The Mad Woman

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Gemma Luigi, a crazy woman with anger management issues is done with life. First, she lost her job and now her husband has gotten into a car crash and has severe brain injury. How will she survive?

Adventure / Mystery
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Gemma Saltanovich, a young woman with wavy, blonde hair, olive skin, and blue eyes lives in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia-Alania and has a wonderful family. She has every right to be grateful for the life she is living. Although, she is not. Gemma has a terrible mean streak to her and she takes everything for granted. During her life, she refuses to buy anything for anyone and steals money from people. She works as a cashier at a bakery shop for a couple of years but gets fired. She then looks around for a new job but while doing so, she gets some news that will change her family forever.

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