My Daughter's Crown

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Background Chapter

Yue Mian is a nameless girl born between the Crown Prince Wang Tejo Rong of the Jīlěi Empire and his servant Ni Xing.

Her mother was sentenced to death because she touched the Jīlěi Empire’s, Crown Prince.

Touching the Royal Bloodline was a huge taboo in the empire, but because Crown Prince Tejo Rong had feelings for this servant he begged his royal father to be lenient, and spare her because she was bearing his child.

He was already married to five noblewomen and only two had given birth to his children while one was expecting his child, the other two were still under-aged and he did not dare sleep with them in case there were problems.

He proposed to marry the servant which lead to her becoming his concubine and not this wife, his royal father the Emperor agreed, but once the baby was born her gender made his opinion of this union change.

After a week of being in this world, she and her mother were exiled from the Crown Prince’s palace and was moved to the outskirts of the Jīlěi Empire because the emperor did not want them near his family.

The Crown Prince was not happy about this, but couldn’t do anything to save his daughter and her mother who he loved.

The only thing he could do for them bought a home to live in and put clothes on their back, for six months he sent money with his adviser to them to help with food costs, and to buy the extra things they needed.

In the seventh month when his adviser made his trip to the house, he found it-empty, he stayed for three days and four sleepless nights, but still, the servant and her baby never appeared.

He returned to the Jīlěi Empire in panic and informed Crown Prince Tejo Rong, the Crown Prince grew anxious for their safety and set out in search for the servant and her daughter.

After the Crown Prince and his men left his palace, word reached the Imperial Palace that the Crown Prince left without consulting his royal father, the Emperor.

When the Emperor got wind of the Crown Prince’s actions his anger soared, the Jīlěi Empire’s twelve Generals’ were dispatched to bring Crown Prince Tejo Rong back.

When the Royal army’s twelve Generals’ arrived before him and his men, they sensed that something was off...

After hearing the details five of the Generals returned with Crown Prince Wang to the Jīlěi Empire and the other seven Generals stayed with the Crown Prince Wang’s men and searched for the servant and her daughter.

When Crown Prince Tejo Rong and the five Generals returned to the Jīlěi Empire he was heavily punished and had to move into the Sun and Moon Palace with his wives and children.

Living in the Sun and Moon Palace wasn’t bad, but it was located next to the Emperor’s Dragon’s Soul Palace, where the Emperor could keep watch over his every move.

Two weeks passed, the seven Generals and Crown Prince Wang’s men returned with no results.

The Emperor found the sudden disappearance of the servant and her daughter strange, after being convinced by the royal adviser, he gathered a group of eligible men and women to investigate their disappearance.

After three months of searching, nothing came out from the investigations; the Crown Prince’s heart bloomed with uneasiness and sadness, the Emperor and the Empress along with his other wives were in the Dragon Souls Palace Pavilion discussing this issue which brought up great unrest.

The Emperor had his Empress and three noble wives; the Empress gave birth to Crown Prince Tejo Rong and the third princess, also the eighth prince.

The first noble wife gave birth to the second prince, fourth prince and the seventh princess.

The second noble wife gave birth to the fifth prince, sixth prince and ninth princess.

The third noble wife gave birth to the tenth and eleventh twin princes and is currently baring the Emperor’s twelfth child.

“Your majesty, the servant who is missing is of no concern, but her child is a member of the Royal family, she needs to be found.,” said the third noble wife who was sitting on the side gazing at the emperor.

The Empress, first noble wife and second noble wife nodded their heads in agreement; “Third sister is correct your majesty, we need to find her, she is our grandchild after all even though she was never supposed to be born,” added the Empress.

The Emperor looked at the Empress and his noble wives and smiled bitterly.

“My beautiful wives, you are all wiser than myself, the Crown Prince fell for a servant and conceived a child with her, I sent her away because she and her daughter will bring shame upon my Royal family, if her child was born a son, I would have blessed her, but because she has given the Royal family a daughter instead of a son, should the mother still receive my blessing?”

The Emperor looked at his Empress and wives once again, they all did not dare to look him in the eye, they knew firsthand that giving birth to a daughter first was marked as a disgrace by the Royal family, but if she was a noblewoman and gave birth to a daughter she would be pardoned, but because she was a servant, she should be beheaded and the child sent to a temple far away from the family, but because the Emperor was being lenient and went against tradition, he sent them away.

