My Daughter's Crown

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Story One | Her Decision

His eyes closed with pain coursing through his throat.

Aunty Fei was still patting his back with her slightly red. The children woke up from the crying and ran to see what was happening.

By now they all were used to this but aunty Fei wasn’t. She hated this and couldn’t help but feel sad to the point where she, herself wanted to cry.

The eldest, Azia saw that aunty Fei was about to cry and hurried the other children back to their room to tidy up and get ready for breakfast.

Aunty Fei placed Ye Xinxi Yue back into the basket and the milk into the pot to reheat it.

Yue Mian Hated noise. Her son’s cry was painful to the ears that she covered them but it all was for nought because it gave her a headache.

As she was rubbing her temples she saw the whites of aunty Fei’s eyes turn light red. Fighting her urge to get up and leave she sat there and looked away.

When he was finally asleep, she stood up and looked into the basket.

Her son’s face was wet from the tears and his chest was heaving frantically as though he was running. His little nose had turned a deep pink along with his cheeks.

She wanted to touch him but held herself back. Reaching into her inner robe she pulled out a white cotton handkerchief and wiped his face ever so gently not daring to lay the tip of her finger on his skin.

When she was done, she leaned in and kissed him on his forehead.

Stepping back she looked over at aunty Fei and said, “I’m going out for fresh air.”

Standing in front of a pail of water looking at her reflection… “Wham!!” she smacked herself across the face.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath in. Coming to a decision in her heart she opened her eyes.

A gentle smile was on her face and it wasn’t fake or forced, you could see the genuine smile showing in her eyes.


As she walked through the door she saw the little humans eating what looked like congee with bits of chopped meat and fried eggs.

Around the circular table, aunty Fei and the little ones sat eating, there was a seat open for her with a bowl for her to waiting patiently.

Aunty Fei motioned for her to sit down and told her to eat up. As she did she looked around the room and finally saw her son in the basket beside aunty Fei.

Finally settling down she started speaking to the children. Aunty Fei was surprised but felt at ease.

Before she felt that Yue Mian was walking around with some burden and wouldn’t open up to the children unless she spent a period of time with them.

Suddenly realising something Yue Mian wondered when did aunty Fei cook, when did she do it exactly.

Throwing this to the back of her mind, she ate what was given to her finished along with the other children.

Washing the dishes she looked out of the window at the smiling faces of the children and smiled gently at them. From the side, aunty Fei saw this and asked, “Did something happen?”

Yue Mian’s train of thought stopped as she turned her head to look at aunty Fei, answering with a grin, “My mother always said that to raise a child properly you need to gain the child’s heart first. Xinxi obviously wants his mother so I have to show him shes still here.”

Aunty Fei stared at her not knowing what to say. This girl just keeps surprising her every time.

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