The last wolf

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A lonely wolf sits by self in the wind wondering why? did all this war start when one day the wolf decides to attack the king to find out its true past

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 ~The Discovery

“Mia dinners ready!” Called mother“Coming mum.” Said Mia, Mia NEVER liked her mother. She was way too pickie like eat this Watch that. She was a horrible mother “What’s for dinner?” She asked.“ Garden salad!” Her mother said excitedly. Mia never liked garden salad it had too much leaves in it “Umm I’m not hungry.” She lied. Quickly before her mother could say a word she ran out the door ‘Good thing I have a coat’ she thought as it started to rain.

Slowly she sat down under a tree “Every things gonna be alright” she sang. Never ever had she left the house to go into the woods. Suddenly she spotted a cave as fast as she could she ran to it “wha-why can I hear growling?” Mia question. She turned around A WOLF she screamed in fear as the wolf said “ Oh will you please stop that terrible noise!” Mia stopped in shock. “Did you just talk?” “No I sang.” The wolf said sarcastically. Then just as Mia was about to ask another question A HUGE wosh came from in front of her.

The wolf was no longer a wolf but a human girl a long Beautiful,brown haired girl. “Did you just transform into a human?” The girl asked “ Yes I did.” The wolf-like girl replied. “By the way my names Zara.” She told the girl with dark bule eyes “I-I’m Mia.” She whispered. there was silence for ten minutes “I should go home..” she said sadly “Yes you should.” Mia

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