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Adventure / Action
soma bose
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Chapter 1

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It was the month of February, I was asked by friend

to spend holidays with him and his family in Dehradun,

it was a lovely hilly area in Doon Valley which was

located in Himalayan range. My friend was a professor

of Indian forest Research Institute, Dehradun was also

famous for Rajaji National Park, it was a perfect wild

life and bird watching destination with more than five

hundred elephants, twelve tigers, two hundred and fifty

panthers, four hundred and fifty bird species and with

some prey base including spotted deer, sambhar, wild

boar, barking deer, gorals, two kinds of bears Himalayan

black and sloth. Rajaji National Park was bisected by

the river Ganges.

I thought it would be a great moment for me to

spend some moment with peace in Dehradun as

I was very much tired with continuous crime investigati-

gation and wanted to refresh my body and mind with

the fresh air of Dehradun, my friend had a happy

family with his wife and son, his son Adi was preparing

for Indian Forest Service examination, he was of 21 years

old- he was fond of painting and collecting different

antiques too. Recently he had brought an old but

strong wood made a big canvas stand, my friend’s

wife was a service holder under Indian Forest Depart-

ment and very recently they had shifted to a new

Government Quarter, Adi had selected a mid-way

covered place between the hall room and his bed

room , it was a three way blocked passage with a

small window facing the Suswa river and the space

seemed to be the fittest near him to place the woo-

deen stand artistically. I too became fond of both

the sceneries of surroundings and the artistic attitude

of Adi. But I was not so lucky to spend the holidays

without handling any criminal investigation.

The problem started when Adi discovered a mysteri-

ous incident related the drawings drawn on the canvas,

every night, it was his regular practice to sketch some-

thing on the canvas of his own idea but one morning,

he shouted in a wonderful voice, “Ah! What is this?”

We came forward to have a look on the canvas, he

Showed us a sketch which was not done by him,

We were puzzled too, my friend scolded his son in

A mild voice, “It is obviously your work, it is not

Possible for any other in our home to draw anything

Like this and it is also impractical to think of any out-

Sider to enter here in order to make a sketch on your


But Adi denied and with some curiosity I took a look

Over the sketch, two human figures were drawn on

It, one was uniformed and had a gun with his hand,

another was in a casual dress, he too put his

fingers on the trigger of a gun owed with him

separately, the figures were looking clear but

their faces were not distinct in the picture. What-

ever I could judge from the picture, the unifromed

sketch would be of a forest ranger and another would

be any common man . But the meaning was not clear

to any of us. Adi’s mother doubted whether Adi himself

had drawn the sketch in a sleeping – unconsciousness!

But Adi had no such psychological ailment so far, how-

ever, primarily we all ignored the matter but the situation

turned into a serious mystic pattern when the drawn sketch

happened in reality, two days after the sketch was noticed,

a real encounter took place in the Rajaji National Park, some

unidentified gunman had attacked a forest ranger and shot

him to death. My friend almost lost his control over his

mind and could not control his tears, he told me in his broken

voice, “I can not imagine that my son can do this!”

I became very much surprised with his attitude, “Why are

you suspecting your own son?” I asked him.

“You don’t know that some years before he had committed

an offense , he had beaten a teacher of his school with some

other school children because this teacher wrongly punished

him and for this attitude, he was remained in Juvenile home

for some time,” my friend said in a voice full of grief.

But I found no match with Adi’s concern relating

this incident, if he had any wrong tendency within

his mind then he never dared to highlight the matter

of the sketch. I, along with some civil constructors,

judged every roof, walls and down cementric area

of the quarter whether there might be any loose slab

and any out comer could make his entry easily into

the passage where the canvas stand was kept but

we found no loose slab, I was deeply thinking about

the whole incident sitting on the outer place attached

to my friend’s quarter, suddenly a servant employed in

my friend’s quarter came running towards me, he was

looking very much afraid, it was evening time and this

man went out for the market near by but returned with

a fearful voice, “Yeti! I have seen a yeti in that way,” he

pointed his finger towards the Terai area(marshy grassland

of a forest). I too followed him upto that land mark where

he had seen the creature, the road towrds the market had

another narrow turn towards the jungle of the National

Park, some forest rangers were present there as they were

on their duty, I asked them whether they had seen any

“Yeti” like creature, they were not clear about viewing “Yeti”

at that moment but they revealed one truth that “Yeti” like

creature was seen earlier too and when ever it was seen,

some dangers were happened to forest guards or forest ani-

mals. This time I did not remain quiet, along with

some guards, I started to search the area with a hope,

whether any such creature might be seen and after some

long search, we traced out a stranger, I observed him in

twilight, he was looking as a middle-aged person with a

heavy coat covered his hands and neck fully, a traditional

hat covered his head and forehead, a thick spectacle

covered his eyes, he was looking funny rather than being

mysterious. The forest guards were well familiar with

this person, they introduced me with him, he was a

botanist, I purposely stretched my hand towards him

in order to shake my hand with him,”Nice to meet you!”

