My Daughter's Crown

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Story One | To Who Ever You Are

The baby soon woke up. Opening his eyes he looked at aunty Fei when she picked him up.

Lifting him up she put him against her arm, cradling him. As she was reaching for the bowl and spoon he started crying.

Turning him over and putting him against her shoulder, she patted his back trying to calm him down.

This unfamiliar smell coming from the person holding him, the way she held him, her voice, it was so unfamiliar that made him scared.

His cry became a scream motivated by panic. He was so frightened and wanted his mother but she wasn’t answering him.

When he first opened his eyes he saw her face holding a smile that made him curious to who she is. The way she looked at him made him feel that he could rely on her.

As he looked at her more and more, she spoke to him. Her voice was familiar, he heard it before but where did he hear it. Why did her voice sound so familiar that it made him calm.

Whenever I woke up she would speak to me then feed me. Where is she now… why can’t I see her… why won’t she call out to me?

I want to be held by her. I want her to feed me. I want her to tell me she’s here. I want to hear her voice. I want to smell her… Why aren’t you speaking to me… why aren’t you coming for me… why can’t I see you… what did I do to make you not answer my call?

I want you here, I want you to take me away from this person, why won’t you answer my call… why can’t I hear you… why can’t I feel you holding me… where are you.

I don’t know how else to call you other than this so why, just why are you still not here?


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