My Daughter's Crown

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Story One | First Steps

Aunty Fei was preparing a basket of pigskin in the kitchen with the help from Azia, Rishu and Haneul.

Outside on the grass, Yue Mian was sitting on her knees staring excitedly at her son.

Ye Xinxi Yue was on all fours. Placing his right foot down on the grass then did the same with his left.

His body was erect like a bridge and with a firm grasp. He bent his knees and lif his arms. Wobbling a bit he lost his balance and plopped onto the ground face first.

“Ah,” Yue Mian voiced out clapping her hands twice saying, “Hooray!”

Xinxi Yue lift his head up to see his mother smiling at him with her hands held out. He looked at the grass between his fingers.

Lifting himself up and sitting down he picked at the grass between his fingers. “Yue-er, come now, mama wants to see you walk,” she said with a pout and exaggerated frustrated tone.

Bearing his four front teeth at her with a giggle, he crawled his way over to her. Placing his right hand on her legs that were folded he pulled himself up and used her as a means of support.

Looking at her son with disdain she ground her teeth together, “That’s cheating, love.”

Xinxi looked at her with his big round eye and grinned. Slowly turning around he started walking.

Yue Mian’s eye sparkled. Quickly getting up, she ran to his front and got on her knees saying, “Com love, come, I know you can do it, just take your time.”

On the side, Mica was braiding her hair while Teno chewed on a sugar cane. Seeing that Xinxi started walking on his own they stood up and rushed to Yue Mian’s side and cheered Xinxi on.

Seeing the excited faces of the trio in front of him Xinxi himself, got excited. With a boost of energy, he started walking faster while laughing towards his mother.

As his footsteps sped up his balance lost itself. Putting his left foot down as he was inches away from his mama, he fell to the ground.

His three cheerleaders sighed but cheered louder giving him a round of applause. Yue Mian got up and picked him up placing a kiss on his forehead and said, “Yue-er, mama’s so proud of you.”

Looking up at her he raised his arms and pulled on the hair that blew in the wind obstructing his view.

With a skip in her step, she leads the two with Xinxi in her arms into the house; meeting aunty Fei’s gaze she said, “Mama, Yue-er started walking, I’m so proud of him.”

Putting the knife in her hands down Fei Rue walked to the mother and son pair, planting a kiss on Xinxi’s cheek, she said, “Mn, I’m proud of both of you.”

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