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An adventurous mysterious episode of my unpublished novel wings of shadow with beautiful and amazing concept of golden eagle and his army who hunts for adventure with some of battles and myths. It's breathtaking novel of a hero who is on his destiny.

Adventure / Mystery
Mustafa Ali
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All Hail to King!

Wind was tearing the sky and the oceans apart and wing is being recovering from pain after hunting of great beasts of time. No one was there to become disappointed after such great triumph of this young King of Kingdom. His heart beating with the rhythm of his act of bravery; Kingdom cheering his victory with beating drums, casting pearls of wisdom before him and singing wing song before his arrival.

"All hail the King Raptor...!" Kingdom cheering with hopes and expectations.

Bouquets perfume dispersed around the corners of Kingdom and pearls are shining better than the bright light of Sun. King is sitting on the peak of the big rock on the top of mountains somewhere in the northern side of kiki land. Inhaling the cheers, sounds of Kingdom and spreading his wings.

"Thank you my Kingdom for giving me this little favor which I humbly accept from your trust and believe over my mightiness."

His crown was presented before him and placed over his head. King was not greedy not stubborn. He was kind-hearted with strong will power. He like to be poor but from inside he is rich of love and faith.

"Respectfully, it's not our favor but our value of respect for your courage and determination of peace to our land. If you weren't there we should be suffering to death from the enemies." Kingdom said.

Then the kingdom again celebrated feast after favouring respect of honour to young King. Kingdom thought it is the end of all sins.
But it wasn't over. It's the beginning of another chapter..

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