My Daughter's Crown

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She can hardly control the emergence of her dark side. The uncontrollable princess who should have never existed. When sent to a temple for her impropriety, she secretly runs off, seeking revenge on those who have wronged her mother. Travelling across the large expanse of land. Venturing through the depths of the empires. Her only goal? To put an end to her dear grandfather’s life. Warning, it will contain the following content: Action, romance, mystery, horror, cannibalism, thriller, comedy, and mature content such as sex, rape, murder, incest, child violence, bestiality, and slavery. If you are not comfortable with any of the above topics, please proceed with caution, or move along. Also posting on Webnovel, Royal Road and Moonquill

Adventure / Thriller
Vanessa Nicole
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There are 3 Main Empires with a 4th joining later on in the story. (Naiad Empire, Xiěyè Empire and Jīlěi Empire, the 4th is named The Lekranian Empire)

Jīlěi Empire - Very Rich, Gold, Diamonds, Silk and Furniture, Jewellery, Brothels.

-Mining( The Jīlěi Empire is named so because of all the riches the Empire has within it since the alliance started, they began sending the ore from the mines to the Xiěyè Empire to make utensils, gardening tools (which then gets sent to the Naiad Empire(Not all tools) to help with agriculture) and the rest get sent to the other two empires.

-Jewellery (Because there are so many Jewel mines, they raise jewel crafters and experts and sell the products to the nobles/royals of the other empires, and raw jewels get sent to the different empires too.

-Carpenters to make furniture(these people come from all three empires)

-The Jīlěi Empire raises scholars too from all three empires and hosts the best schools (the other empires do too but they are more focused on certain things like the Xiěyè Empire has the Cadet Base for the orphans/younger kids and Military Base as schools and the Naiad Empire has School of Beauty (they make beauty products and raise beautiful flowers), School of Agriculture (all plants included, food and animals too.

Xiěyè Empire - Raise’s soldiers from a young age and since the alliance started eighty years ago, they have trained over eight million soldiers from all the empires over the past ten years (excluding the other 70 years). A military based Empire with bladesmiths, blacksmiths, coppersmiths and artisans who craft the finest pottery.

Naiad Empire - Rich in agriculture, flowers get imported from them, food, wine, plants and animals.

-Silk gets made here then sent to the Jīlěi Empire to make clothing, furniture dressings(drapes, bed sheets etc.)

-Animal fur, sheep’s wool gets sent to the Jīlěi Empire for furniture dressings and clothing. Certain animals hair gets cut off, glued together and sent to the Jīlěi Empire to make coats, furry mats and more. They do not slaughter the animals because they believe that if they do then something bad might happen like no more animals will be born (superstitious people).

The forth Empire to join their alliance is the Lekranian’s ( A Barbaric Tribe) - They own the largest plot of land.

-Very Good at hunting, they have many horses, an army of twenty-six million men, woman and children spread throughout the land.

Other Empires and Alliances (Changes will be made later on.)

Jīlěi Empire


Emperor Xing - Empress - First Noble Wife - Second Noble Wife - Third Noble Wife.

Crown Prince Rong and many siblings (Refer to the first chapter).

The Empress gave birth to the Emperor’s first son which gave her the right to be Empress.

Noble Wife is the title given to the other wives when they give birth to sons, daughters are allowed to be born second and onwards.

If a Noble Woman gives birth to a daughter first she then becomes a Concubine and her Noble status removed.

If a servant were to have relations with a Royal they get beheaded, male or female.

Xiěyè Empire

Emperor An - Empress An (The royals choose whether or not they want to marry again and extend their family, in this case, Emperor An decided to learn how to love his wife (Someone else has his heart) and she hates the thought of sharing her husband with another woman.)

They have three children, Crown Prince An Cheng, Princess An Choeng and Princess Choong

Naiad Empire

Emperor Shaan - Empress - First Noble Wife - Second Noble Wife - Third Noble Wife - Forth Noble Wife - Fifth Noble Wife.

This Emperor has many kids, old and young, (Will list them during the alliance meeting.)

Lekranian Tribe

They speak a different language and are cut off from the rest of the world. Whenever the other Empires sent men to try and communicate with them, they were killed off because the barbarians do not like foreigners.

Lekria(The Land) has many animals and vegetation that provided them with food, hide and transportation.

A self-sufficient tribe of people that don’t rely on money and trade within the Empire.

Emperor is referred to as a Namba (Pronounced Num/Bha)

Empress is referred to as Naleu (Pronounced Na.Leuw)

MC - Ye Yue Mian - YuMi - Sah Yue Ra.

Father - Jīlěi Empire’s Crown Prince Rong.

Mother - Ye Ni Xing. Crown Prince Rong’s servant.

Grandfather - Xiěyè Empire’s Third General, General Ye.

Grandmother - Ye Ning, grandmama.

Husband - To be announced, when they get married.

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