He hesitated but stretched his right hand most unwillingly,

though the day light was not enough to see his exposed

hand but I realized that his fingers could not be aristic

enough to sketch any human figure so accurately, I was

fond of the books of Kiro and Benham which I studied

very well to feel the touch of artistic and criminal hands,

but intentionally I expanded my first finger of right hand

to let it enter inside the cloth covering his wrist and felt

the sense of presence of some exceptionally large hair on

his arm. I came to know more about him that very often

he was seen here with the special permission of local govern-

ment in order to complete his research on various shrubs

and he used to take shelter in an out house under forest

department. I asked some faithful guards to keep

watch on him. I tried to find out the equation of

the auspicious sketch which directed the murder of

a forest ranger with the mystery of “Yeti”. I never

suspected Adi who did a sudden offense in his teen

age, I asked him about this personally and he confessed

that it was the outcome of his sudden agony which

directed him to do the mistake. Still I asked my friend

and his wife whether their son was sufferring from

parasomnia but no such psychological disorder was

observed within Adi. It was not possible to enter into

their house without their knowledge, the door keys

used to be operated by any of the family members

and even servants were interrogated but no clue was

found as an evidence .

Tension was mounted again when another auspicious

sketch was seen drawn surprisingly on Adi’s canvas

and this time too Adi discovered it first, I carefully

observed the sketch, I minutely noticed the figure

drawn on the canvas,”Oh my God!” my tongue pron-

nounced the words automatically, “What’s the matter?”

my friend asked me with curiosity, I identified the man

whose sketch was very much prominent to me, it

was of no other except that botanist whom I met very

recent, I did not waste any moment, ran towards the

rest house where he took shelter, some forest guards

and police constables also accompanied me, we searched

him every where but found him nowhere, I enquired

more about him to archive some information from the

local people, I came to know one important point and

that was he was last seen on yesterday evening, he

came out of his cottage(rest-house) and walked towards

the main road aside the National Park. This road was

bisected by two different paths, one went straight towards

the high-way and another went for main market. I rushed

towards both the road, sent some policemen to trace him

out from every halt on the bypass, I personally searched

him in every stall or shop, moreover, forest guards was

looking for him inside the National Park where he used

to be often seen in search for special leaves or trees

but all our efforts were proving vain. At last, his body

was found on the bank of Suswa river, it was life-less,

police handed his dead body to the forensic department

and with lot of distress keeping in my mind, I returned

back to my friend’s quarter. Adi too was looking very

much hopeless, probably, he too had heard the informati-

on about the botanist, he was in agony, looking at the

sketch drawn on his canvas, he stood up and kept his

hand on the net of the opened window, he was trying

to control his feelings and all of a sudden he dragged

the net very roughly, I thought, it was not his

intention but the net came out from the frame

of the window and fell on the floor near the foot

of Adi, we all became surprised, “What is this?”

Everybody was seeming as they were very much

excited with the sudden fall of the net, I moved

forward to hold it up , it was not torn nor broken

but I found some clips fallen on ground, the two

upper corners were partially torn from outside and

some body had done it so minutely that nobody

could doubt about its clipping on its edges so

that the offender could come inside the passagee

easily by removing the clips and after getting out-

side, he used to tighten the clips again.

“It is my fault, I generally let the window open

at my bed time,” Adi said in grief.

Next day, police informed me about the forensic

report of the dead botanist, I personally went to

the forensic lab to meet the forensic doctor, he

expressed me everything, the botanist died because

of poison which was injected on his back side,

I showed little bit doubt whether he had injected

himself or somebody had done so but the fact

the forensic expert revealed, I really remained shock-

ed with it! The fact was, it was not only one time

but he was injected many times on such a back

point that it was not easy to do it by self effort

and the most stunning fact was, every time some

biological solution was injected within his body

except the last one as the last injected solution

was poisonous which led him to death. After my

request, the forensic department examined every

possibility of any chemical decomposition except

poisonous solutions inside his body cells and a micro-

biologist explained me elaborately that some solutions

were intelligently injected inside his body within some

intervals so that for a particular time period there was

a possibility of changing his body shape into a physique

of an ape! But I had lots of questions awaiting for a

proper answer, who had done it inside the botanist’s

body, what was his intension, if he had done it then

why the botanist did not object him when he was alive

so far as it was done since many days, months or it

might be of many years and my last question arose

in my mind was if the culprit had done this with the

botanist, then what was its relation with Adi’s canvas?

