My Daughter's Crown

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Planned Coup

“Commander Ye, it’s the ministers behind it all, the minister at the affairs office, Park Sechul, the minister of finance, Wei Ga-rye and the Left Prime Minister of the court, Lee Jeong Muel. The three of them are the main culprits and they lead a group of ten officials each from each capital. They also have a hand in the military but what’s interesting is that they are expanding their forces to Xieye and Jilei, how? The different families they belong to and the ones they own.”

“They frequently hold banquets hosting major parties including the nobles and extended royal families; they are trying to invite the Imperial families young princesses and princesses even our young master, Prince Baek Ah was asked to join. Getting information w was difficult but that to the young master it seems as if they all are tired of the Imperial families ruling - Emperor Shaan to be exact.”

“A blood treaty with almost forty-five blood thumbprints are ready for a coup. Once they have more than half of the Imperial siblings on their side.”

“This has been going on for the past ten years with three out of the nine noble wives on their side. As you may know, Empress Shaan is the left minister’s goddaughter; it’s not confirmed yet but she and the crown prince might be in bed with them but I see no reason why because it’s guaranteed that the crown prince will be the Emperor one day and the Empress to mother-empress.”

“Unless the left minister covets the crown for himself and or there is jealousy between the Imperial siblings - this is normal but not according to our prince.

Prince Baek Ah has stated that the crown prince himself has no desire for the crown but is ready to stake his life for the throne. The rest of the siblings too but neither has the desire to take over the throne, except for the ninth princess that will be married off to your cousin Wang Wusheng; it appears that the ninth princess had a secret relationship with a commoner. After being caught by the emperor, she was confined and her lover too. Luckily for him, general Yu asked the emperor to have him join and train in the special forces. Oh yes, commander do you know about the assassins group that appeared five and a half years ago?”

Yue Mian looked at the over-enthusiastic young man who looked about the same age as her. He was reporting back their findings, asking her this question was not part of his job of reporting.

Yu Sheng turned his body and looked outside not meeting Yue Mian’s sharp gaze. She looked at the smiling young man, nodding her head slowly she answered, “Yes, they are all specially trained men and woman that I assigned someone to get, command, kill at any given time.”

The young man’s smile froze as he looked at the sharp turned listless gaze that his commander now wore. He stiffly turned his gaze to look at Yu Sheng who seemed to be in his own world.

Feeling the gaze on him, he turned to look at the young man, squinting his eyes to form a curve he said, “Continue with your report.”

The young man shuddered after getting to the conclusion that his general might be the one commanding the assassination group.

“The princess wanted the group to assassinate the emperor but was declined because the amount and value of the life to be taken was not equal, this rule was set up by the founder and if the owner thinks that the request is a waste of time then he can choose whether or not to let her go or make her pay up what she owes for making the request that was declined.”

“Because of some unknown reason she was let go…” he trailed as he peeked from the side at both Yue Mian and Yu Sheng.

“Things were covered up and she was suddenly engaged with the wedding on the next full moon. Everyone will be there but because there was this slight conflict... a servant did see the left minister and the ninth princess meet up on the second floor of a restaurant while he was out on an errand. Later in court, the left minister made his concerns of the princess marrying someone she doesn’t love - as unfair.”

“He said that it would be better if she married a prince, better yet, the crown prince of Jilei to expand the Shaan Empires power.”

Raising an eyebrow, she looked over at Yu Sheng, “No one is allowed to touch Jilei, Sheng.”

Yu Sheng, “Mn, I have informed the Crown Prince but it seems that no one knew this before but knows it now, even the mother-empress is furious at the emperor for his brazenness.”

Yue Mian, “ What is it?”

Looking at the young man, Yu Sheng signalled for him to leave them, making certain they were alone, he looked at her and said, “Your father has declared that the Crown Prrince will marry no one but his eldest daughter.”

Yue Mian folded her arms and leaned back into the chair, suddenly her eyes widened from shock, standing up and slamming her hands against the desk, she leaned forward whispering, “You’re talking about me?”

Yu Sheng, “Mn, in the beginning, everyone was against it because they thought that he was speaking about your sister from the first noble wife, princess Wang Rucheng. ALmost all the ministers and family members were against it then the emperor, your father said with great anger, “Have you all forgotten my first daughter with Ni Xing? She may not be in this palace but she is still this empires first princess, this empire Seju and when she returns you all will welcome her with open arms or so help me, I will slaughter you all for being so disrespectful”... the crown prince wasn’t at all surprised when he heard this or prince Wang Tian but empress Lanhua fainted after she heard this.”

“When she woke up she rushed to your fathers side asking him how could he let two siblings marry because there might be something wrong with your offspring but emperor Wang said that long ago, to keep the royal lineage in power, siblings had to marry and have children and now because of the alliance, the day you and your mother were exiled was the day he decided o marry his eldest son and eldest daughter.”

Sitting back in the chair she looked at Yu Sheng in confusion. With an understanding to her looked he answered, “I did ask the crown prince what his thoughts were and if he agreed with your fathers decision, he said that when he was younger he adored your mother and was allowed to visit her and when she was pregnant with you, your mother already knew you were female but kept it hidden from everyone, she told the crown prince that she wished you a long life of happiness and hopes you can marry someone who can love and protect you.”

“With all this being said, when you two left for Xieye the emperor told him that when he is older he will marry you, so he has been living his entire life waiting for you and was not surprised with the announcement.”

“His mother did not take it well; she still does not understand why he is okay with the marriage between you two that is to happened when you return. She is currently still trying to change your father’s mind but he seems to not listen to anyone’s complaints and suggestions, there was even talk about you not being fit to be empress because you don’t know the proper etiquette and you are practically dead, so what is he wishing or hoping for.”

Yue Mian, “My father surely has faith in my mother and I. The Empress seems to not want us around, I heard before that she might be the reason why my mother left the palace and a probable assassination attempt back when I was still an infant - what are your thoughts on these rumours and speculations?”

Yu Sheng, “It is within reason, the empress is feared by all the noble women and she has a horrible personality when the Emperor is not around. The crown prince ignores her and avoids seeing her most of the time because she is hateful towards your mother and whenever you are mentioned, it’s like she can skin the person alive that mentioned you.”

Clicking her tongue against her teeth, she rolled her eyes and waved her hands, “We’ll deal with them all eventually, for now, call him back to finish his report so that I can sleep please.”

The young man returned, “There will be another banquet later this month.”

Yue Mian, “A banquet… for what?”

“Well there is no reason in particular but there are merchants coming so I presume its to host them but that is only a guess.”

Slapping her hands on the desk she looked at Yu Sheng, “Are we going?”

Yu Sheng, “We can but what for?”

Rubbing the tip of her nose she answered, “For fun…”


Standing on the balcony staring into the night sky. Yue Mian said to Yu Sheng, “Now that we know why and who, its time we return what belongs to the citizens.”

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