My Daughter's Crown

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Story One | Betrayal, Lust and Incest

8 months later…

Arriving at the Imperial Palace, Yu Sheng and his men went to greet Emperor Shaan. After saying a few pleasantries, Yu Sheng went to do his rounds on the training grounds. Giving a few pointers to the soldiers and sparring with a few of the generals that used to train with him in Xieye.

Night slowly came. After washing off the sweat and dressing up he headed over to Prince Baek Ah’s palace. Pushing the gate open, it hooked - barely moving. Knocking a few times but none of the servants came to open it. Thinking that something might be wrong, he circled around the palace. Jumped up on to the tree at the back and over the wall.

Landing on the ground he heard Prince Baek Ah’s voice but it was…

Sneaking closer to his room the sounds Prince Baek Ah made ruled his suspicions correct. He walked up to the window opening it slowly, peaking through, he saw Prince Baek Ah in bed with another man.

“Oh…” was all he muttered. He turned around and walked away, jumping over the wall and returning back to his room. For a moment he was angry as he tried to fall asleep but couldn’t.

He sat up on the bed thinking about all that happened between them and realising how stupid he was to try and love someone who didn’t care for him.

Getting up, he got dressed and headed over to one of his friends. The two sat there drinking and talking, reminiscing about the old days during training and how they got to where they are.

“Sheng, I heard that Yue Mian is aline, is that true?”

Yu Sheng, “I’ve heard so too. She hasn’t contacted me but is in contact with her mother.”

“Ah, I see,” taking a sip he grinned asking, “Do you think she has grown big breasts and round butt?”

Chocking on the rice wine, he wiped the excess wine from the corner of his mouth. Looking at his friend, anger welled up inside him. He did not like it when others thought ill of his princess.

Trying not to show his anger he poured wine for himself, “What do you mean?”

His friend raised a brow, “Sheng, don’t tell me you have never thought of bedding her.”

Looking at him with a glare he said, “I have never!”

His friend frowned, “I know that she was young back then and the Crown Princes bride-to-be but Lady Ye is her mother, talented as she may be in martial arts, she is still a woman and us men appreciate the women around us. Although Yue Mian has a scar on her face, she has lady Ye’s beauty and body, she should be about twenty years old now and a fully grown woman ready to bear children.”

Shrugging his shoulder, Yu Sheng gulped down. His mind was still on his supposed lovers’ betrayal. The two drank until the morning, luckily for both of them, even after drinking five jars of rice wine finished, they could hold their liquor well being only a little tipsy.

The sun hasn’t risen yet but all the soldiers and servants were up preparing for the day. Walking to the kitchen where breakfast was served. Seated at the table the two continued talking nonsense making jokes that made the others chuckle here and there.

Making his rounds with his companion they stopped on the training grounds observing the trainees. Around half an incense stick after arriving, Yu Sheng spotted Prince Baek Ah and the other person across the training ground. The two of them looked as if they were having a cosy conversation when Prince Baek Ah spotted Yu Sheng. He saw that it seemed as if Yu Sheng did not see him there.

Prince Baek Ah was happy to see Yu Sheng quickly excusing himself from the company of the other, he made his way to Yu Sheng and the other general. Arriving in front of them he smiled as they bowed, “General Yu, when did you return?”

Yu Sheng, “Your Highness, Prince Baek Ah, this servant has been here since yesterday.”

Prince Baek Ah, “Since yesterday?”

Yu Sheng, “Yes, your highness.”

Prince Baek Ah, “When were you planning on paying me a visit?”

Yu Sheng looked at him and with the dullest expression on his face, he swallowed his anger saying, “I went to the princes palace but the doors were shut, I assumed you were elsewhere so I returned to my room, but when I couldn’t sleep I went looking for general Shim and we drank rice wine till morning.”

General Shim’s mouth twitched, asking himself, why does he seem like the villain? Feeling the tension coming from the two he quickly bowed and ran away.

After he left, Prince Baek Ah could feel the tension ooze off Yu Sheng’s body. Looking up at Yu Sheng, Prince Baek Ah saw the hostility in his eyes and it was written all over his face.

Prince Baek Ah, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Yu Sheng, “Why do you think?”

Thinking for a bit, PBA wanted to say something but kept quiet and just looked at him. After a moment passed he asked, “Sheng did you see?”

Yu Sheng, “No, I heard.”

