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[Gender-Bender] Before Yueguang dies he asks the Heavens that if they can grant him another life, please can I be reborn as a woman... The ones up in the heavens listened to him but during the process, someone fucked up somewhere and screwed him over. "Is this what I get for asking the heavens to be reborn as a woman?" [Well so be it!!] Waking up in a foreign world he takes each step carefully not overstepping the boundaries but hits hurdles and meets his master a Martial God. With a rude character, strange experiences and a best friend that loves him, but disappears, he struggles at first but concurs them all and soon meets someone that makes him second guess his life. Cover by: the_nerd.artist This novel is also on, Scribblehub and Royalroad

Adventure / Fantasy
Vanessa Nicole
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The Realm of Gods

In a world where dragons, fierce beasts, mortals and immortals exist.

Lands with angelic beings and demonic beings and most of all where your realm of cultivation allows you to rule over others, The Realm of Gods.

This world was known as Dragon World Shìjiè.

In a grand palace, inside the Greenlands Garden of the Red Moon Dragon Sect Valley, sitting behind a desk carved out of Red Moon Dragon scales, sat a man holding a brush and drawing a beautiful note, every stroke of the brush held with elegance.

This man writing the letter is known as Kang Rong, the Red Moon Dragon Sect’s, Sect Master.

Kang Rong was at the pinnacle of the Sovereign realm and would soon make a breakthrough into the True Sovereign realm and be dubbed one of the three Sovereigns. He would be the youngest at the age of three hundred and five.

Last night during his closed-door training he fell asleep but had the strangest dream, and in that dream, he met his fated one.
Kang Rong was a man that valued martial power over everything else and for his love life, he did not care. His parents set up arrangements for him to get married but him being Kang Rong, he never showed up to the appointments.

The note he was drawing was a letter to the celestial oracle named Penna. Penna was known for her beauty and prophecies that were 100% accurate. He wished to consult Penna the Celestial Oracle about his future.

He had previously consulted her about his cultivation and certain plants and treasures, but this time he wanted to know was why he had that dream. His fated one, who was it? Meeting his fated one in his dream made his heart race and that was after he woke up!!

After writing the letter, he got up and walked to the pavilion, in the garden outside his window, and watched the clouds in the sky.

A Phoenix descended and landed beside Kang Rong, it turned into a man and said, “Sect Master, you might get ill, standing there in nothing but your crimson robe, please cover up, you’re being indecent in front of the disciples.”

The Phoenix bowed and stepped back with great respect; Kang Rong looked down at his nearly naked body then walked over to the lake near the pavilion and looked at his reflection in the water, “The person from my dreams couldn’t stand seeing me naked,” he said as he smiled bitterly.

The wind blew past him to the north and made his long silky hair flutter in the breeze along with his crimson robe.

Kang Rong handed the letter over to the Phoenix instructing him to deliver the letter to the Celestial Oracle Penna.
After a week the Phoenix returned with news that the Celestial Oracle Penna couldn’t make it and that she would send her successor in her steed.

Kang Rong was not pleased by this reply, “Is there a need to send a mere successor, what is her reason for not coming here? Should I go see her myself?”

Phoenix, “Sect Master, the Celestial Oracle Penna has matters of her own, this lowly one did not question the oracle and immediately reported back to Sect Master.”

“Leave and return with her successor, if she cannot satisfy me, she’ll die.”

Phoenix, “Yes Sect Master.”

Kang Rong was not an arrogant person but he was slightly tense, due to this matter concerning his fated one.
The Phoenix left, and Kang Rong returned to his room, he sat behind his desk and his mood spiralled out of control.

Every time he exhaled the earth underneath him shook. Outside, the sky turned dark and the wind blew violently, the sect disciples returned to their homes and shut the doors closed and activated their protection techniques, having an existence at the Sovereign Realm as a sect master was dangerous, especially when he was not happy.

They knew that once the Sect Master gets angry and he sees them, there will be hell to pay!

Not long after the change in weather began, a red flash flew into his room and stopped in front of him, their eyes met and the red flash turned into its human form; with yellow eyes, long black hair, a bewitching face accompanied by scales all over her body that did not disrupt her beauty, a woman was standing before him.

She was adorned in a black silk robe that had the mark of the Red Moon Dragon Sect on it; she bowed and said, “Sect Master.”

Kang Rong, “Mn.”

“Sect Master, what seems to be the problem?”

