My Daughter's Crown

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Prince Baek Ah

It was deep into the night a week later. Yue Mian stood in front of a house in the mountains.

There was no light burning inside the house but the sounds of lovemaking echoed deep into the forest. At first, she was befuddled by this but knowing him, this was expected.

The sky was lit with a bluish-purple hue that showed its beauty when the sounds finally settled.

She was sitting on the porch, resting against the railing when she heard footsteps. Closing in on her, she moved slightly.

The door opened and the one she was looking for walked out with his robe hanging loosely not covering all the important parts only his back and behind.

Walking to the side of the house he returned with a bucket of water and closed the door behind him coming out again after half an incense stick.

As he stepped out, she spoke with a lazy tone, “Your stamina is impeccable, I truly find the one under you with much pity.”

Stopping in his tracks, he turned around with his eyes still dark with lust. Looking at her his eyes widened. His stunned gaze mused the one in front of him.

Dropping the bucket of water, he rushed to her side and wrapped his arms around her. With red eyes and a strained voice he said, “YuMi, I thought you were dead.”

“Do you honestly think that this master you serve is so weak that she would die,” she asked still in his grasp.

He pulled back, gave her a once over and said with a chuckle, “Of cause not, my master wouldn’t but you did promise to meet me and never showed up, you also promised letters but never sent them. Can you really blame this servant for having such thoughts?”

Rolling her eyes at him she stepped down and sat on the edge of the porch and said, “No but you seem to be having the time of your life with the one side.”

Looking at her guilty he said, “Mn, I seem to have fallen in love, but our love is forbidden.” Waving her hand she said, “Don’t worry, I will protect you both.”

He tidied up and made tea for her. Watching the dawn of this new day, he realised that it was finally about to start… the anticipated fight for the survival of the century, the ascension of his princess.

Yue Mian ordered him to explain to her what she missed out on. Telling her about everything made him forget his lover. Said lover woke up to the sound of their laughter.

With an aching body said lover got up and walked to the door. Opening the door to see his lover laughing with someone whom he had never seen before made him jealous.

Walking out and standing on the porch while leaning against, feeling as though he is about to faint he called out to his lover, “Sheng!”

Startled by the sudden call, the two turned in unison to look at the one standing on the porch.

Quickly getting up he ran to his lovers’ side and asked in a worried tone, “Why are you up, I told you before that you should rest longer.”

Glaring at Yue Mian then looking up he said, “I came to see why there was so much noise.”

Yue Mian sipped on the tea trying to hide her laughter, “Could this person be jealous?”

Looking at the couple she said, “Yu Sheng, help him get dressed and bring him out, I’d like to have a talk with him too.”

Yu Sheng answered respectfully, “Yes.”

Picking up the hint of respect in Yu Sheng’s voice and frowned. The two of them later came out after Yu Sheng gave him a back rub.

Seated in front of her, she poured them all tea and started, “Prince Baek Ah, thank you for looking after and keeping Yu Sheng company in my absence.”

The corner of Prince Baek Ah’s mouth twitched. “Who are you?”

Yu Sheng was about to say something about Prince Baek Ah’s manners but Yue Mian stopped him.

Glaring at Yu Sheng he mumbled to himself.

“I am Yu Sheng’s cousin, Ye Yue Mian, it is a pleasure to meet you again after so many years.”

Prince Baek Ah froze. The person in front of him was basically dead according to what he heard but to see her here before him he felt terrible.

He looked at Yu Sheng who sat beside him. With her being back in the picture, this could only mean that his days with Yu Sheng ended here.

Sensing the distress in his eyes Yue Mian asked, “Prince Baek Ah, do you want to stay by Yu Sheng’s side?” - nodding his head with tears forming in his eyes.

Yu Sheng patted his lovers back. Comforting him, he too would miss Prince Baek Ah but his duty served for a better purpose.

“Prince Baek Ah, you would only be a burden to Yu Sheng if you came along with us. I do wish for Yu Sheng’s happiness but I also do not wish for my plans to be ruined by our weakness being in the way.”

“I do know that what I am saying sounds harsh but if my enemies were to find out that you are Yu Sheng’s weakness then use you to get to us… I don’t see the need to continue this because as a Prince you know what it means to carry a burden.”

Looking at him with a burning gaze Yue Mian said no more, if Prince Baek Ah did not understand this then it can’t be helped.

No More words were exchanged between the three. Yue Mian handed the letters to Yu Sheng. She told him to meet her again in three days at the foot of the mountain.

When she left Yu Sheng took Prince Baek Ah into his arms and held him tightly.

Feeling the warmth that won’t hold him in the future he cried. His tears seeming to not come to an end.

The pain, lies, love and good times were all coming to an end with no date set in stone for the two of them to meet again.

Prince Baek Ah’s heart cracked further and further till there was only a thin red string holding their love together.

Prince Baek Ah, only worried about himself could not see Yu Sheng’s red eyes and tears.

Yu Sheng who felt no less pain and sorrow for this Prince spoke with a horse tone but gentle, “Baek Ah, remember what I said before, my promise still stands as before even though we won’t be together for the time being.”

Prince Baek Ah stopped crying to hear his lovers voice, he asked, “The promise you made to me?”

“Mm,” Yu Sheng hummed.

Prince Baek Ah, “That you will have me as long as we love one another?”

Yu Sheng, “This promise still stands my love.”

The next day Yu Sheng took Prince Baek Ah back to the paLACE, excusing himself with other business.

The emperor did not mind because Yu Sheng did his part by training his son and making him stronger.

Yu Sheng and his men met up with Yue Mian at the foot of the mountain. The three men bowed and pledged their allegiance to serve her and help her execute her plans.

She was very pleased to see that she had more people to rely on but did not celebrate too soon.

Looking at the four in front of her she said, “Before we leave for Jilei, there are a few of the Naiad nobles we need to take care of.”

“Yes!” the answered in unison.
A while back I heard the locals speaking, well mostly complaining. It appears that those who earn a living by selling fruits and vegetables, cotton, fabrics, you name it.

What also does not seem correct is that when you apply for citizenship, attendance for school and to register your child, you need a huge sum of money that is no less than one hundred silver.

According to previous records, the sum was no less than five silver. When this amount rose, why it rose and who is behind it all, I want to know. If the royal family is behind this then it will have to wait but if this is because the extended family or nobles are involved, it is time to correct their deeds.

The five clad in black sat atop the balcony of their base surrounding by a wall of mist and trees, deep within the mountains a disguised training ground, for the soldiers.
The master of this place was the royal family on the surface; this was Yue Mian’s playground all thanks to the newly appointed commander Yu Sheng.

Twirling a dagger between her fingers, a gentle smile played on her lips as she looked out the window down at the soldiers who were training. Yu Sheng on the side shuddered to see her smile. It has been a while since the last they saw each other and seeing her smile was unusual and slightly frightening.

A few days passed while Yu Sheng returned to his duties. As these days passed by the smile, Yue Mian once had because of her little one faded, returning to the sour expression she once wore.

The longer she was parted with her son, the more hate bloomed in her heart, she realised that her weakness needed to be kept hidden inside a bottomless pit and if she must, aunty Fei would have to die too.

Pushing these thoughts to the back of her head, she wondered about how the five people reacted to her letters.

Emperor An, Ye Ning, General Ye, Ni Xing and...

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