Girl from another world

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Chapter 2

I follow Helios and Themis onto the empty deck. Where is everyone? The sun is shining and the ocean is absolutely breathtaking. Absolutely gorgeous . I have never seen the ocean before. Only in books and movies. It looks way better in person. It almost feels like my soul is becoming at ease with the crashing waves. My mood increases every second I look out at the vast blue and smelling the salt in the air. I get out of my moment of peace and catch back up with the two men. I follow them to another door which has lots of laughter coming from it. Is there a party going on? I walk in and there are people everywhere stuffing there face with food. Most of them are guys and there looke to be only two tables filled with girls. I watch as everyone stop eating and their eyes turn to me. Some look either happy, interested, or bored. What? Do I have something on my face? I blush and follow behind my two guards. Well I feel like they are my guards. I mean…pop said Helios is in charge of looking after me so he probably the safes person to be around. As the seconds pass the people waent back to what they were doing. So wither stuffing their face, talking, or both. I walk closer to Helios hoping to hide a bit from the people staring at me. He didn’t even notice or he did not care but he did get in line. I stood by him as he grabs our food. I aww at his plate. I don’t think anyone can eat that much and not have their stomach explode. He pass me mine and it look puny compare to his. I think mine is normal size, I think. Wow the only word that pass my mind as I follow him to a table. Helios eats a lot. His plate filled with everything you can think of for breakfast. My eyes keep darting between mine and his. I doubt he can even finish.

“You will love the food. We have the best cooks around the sea.” Helios is the first to talk since we left the room. I nod up at him as we sit at a table. Now he wants to help me? What’s his problem because back in the room it seemed like he wanted nothing to do with me. Helios sits on my left and Themis on my right. I felt oddly welcomed and I feel like I belong. Strange since I have only been on this ship for a few hours now. Helios started digging into his food like this is his last meal. I can’t pull my eyes away. I swear he looks so happy like a pig in slop with the smile spread across his face. I don’t know if I am disgusted or fascinated. I hear Themis chuckle beside me and I turn to see him shove a fork full of eggs in his mouth. He is trying to hide his smile of amusement from me. My stomach growls reminding me that I am hungry and that it wants food now. I look at my eggs and they look like normal eggs. Even the toast looks the same. Well here go nothing. I take a bite of my eggs cautiously. Oh my god. The eggs dance across my tongue in delight.

“This is delicious. It’s serially so good!” I can feel my self drool and take another bite full. Helios shoulders shake as he stuffs a sausage in his mouth.

“That would be me”. I turn around and stuffed another fork full of eggs into my mouth.

“My name Dionysus and the food you are stuffing your face with is what me and my bros made. Happy you like my eggs. You must be the girl Helios caught earlier”. A guy with brown hair smiles down at me. He has deep blue eyes with a scare down his left eye. He has a friendly smile as he sits beside Themis.

“My name Luna and you make the best eggs I have ever tasted.” Dionysus laughs happily and starts digging into his own delicious food.

”The name suites you. You are as beautiful as the moon.” I was sure I was blushing but I just keep eating away. No one has ever said that to me before. Me beautiful like the moon…I like that. Helios is still eating away and I think he nodding with what Dionysus said. Then suddenly his face hit the plate and I heard a small snore come from him. I could not help but giggle. Oh wow he just went to sleep into his food!

“Don’t mind him. He does that a bit.” I node to Themis. I didn’t mean to laugh but you don’t see everyday someone fall asleep out of the blue. No one looked like they were going to help him either so I will. After all he did help me. Even if he is a huge ass.

“Helios you got to get up before you die from suffocation of eggs.” That would be the weirdest way to go. I shove his shoulder that had a heated comfy touch. He grown as he lifts his head and yawns. A piece of bacon was attached to his cheek. I peeled it off and shoved the deliciousness into my mouth. Yummy! Seriously though Dionysus can cook.

“Hey that was mine!” I raised my eye brow and see his mountain is almost gone. I look down at my plate and as much as I want more I can’t eat anymore. I push my plate to him with a grin.

“Here you can have mine. I am full and can’t eat anymore.” He has a smirk of victory and finished off both in record time. Wow I am surprise he didn’t choke. He grabs my plate and puts it away. I stand up and follow him onto the deck. The sun is high and the breeze is very refreshing.