Adi had the same curiosity as he asked me,”Why the

culprit is using my canvas?”

“We should go to the antique shop from where you

have brought the wooden stand for placing your canvas

upon it,” I asked Adi and we walked towards the main

bazar where the antique shop was situated.

As we entered into the shop the shop keeper was looking

nervous when Adi introduced me with the owner by saying

that I was a detective C.I.D. I checked every corner of the

shop and found no such evidence which might be useful

for my inquiry. We came out from the shop, a teen aged

boy was watching us, Adi recognized him as he helped

him to lift the wooden canvas stand to reach it to Adi’s

house, this boy helped us a lot in our inquiry, I asked

him in the absence of the owner, “Can you remember

anybody was watching Adi(pointed towards Adi I asked)

at the time of his buying the wooden canvas-stand?”

The boy was very much prompt to reply,” Yes! Some

body was watching him and as I took the stand to

his home, after my returning back to the shop, he

asked me the location where I had placed the stand

and I told him the address.”

“Can you tell me the stranger’s name and address?” I

Again asked him.

“I don’t know him properly, not even his name but

Mostly he stays here, in the shop,” the boy was very

Much clear in his reply.

“In this shop! How it is possible!” Both Adi and I became


“There was an internal store room in the back-side

of the shop, this man often takes shelter there,”

the boy answered in a low voice as he used to

work in the shop as a helper, obviously he was

scared of losing his job if the owner came to know

that he had disclosed all the facts but I assured him

that we would keep his name secret but afterwords,

I remained quiet for a while as I checked the every

corner of the shop and found out no trace of another

door-way paved towards any inner room. The boy again

revealed another secret and that was, that door was

apparently blocked by a huge painting hanging on its

back wall and above it, it was written”Not for sale”

as nobody could touch and move it except the owner

of the shop.

And now, suspension was mounting on the shop keeper,

I wanted to handle the shop keeper very carefully so

that he could not predict about my interrogation before

my arrival near him, I already informed police and before

police made their entry into the shop, I persuaded the

shop owner to show me the way of the inner store room

but found no one present there . The conditions of the room

clearly showed that somebody had used this room very recent

and the things belonged to that stranger was scattered in

such a way that he left the room in hurry, probably, he

assumed that we might come there in search of him.

I cautiously examined his all belongings, I also called

some forensic scientists and we discovered some

solution inside some tubes, some books containing

biological transfection formula, some syringe and

a wild smell from inside the room, the man had

used this room as a small experimental laboratory.

“Who is this person? Why he has targetted my

canvas to expose his crime?” Adi questioned me,

police was also looking for my answer, before my

conclusion of the mystery, I asked some questions

to the shop keeper,” For how many days you

and your partner are doing the biological research

on animals ? You are capturing them and experimenting

on them most unlawfully.”

“Believe me, it is true that I am involved in capturing

the wild animals and exporting them else-where and

it is an offense but I am not involved in experimenting

on them- it is the work of that scientist who asked me

to let him share my store room on rental basis and

I was agreed because he gave me a lot of amount,

gradually, he came to know about my illegal practice

concerning the wild animals and he also wanted to

get involved in it, but it was too late to undrstand him,

he wanted to capture them in order to make experiment

on them which was not permitted by Government

because this might cause a harmful disorder into

their bodies, moreover, he wanted to experiment

through some biological interchange with human

bodies , he wanted to verify some chemical interfection

on both human and wild animals’ bodies by inter-

changing the cell plantation into their bodies. I

denied to work with him but it was too late to

understand him, he already started to threaten me

to expose my illegal wild animal export practice,”

this man confessed the truth.

“It was the poor fortune of the botanist who was

provocated by the scientist who made him agreed

to let experiments on his body by transplanting a

wild bear’s biological cells into his body, the botanist

thought that this experiment would make him famous

in world along with the scientist , he did not know

that the scientist’s experiment was banned and as I

already started to follow him which insisted the scientist

to take his life,” I revealed my judgement into the probe.

“But he is missing since this morning,” the shopkeeper


I searched every article, paper, experimenting tubes

and even his used clothes remaining there, suddenly

my eyes fell on some torn pieces of a paper, I picked

them up- they were the pieces of some sheet

where some words were written in an artistic

diagram,”Hope, this too might be stuck upon

Adi’s canvas but he became cautious when

we discovered the clipping mystery of the wind-

ow net of the passage where Adi’s canvas stand

was placed, most probably, from then he had

kept his eyes open upon us and as we have procee-

ded our investigation right now here, he has fled as

soon as possible though he was not ready for

this situation so immediately, therefore, he has

left some clues here,” I picked the torn pieces of the

poster which was most probably ready to get attached

on Adi’s canvas but did not become successful as my

friend locked the window as soon as possible with a grille.

