabe had a face as red as a cherry, he glared down at Jimmy who was still seated at the bar, arms relaxed on the bar top.

‘one, we pull more tail in a day, then you do in a week, two, we have our own shit, we have a following, and already have record offers.’ His buddy just stood there, looking displeased but didn’t say anything, no cahones.

‘I bet your music sucks man, I bet it sounds just like everything else, I bet the only tail you get is from your sister in Alabama.’ Jimmy said, still smiling from ear to ear.

‘Jimmy quit stirring up trouble man.’ Tom belched from behind the bar.

‘you think you could do better?’ Jimmy nodded at this. ‘Alright, you go on before us and see who the crowd goes crazier for.’

‘how do you know if I can even play?’ Jimmy asked, acting slightly worried now.

‘if you can’t play don’t talk shit dude.’

Jimmy smiled, nodded his head and stood up, stabbing his finger into the mans chest. ‘You’re on dude.’ He walked away, and started looking for Turner, who was apparently there but hadn’t said hi yet like an asshole.

he waded through the bar, passing by a few acquaintances who smiled at him and waved. If Jimmy was going to get up there and play, it had to be now, he kept gazing looking for Turner, where the hell was this asshole?

just then a hand gripped jimmys arm. He turned around startled. Standing in front of Jimmy grinning was an alien looking fucker, wearing a ball cap pointed straight to the sky, an oddly shaped head, and glasses to add to it. He was dressed like a farmer, which suited him for his background.

‘Dan? What the hell is up man?’ Jimmy exclaimed, giving Dan a half embrace. Dan nodded his head upwards and smiled, looking as cool as a cucumber and a little bit cocky too. He rested his hand hand on his belt buckle and pointed to the sky.

‘hear that?’ Jimmy looked up like it was gonna help him hear better.

“bubba shot the jukebox, last night, said it played a sad song, and made him cry, went to his truck and got a .45, bubba shot the jukebox last night.”

Jimmy nodded at Dan, laughing, ‘that’s your song dude, hey have you seen Turner? I need him to play drums for me” Jimmy said, still interested in his friend but growing more panicked every second.

‘no, but I have seen your girlfriend, she’s looking all over for you and bro, she is PISSED!’ Dan exclaimed, exaggerating the last word, Jimmy brushed it off, he didn’t have time for that, all he could think of at that moment was how he wanted to show these fuckers up. ‘What the hell did you do this time?’

Jimmy turned to look back at Dan ‘I got fired dude.’

dans eyebrows shot up, then he busted out laughing, Jimmy turned to him immediately and glared


Dan didn’t stop, he grabbed jimmys shoulder ‘what is that your third job this year? And you got fired by one of your best friends.’

Dan thought the whole thing was funny, ‘dude I don’t know what I’m gonna do about money.’

Dan busted out laughing again ‘I bet you’re just now thinking of that aren’t you?’

Jimmy glared again but a voice came over the microphone from the big stage.

‘wherever that dueshbag is, now is your chance to get up here and show us what you got.’Jimmy looked up, it was the Tyler Hubbard wannabe standing on stage, yelling at Jimmy and telling the crowd to chant louder for his band.

‘hell no.’ Jimmy ran up towards the stage, finishing his whiskey coke. An arm reached out and grabbed him.

‘Jimmy stover what the hell, when were you gonna tell me you lost your job?’ A beautiful brunette was standing in front of him now, straw cowgirl hat on, probably with her group of friends who were doing the same thing, her flannel pulled up and tied around her waist, she was looking hot, but he did not have time for this right now.

‘not now babe, but I gotta go.’he brushed her off, then hopped up on the stage, taking the electric guitar out of the wannabes hands.

Jimmy grinned and strummed a chord. The entire crowd went silent in anticipation as the cord echoed through the quiet bar. Then it happened, out of nowhere a drum set started playing behind him, he turned around as he struck another chord, and there was Turner, boom tick boom tick.

‘gotta bail you out again Jim?’

Jimmy smiled again before turning back to the crowd. This was his bar, this was his crowd, no body was about to show him up. He hit a riff, the crowd started getting louder, cheering him on.

“back in the day pops farm was the place to go, load up the truck and hit the dirt road, jump the barbed wire and spread the word, light the bonfire and call the girls.”

the crowd was singing along, jimmys girlfriend was at the front and center, raising her hands in the air and singing along, Jimmy gave her a wink.

‘I love you Jimmy!’