Kang Rong, “It is nothing, Shandian, how are our sect disciples doing from your clan?”

Shandian, “Sect Master, the young ones are doing well thank you, we have 5 disciples that have made it into the Immortal Realm and they age from 15 to 16, their success is only because Sect Master supplies us with what we need.”

Kang Rong, “Mn, that is good, soon when Phoenix returns, I want all the guardians to gather in the main hall.”

Shandian, “Yes, Sect Master,” she bowed as she replied.

“Zzzzz”, she changed back into her dragon form; Shandian left Kang Rongs living quarters and told the other guardians what their sect master’s instructions were.
Kang Rong closed his eyes, exhaled for the last time and disappeared. When he opened his eyes again, he was standing on top of a hill in the Greenlands Garden next to a tree that was blessed with transparent leaves that looked like glass, but what caught your attention when looking at this tree was the crimson red chain moving along the tree’s trunk.

This chain was very mysterious and, when combined with the tree, it was extremely powerful. This tree was known as the Red Moon Dragon’s life.

This tree protected the Red Moon Dragon’s Sect from the cultivators in a higher realm, that sought after the Greenland Garden Valley’s treasures.
The people that cultivated in the Red Moon Dragon Sect were the best in all the land, from the first continent Tiankong to the 9th continent of the Dragon World Shijie, Diyu.

Tiankong (Heaven)
Hao feng (Howling Wind)
Tudi (Land)
Diqiu (Earth)
Hexin (Core)
Haiyang (Ocean)
Hailiu (Ocean Current)
Yanjiang (Lava)
Diyu (Underworld)
The Red Moon Dragon Sect is situated in the Hexin region. This land was claimed by Kang Rong’s Grand Master Longhu Xunjue.

Longhu xunjue was also the one who was buried beneath the Red Moon Dragon’s Life.

He, Longhu Xunjue did not die, he decided one day that he no longer wanted to fight a useless battle to become the strongest. One hundred thousand years ago after he reached the 7th stage of the Martial God Realm; he no longer fought the battle for power. He took in a disciple then establish the Red Moon Sect.

His disciple reached the Martial Ancestor Realm when he turned his life into what we refer to as, the Red Moon Dragon’s Life.

It is the Life of the one who protects his sect disciples and guides the sect masters.

Kang Rong’s Master left his side one hundred and twenty-seven years ago to further his own cultivation and explore the other worlds.

He got rid of the title of sect master and handed it over to Kang Rong who hated responsibility but thinking about it today, that was the best decision he made, but Kang Rong did not think so.

He wanted to cultivate, fight beasts and become strong, being sect master did not allow him to do what he wanted; meetings with other sect masters, evaluating new disciples, meeting this being, meeting that being and so on and so on.

No one knew that Kang Rong hated being around other beings and just wanted to keep to himself.

“One day when master returns, I’ll kill him!!” said Kang Rong in his heart, while stroking the Red Moon Dragon Life gently.

The tree shook and three leaves fell off, guided by the wind they landed in the palm of his hand.

Kang Rong stepped back, bowed deeply and said, “Thank you, Grand Master”.
After receiving the leaves, he turned to leave and returned to the lake at the pavilion.

He placed one leaf into the water then floated up into the air straight into the clouds above the Greenlands Garden Valley and crushed the second leaf in his hand, summoning the wind and it carried the crushed leaf’s fragments and descended upon the land.

A bright light shined from the land and the Valley was purified, martial power floated in the air and into the body of the disciples of the Red Moon Dragon Sect.

“Thank you, Sect Master”... these words echoed out from all the directions within the valley.

Kang Rong, “Please, all of you carry on cultivating, our next competition will be held in three months, become strong, learn from your brothers and sisters and help one another… soon I will take those that win with me on a journey to grow even stronger, so cultivate my disciples and fellow masters and make I, your sect master honoured and proud,” he transmitted into the minds of everyone with the Red Moon Dragon Crest on their bodies.

“Yes, Sect Master!!!!”

He returned to his living quarters and entered his room. He placed the third leaf on to his desk and sat down, he sat straight up, tied his hair up with a silk band and used his martial power to form a majestic box and added on royal-blue and crimson gemstones for decorations.

After he was done creating the box he placed the transparent leaf into the box and sealed it shut, if you looked close enough and examined Kang Rong’s face, you would see a gentle expression in his eyes and a loving smile appear on his face.

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