I tried to read out the letters which were artistically written

in a form of a design, I adjoined the splitted parts and

pointed out the letters, they were written as- S.R.B-

I along with other policemen tried to solve the meaning

Of the words but our first attempt failed to make out

The proper meaning, even Adi too involved himself to find

Out the meaning. At last I asked for a technical artist whom

I asked for drawing a sketch of the whole area including the

surroundings of Dehradun, I thought a lot, I thought about the

letters, whether they meant for his(the corrupted scientist’s)

another offense or it stood for any destination! I consulted

with some geographic map experts, they pointed out for

some location and that was, S for Song , R for River and

B for boat and I did not waste any time, I along with some

Police reached the destination and looked into every boat

tied with a rope on river side but he escaped from there.

“Mostly, he has changed his plan”, one associate police

officer told me that, ‘’ Is he trying to divert our minds

and plans?” Adi asked me.

I remained silent for some moment, I was unable to

reply Adi in a proper way, police already sealed all

the outer and inner way borders of Dehradun, so

it was not possible for him to escape from this

area so easily, police had a sketch of the scientist’s

appearance as they already gained an approx idea

regarding his look from the view of the shop keeper.

For some time I remained again in deep thought

and more meanings of the abbreviation came out

from my thought, first I thought it might be “Straight

Road Bypass”, then I thought, police was already

Present there to guard the area, meanwhile more

Forensic reports were yet to come and they were

About the fluid sample found in the tubes from the

Store room. Within few hours, the report came and

The fluid examination report showed the bio-chemical

Solution derived from bird species, my friend-

Adi’s father was also present there, I asked him

to find out the proper connection between the

abbreviation,”S.R.B” with the local birds in Rajaji

National Park as he was the professor of the institute

of forest management, he perfectly guessed,” S for Sissu

forest, R for Reservation and B for Black Chinned Babbler

named bird-species.”

We all reached the Sissu forest area and after a long

hectic search, we discovered a cottage- from the out-side,

it was looking as a rejected rest house but the scientist

was taking rest there. With our arrival, he presented

himself in such a way that he was prepared for our

action! He spoke out in a dramatic voice,” I know,

you will arrest me, I have heard your voice when

you first arrived in the shop but I needed some time

more to complete my project work and therefore, I

immediately escaped from that place and reached here,

now, you can arrest me but you can not refrain me

to expand my research work in the whole world as

I already have fixed the formula of some biological transfection

In some digital files and sent them all over world digitally.”

“But what ever you have done, is not permissible according

to our law, you have killed many forest guards, the botanist

too became the victim for fulfilling your aspiration and even

you have unlawfully kidnapped many wild species for your

observation and experiments! Your digital site and files

will be under other recognized scientists’ observations,

if they find any better utility for the species within your

research, then they obviously will look forward for it, other-

wise all files will be erased and we will trace them out

very soon, and now, an imprisonment in jail is awaiting

for you,” I told in a hard voice.

Within few moments after my speech, the scientist fell

down on the floor from his chair and lost his sense.

the forensic doctor checked his body and announced

his death, “ Before your arrival, he has taken arsenic

by self, it is a planned suicide case ,” he declared.

I solved the case but Adi had some doubts within

his mind, he ultimately asked me,” At one moment,

we have no clear foundation to chase the scientist

but all of a sudden, you went to the antique shop

along with me which positively turned the case in

our favour, which clue enabled your mind to restart

the investigation from the antique shop?”

“I know, you are intelligent enough to ask me the

question, whenever, I find no specific clue, then I

try to refresh my considerations from the beginning,

the mystery was started from your canvas, the scientist

eventually targetted you from the very first day when

you have brought the wooden stand from the shop,

he enquired about your place from the shop owners’

teen aged helper, then he gathered more information

regarding you along-with your family, your past juvenile

history made his master mind more active, he was keeping

watch on your house since few days and then he made

a plan to divert every body’s attention towards you by

attaching some sketches on your canvas so that every

body’s focus might be centralized on you and he could

do all the offences safely, earlier too, he did the same

offenses here but he had little bit fear in his mind of

being arrested by the forest guards, so this time, he

implemented this plan intelligently. But I never doubted

you because I know, you are a student of forest service

commission and you are not immature to follow such

corrupted mission,” I stopped after my explanation.

Adi was looking very happy as well as his parents were

and I returned back to my home after spending a hectic

but adventerous moments in Dehradun.

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