“I have accepted her as a family and planned to have her enter the palace when she is 10 years of age, but now we do not know whether if the two of them are alive or dead; if they are alive, where are they and why did they disappear? If they are dead, then so be it, she was never supposed to be born in the first place, heartless I must be, it is the best for my family.”

The Empress and his three noble wives stood up and bowed, “Yes, your majesty is wise,” they spoke in unison.

He waved his hand flicking his sleeve and stood up, he turned around, looked up at the sky and said, “Hear my decree.”

The Empress, the three noble wives and all servants by their sides and palace guards in the pavilion till the outer courtyard dropped to their knees and bowed.

“If the servant and her daughter cannot be found within the next week, they never existed!”

The Emperor’s decree was passed down and received by all the members of the Royal family, nobles and commoners

The decree spread throughout the Jīlěi Empire and all felt pity for the servant and her daughter, the commoners pitied them, the nobles didn’t care for them and the Royals smiled like they always do, Crown Prince Wang Tejo Rong accepted the Emperor’s decree with a heavy heart and smiled.

In his heart, he hoped that the servant and the daughter he never saw since the day she came into this world was doing well and were safe along with her mother.

The week went by and the decree being implemented, the Crown Prince stood by a lake in the Sun and Moon Palace, looking up at the moon.

It was late into the evening and he couldn’t sleep, he looked at the moon as tears fell from his eyes; in his heart, he said, “My child, you are still nameless and I haven’t seen your face...My heart believes that you are as beautiful as your mother...If one day we can meet, will I be able to recognize you? Will your mother tell you about me? Will you love this father who couldn’t protect you? My child… oh my child.”

The Crown Prince couldn’t finish his words and began to weep, he was sorry, sorry for everything, but he knew that being sorry wouldn’t bring them back.

The Crown Prince heard footsteps nearing him from behind. He quickly wiped away his tears and looked back up at the moon, a strong scent enveloped his nose when the person stopped beside him; Crown Prince Tejo Rong turned to his left and looked down at the woman who stood beside him, she was his first wife, the future empress, Crown Princess, Ji Lánhuā.

She looked up at her husband and smiled gently, she came over to give him support because she knew that he would be feeling down after the decree was set in motion.

Their eyes met under the moonlight, her smile was gentle; she placed her right hand on Crown Prince Tejo Rong’s cheek and said, “His Highness must not give up, I dreamt that Ni Xing and her daughter are still healthy and waiting to return to the palace one day. If Your Highness becomes the Emperor, she will return to your side and we will all support you.”

Crown Prince Tejo Rong turned to face his Crown Princess, he placed his hand on her hand that she was caressing and gripped it tightly, he pulled her into his embrace and hugged her tightly, “Lánhuā, you are truly a blessing from the heavens, I am grateful that you have accepted Ni Xing and our child.”

In the darkness, this could not be seen, but the smile on Ji Lánhuā’s face was that of someone with unpleasant thoughts. [You miserable wench who tried to steal my place beside the Crown Prince!!]

Inside a quiet and oversized room, the bed was beautifully draped with translucent lilac coloured material which had a beautiful woman seated on it who just woke up. This room was inside a famous brothel in the Jīlěi Empire, she sat up and breastfed her baby.

The baby in her arms woke up because of a loud noise that came from downstairs and began to cry, which made the woman wake up too. She took the baby in her arms and rocked her baby as she breastfed her.

This woman and her baby was that servant and her daughter, today the smile on her face revealed both her happiness and her sadness, today was the day she and her daughter were free, today was the day that marked the beginning of their new life.

After a few minutes, her daughter made a sound, she moved her daughter away from her breast, she placed her daughter gently on her left shoulder and patted her back gently.

Her daughter burped making the woman smile, she moved her daughter and held her in front of her face, she kissed her daughter on the nose and said, “Good girl, will you sleep for mama mn?”

The baby smiled at the woman and answered, ”Knyaaa~,” the woman chuckled and shook her head, “I see we’ll be staying up tonight.”

She played with her daughter till late in the evening and rested till her little one decided it was time to wake mama up again and play.

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