The Apple and The Pear

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Srafon, a young dragon who was adopted by another dragon family, sets out to find his real family. Along the way, he meets a dragon who was lost and Srafon and this other dragon set off to find Srafon’s family together. They hear about a secret that breaks Srafon’s heart as he tries to find his family. Find out what happens in this adventurous dragon story as Srafon sets out!

Adventure / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - What’s Up?

Srafon wakes up as he smells some cooked beef steaming in his adoptive family’s kitchen, guessing Koal, his adoptive dad, was cooking. Koal was terrible at cooking, even Srafon could cook better then him!

Tolk, Srafon’s adoptive brother, came in, “Bro! Wake up! You’ll be late for breakfast!”

Srafon grumbled, “I would rather have grass.” He got up, following his brother as they walked outside the dug in room.

Koal stood there, blowing on top of the lamb, trying to get it to stop burning. Srafon chuckled, then blew more fire on it, making it burn more.

Tolk stared at Srafon, “ What did you do that for?” Srafon glanced at Tolk, then took off into the skies. He went to the village, hoping for something better to do.

Life is hard, Srafon thought, gliding toward the Village of Dragons.

As he landed, he stumbled and fell over, another dragon lending help.

Are you okay?” The dragon asked, lending out a wing.

Srafon got by himself. “I’m fine,” he studied the dragon and did not recognize him. He knows all the dragons in the Village of Dragons, but not this dragon.

‘Who are you?” Srafon asked, dusting himself off.

“I’m Lokai.” The dragon said, huffing.

“Where are you from?” Srafon was very curious, and suspicious. He could be a dragon from anywhere. Even... Kitso. Srafon shuddered at the thought.

“What’s your name?” Lokai asked, ignoring his question.

Srafon padded the ground, “Answer my question.”

“I can’t tell you where I am from,” Lokai sputtered, “It’s private.”

“Alright,” Srafon allowed him to slip away, feeling confident.

Srafon then turned and walked away, thinking about each step. He made up a question for each step. One question made him stop in the middle of the crowd, making dragons stare at him.

Who is my family?! Srafon thought, shedding tears. He took a step back, then taking flight and flew away.

Srafon flew into his home, going straight to his room and crying his eyes out there. Just as he layed down, Tolk and Koal landed on the edge of their den, hearing the tiny noises of Srafon’s crying. Tolk ran toward the noise, seeing Srafon crying.

“What’s wrong, Srafon?” Tolk asked in a worried voice, sitting down next to him.

“I want to know who my family is,” Srafon said, slowly gettting up as he wiped his tears. When he stood up, he stood with confidence.

“I’m going to find them,” Srafon yelled, “I will find who my parents are, no matter what!” He flew out of his room and the den, stopping in the outside air. Tolk followed him, confused.

“What do you mean?” Tolk said, his voice fading little by little, “You have your parent and brother right here,” he pointed to himself and Koal, who was watching everything.

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