“chillin on a dirt road, laid back swerving like I’m George Jones, smoke rollin out the window, an ice cold beer sitting in the console, memory lane up in the headlights, it’s got me reminiscing on the good times, I’m turning off a real life drive and that’s right, I’m hitting easy street on mud tires.’

Turner was on point, and Jimmy felt himself hitting the licks and singing dirt road anthem like it was nobodies business. The energy, the momentum, it was like a drug, enveloping his body as the adrenaline sizzled through his bones. The crowd screaming along with the song lyrics, he smiled at Turner and waved out into the crowd at Dan. He even saw his friend Kara, and her boyfriend Aaron. It was electric.

‘my dad taught me how to stand my ground, be a man boy never back down, don’t start up something but if he’s talkin trash, throw the first punch and whoop his ass!”

Jimmy turned towards the wannabe for this part, pumping his fist in the air, it was like the entire bar was yelling it at the man. He drew into himself, it was obvious, he had been beat.

the crowd was still erupting as Jimmy and Turner finished their set, they were chanting his name and he wanted to keep playing. He turned towards Tom at the bar, who shrugged his shoulders and made the mi casi es su casa gesture.

Jimmy hit another riff, and Turner followed along. Magic was flowing from jimmys fingers. ‘Y’all ready to kick it in the sticks?’ He yelled out over the crowd. ‘Me and my buddy have been working on this song for a while now.

“welcome to the home of the hillbilly, yeah baby, it’s the land of barbed wire and moon shine whiskey, park your car before you get it stuck, grab me a beer and get up in the truck, it’s goin down tonight, it’s all on me, byob and I got all you need”

Jimmy hopped down from the stage, he was immediately enveloped by fans screaming and grabbing him, his girlfriend Bethany grabbed him and hissed him, so he picked her up and spun her around a few times.

‘holy shit dude that was fucking legendary!’ Kara said, running up to Jimmy and giving him a huge hug, discreetly grabbing his ass while congratulating him. He turned towards Aaron and smiled, he didn’t seem to notice his girlfriends hands touching jimmys backside.

‘let’s grab a drink later, you and me.’ She said whispering in his ear.’ He winked at her before grabbing Bethany and taking her to the bar.

‘that was fucking exhilarating’ he said, looking at her blue eyes and offering her a kiss.

‘I’m going to go to the bathroom, meet you later?’ Jimmy nodded at her and she ran off into the crowd, he leaned with his back against the bar.

‘didn’t know you had it in you brotha’ Tom said from behind him, Jimmy reached out his hand and shook toms.

‘Fuck yeah dude that shit was awesome, thanks for letting me play.’

‘you know there was someone from big machine records here? They came to see the other band, maybe something will come of that for you man, maybe you finally found your nitche’ Tom proposed as he continued pouring drinks for crazy fans.

‘shit man I hope so. I could see myself being a musician.’

‘you could see yourself doing everything man, just pick something and go all in.’ True, Jimmy thought as a smoking hot brunette started walking towards him. She was beautiful, olive skin, green eyes, her smile lit up everything in front of her.

‘nice playing tonight’ she smiled at him, reaching out her arm and touching his.

he smiled at her, putting his arm around her shoulder. ‘Thanks, what’s your name?’


‘can I buy you a drink?’

‘\she leaned in and whispered in his ear.’or we can just get out of here’

Jimmy leaned back and smiled

‘we can do that’ he said, winking at her.

Jimmy led her to the door, she let him through first, and BOOM a heavy weight hit him so hard in the head he fell down onto the gravel.

‘what the fuck!’ He yelled out, standing up, there they were; the fucking Florida Georgia line wannabes standing in front of him.

‘you cost me my fucking deal dude.’ The fake looking motherfucker swung at him again, this time Jimmy was ready, he blocked the dudes punch and uppercutted him in the stomach, then threw a combo hitting him in the face twice, but another fist hit Jimmy from the side.

Jimmy was taken aback again, swinging forward, but both men jumped on top of him.

it was a shit show. Kicks punches, they were all flying his way, he sent out the occasional kick and punch, but to no avail. Eventually after what felt like hours they let up and walked away, cursing at him as they did so.

‘FUCK!’ Jimmy shouted, jumping on his bike and speeding off. He ripped through town, until he hit the countryside, before noticing how drunk he actually was. Everything was a blur, headlights were coming his way, he swore he could see four of them. Jimmy swerved, losing control of his bike, and toppling off of it.

everything seemed to go in slow motion as he toppled somersaulting across the ditch and into the cornfield

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