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Selena, a 21 years old werewolf, whos pack was murdered, has to find the killers and get her revenge. The only thing she doesn't know is that they are looking for her and will not stop until they find her.

Adventure / Mystery
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Twelve years ago

“Mom, Dad, Ella? Where are you? Sam? Is anyone there? Please tell me where you are!” I screamed until I had no more power in my voice, I need them to be here, they can’t, they can’t die, I won’t let them die on me. No, my mom, my dad, my sister, and brother they can’t just die, I need to find them no matter the cost, I have to find them. With the very little power I had, I screamed their name, but they didn’t respond.

I ran and I will never forget what I saw, they were dead, all of them, my pack and my family, I will never forget the person that did that, and especially his face, I was lucky enough to not be noticed. I need to transform and run as fast as I can because I know if they get me now, I will be killed, and I know my family would want me to run, so one day I will bring back this pack, ”The moonlight pack.”


12 years have passed. Yeah, can you believe it, 12 years? It has been 12 years since my family died, 12 years since I lost what valued the most to me. It might have been 12 years since then, but I can still remember everything so clearly. I can still remember the way the people screamed with agony. The smell of the fire in the air, the way the wind blew. All of the things I lost within minutes, and all because of him. I know one day I’m going to find him and get my revenge. He will suffer the same pain I did. He will regret ever messing with the daughter of the moonlight pack.

Two hours later

“Bella, we are here,” I told my inner wolf.

“We should start asking around for information.”

Right now, we are in North Carolina. Bella and I are searching for information to find the pack that destroyed our pack. So far, there are 3 packs in North Carolina. The shadow pack, the delta pack, and finally the elite pack. We should start with the closest pack, the Delta pack.

One hour later

So far we have gotten no information. Isn’t that great! We have been traveling a lot throughout the U.S what if the pack we’re trying to find isn’t even here? What if they’ve been banned, or killed by another pack? By now it’s impossible to know.

“Don’t give up. We still have one more pack to go to, let’s go there and hopefully find something,” Bella said.

“Yeah, let’s try that.”

“Remember from our research the pack that we’re going to next is huge, you know what we do if something ends up going wrong?”

“Of course I do, that’s the best part, we get them out of the phase of the earth.”

“Yep, now let’s go.”

As much as I don’t like what happened to my pack, happen to any other pack, I still need to have a plan if something does go wrong. As they say, its kill or get killed, and I for sure know, I’m not gonna get killed.

As I was entering the pack main building- which is most likely where the Alpha’s office is I noticed that this pack is huge, almost as big as my pack was, and my pack was the biggest in the entire world, but now this is probably the biggest pack in the world since mine is gone. While going up the stairs to go to the main door, I was greeted by an elderly woman.

“Good afternoon, may I ask what you are here for?” The elderly woman questioned.

“I am here to speak with the Alpha,” I stated.

“Were you planning on meeting him today?”

“No, but this is important.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let you talk to him.”

“You are going to let me in, or I will get passed you, ” I demanded.

“Miss, I will tell you right now to not mess with this pack, or you will get killed.”

“Even if you give me your best fighter, they will be the one getting killed,” I stared into her eyes and said, “So, are you going to let me in?”

“I don’t know who you are, but if you want to meet the Alpha so badly, I guess I could ask him.”

“Thank you,” I said. This was harder than I thought. Usually, when I say it’s important, they let me in, but no, this pack had to be different.

“Miss, the Alpha said you can come in if it is as important as you said it is.”

“Thank you.”

While I was on my way to the office, I got lost since no one was showing me the way. So me being me, I started to explore the place. As I was looking around, I saw pictures hanging on the wall. It was of a family, probably the Alphas family.

“Who are you?” I heard someone demand.

“I am here to meet the Alpha,” I said while still looking at the picture.

“I asked you who you are, not why are you here.”

“I am not sharing any information unless you’re the Alpha.”

“Turn around when you are speaking to me.”

“Will you lead me to the Alphas office?”

“I will, once you turn around.” I turned around, and when I tell you that this person looked familiar from somewhere, I am not kidding.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am the Alphas son.”

“Nice, now could you lead me to your dads’ office.”

“When you tell me your name.”

“Well, you see, I don’t know yours, so why would I tell you mine?”

“Maybe because you are in my territory.”

“And I could kill you in a heartbeat.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“I don’t know, what does it look like I’m doing,” I said while getting closer step by step, I got closer, and if the Alpha wouldn’t have stopped me, I could’ve killed the Alphas, son, so that is great.

“Who are you, and why are you threatening my son?” The Alpha asked.

“I won’t be answering any of your questions unless I am speaking to you in private,” I responded.

“Well, too bad, I am the future Alpha, and whatever you say to him, you say to me.” This kid is getting on my nerves.

“Even though what you are saying is true son, I feel like this is a matter for only two people to discuss.” Right when I thought I will have to say all the information I have to both of them, the Alpha was on my side.

“Could we go to your office?” I asked.

“Yes, this way please.”

Once we get to his office, I sat down in most likely new furniture. I don’t know really, I haven’t been out in town for a long time to see these new things that came out.

“What would you like to talk about, young lady?” The Alpha said. I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell him my name.


“So, Selena what would you like to talk, that was this urgent?”

“You probably heard about the attack that happened 12 years ago, at the moonlight pack, right?”

“How could I forget, when I got the message that the pack was under attack, I immediately sent help, but it was too late when I got there, the place was tarnished down, and everyone was dead, except the Alphas daughter. We thought she was taken by the pack that attacked the moonlight pack, but once we got hold of that pack, she was never there, so I assumed that she got killed too, but we never found the body.”

“How did you get hold of that pack? What pack was it? Where are they no-”

“Selena, I can’t share this information with you. Why are you even interested in this subject, unless...”

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