“Oh ya! What that thing you called an iPod earlier?” I pulled it out of my pocket and he grabbed it before I had the chance to do anything. Rude!

“Didn’t anyone tell you that’s its rude to grab something out of someone hand?” He looks at me and smirk. I swear he could kill someone with that smile. He was so well toned and had a great ass to boot. Ahhh Luna stop looking! Bad girl.

“Nope”. He pop the P as I grab it back and turn it on.

“This, Helios lets me listen to music.” I watch as he snorts.

“That’s impossible! That thing is too small and you need people to play music.” He crosses his arms and is daring me to prove it. I roll me eyes and pick a song off my ipod. There are way more songs then I remember but whatever. I pick Phillip phillip. The song gone, gone, gone. I love this song! The guitar starts to play and I blink in surprise. My ipod never that loud. It sounds like an actual speaker. I look up to see the best look on Helios face. It is priceless and I wish I have a camera to take a picture of it. He has pure shock across his face but there is wonder in his eyes. Suddenly more people surround us and they all look at my tiny machine in aww. As the main course about to start I couldn’t help myself and I start to sing out loud. When the song ended everyone starts cheering and clapping. They think I'm good? That a first. My cheeks warm up as I bow in gratitude.

“Where did you learn to sing like that?” I turned to the voice and Helios is walking up to me.

“I was always able to sing. Sorry if it bothered you”. I was waiting for him to tell me to never sing again but the exact opposite happen.

“Don’t apologies! Your voice was great.” I am shock. No that not the word to describe it…I am bewildered.

“Told you her name fits her perfectly”. I can hear Dionysus whisper that to Themis who just gave a lazy nod back.

“So what now?” After the words left my mouth. Helios grabb my wrist and dragged me across the whole boat like I’m some child who would get lost. Then again I probably would too. His hand is warm and for some reason makes my stomach feel like it on fire. I don’t know how long we spent together looking around but I think I will need a map. I know where the women bathroom is, my bedroom, Helios, Themis, and Dionysus bed room, and surprisingly I know where the library is. Other then that I need a map. By the time the moon shines brightly in the sky, I was way to tiered from being dragged around by Helios. He has so much energy and we never got the chance to eat lunch. I look down at my dinner and as much as it looks delicious and it smells heavenly I am just waiting to fall face first into it.

“What? you don’t like spaghetti”? I look up at Dionysus hurt expression and I smile tiredly.

“No, On the contrary…I love spaghetti it just I feel like I may fall asleep like Helios is doing right now”. I put my fork down and lift his face up. Helios face is cover in cheese and spaghetti sauce. I think there even a noodle up his nose…How is he not awake. I take my napkin and clean off his face as best I can. I look at the hanging noodle…He can pull that out himself. I place his somewhat clean face on the table and finally take a bight of my own food. I ignore the snoring that coming from beside me.

“You know you don’t have to clean his face every time he falls asleep. Sometimes it happen more than once during meals”. I take my first bight and I hold back a moan as my taste buds dance once again.

“Ya. No one does and when he sleeps it the best time to draw on his face. Ever played connect the dots on a human face. It really fun”! I look at Dionysus and aww at his smug look.

“Well I think death by food is not the way to go. Think about it. On your tomb stone would you want here lies Dionysus. Love by all but sadly died by spaghetti noodle”. I grin and Themis chuckles as he pats his friend back.

“She got you their bud”. Dionysus grumbles under his breath and the dead has awaken.

“Welcome back to the living”. I snicker at Helios as he rubs his eyes. He wrinkles his nose and I look away as he pulls the noodle out of his nose. When I look back he has the same noddle halfway in his mouth before turning back to eating his food. That just gross.

“I am going to leave and pretend I did not see you eat that noodle that was just in your nose a second ago. Thank you for showing me around. Goodnight boys and see you tomorrow morning”! I put my plate away and walk to my room…Well I try to find the women quarters but end up asking for direction on the way. As soon as I get there I grab the top bunk that has a piece of paper with my name on it. I guess this is my bed…At least it soft. As soon as my head hits the soft pillow I am out like a light waiting for the next sunrise to wake me up so I can find a way home.

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