PBA, “Listen I…”

Yu Sheng, “You can do whatever you want, it has nothing to do with me. Just make sure that you don’t look for me ever again and don’t think of mentioning my secrets to anyone because I will make your life difficult and make sure that you erase myself and my princess out of that head of yours. I never want to see you again, you - disgust me.”

He glared at him one last time before averting his gaze back to the soldiers practising. Prince Baek Ah stood there looking at Yu Sheng who seemed as though he hated him - he turned around and walked off.


Arriving back two days later at his and Yue Mian’s new residence, he found her taking a bath. After reporting his return, he went to the bedroom and laid down - thinking of all that happened, closing his eyes not sleeping.

On the side of the house, he could hear wet footsteps approaching the bedroom.

Opening his eyes into slits. The door creaked open. Yue Mian walked in dripping wet from head to toe. She had a green cloth draped over her head with a red robe hanging off her shoulders, with her front exposed.

Seeing her naked he was reminded of what general Shim said. As he was contemplating on whether or not to observe her body, she pulled the green cloth off her head and the red robe draping down her shoulders slowly slid down. She walked to the window opening it to dry her body.

She walked back out of the room and returned minutes later with a tray that had a tea set on it. Seating down on by the table letting Yu Sheng catch a full view of her body. Slowly taking in a deep breath, he opened his eyes and looked at her.

Under the table, her legs were crossed one over the other. Her calves were perfectly carved out as she relaxed and tightened her foot in up and down motions.

Her thighs, he never really saw until now. Because she was sitting down her highs looked thick pressing against the chair; looking closer, she raised right leg exposed the bottom of her butt cheek. Her toned stomach looked elegant and untainted with what a normal martial artists body would have.

Following down the sides of her waist, it curved out shaping her body like a bottle of wine - Suddenly making the insides of his palm itch, wanting to run his hands down her waist.

Moving up towards her chest, her breast stood up making them easy to cup using the palms of one’s hands. The pink areolas at the ends of her breast blushed with a deep hue making one desire to trace over them with the tips of the finger. Centred inside her areolas, stood a pink numb, one on each side erects from the cool breeze sliding in through the window.

A drop of tea caught Yu SHengs attention sliding down the middle of her body between her breast. Following up the wet trail the drop made, he followed it up to the left column of her neck towards her chin and lips.

Reaching her lips he bit the inside of his bottom lip. His eyes traced her lips a couple of time then looked at her nose that has a beautiful straight bridge. Looking further up, their eyes met!

The minute their eyes met both of their hearts started racing.

For a moment they stared into the others eyes seeming to be lost while time passed slowly.

Yue Mian was the first to compose herself. SHe looked over at Yu Sheng and it seemed as if he was elsewhere.

She placed her hand over her chest feeling her rapidly beating heart wondering why it was suddenly beating after staring into his eyes.

Looking at him again, she couldn’t help but wonder what it was; after a few minutes, she remembered what her mother once said about liking someone, “Your heart knows that you love or like him. It beats rapidly almost making your chest hurt.”

Her mouth twitched thinking about this but understood somewhat that it might be because they were always together.

Taking a closer look at him, saying to herself, “He is handsome,” moving onto, “He is the one I trust wholeheartedly.”

“Would it be okay to open my heart to him?” she wondered.

“Sheng,” she called out.

Hearing her call out his name, he snapped out of it. Realising that he was wrong for thinking sexually provocative thoughts about her and wanting to put his hands on her body, he felt ashamed.

Getting down onto his knees, he looked to the ground awaiting his punishment.

“Why are you on your knees?” she asked.

Yu Sheng, “Awaiting my punishment.”

“Why, what did you do wrong?”

“???” he thought, saying, “Because I looked at your naked body, I deserve to be punished.”

“You have always seen me naked, why do you suddenly want to be punished?”


Not hearing a reply, she got up and walked over to him, standing in front of him naked.

Using her index finger, she slid it under his chin, lifting his face up to look at her.

His view made him crazy, he felt as if he could pull her down and make her his this second but held himself together.

“You looked at me with eyes filled with lust, tell me… have you given up on being with Prince Baek Ah?”

Yu Sheng, “My fidelity towards Prince Baek Ah is no more.”


“Because we are no more.”


Yu Sheng stood up standing taller than her. She didn’t raise her head to look at him. Bending down slightly he took in a whiff of the smell coming from her damp hair that smelled like lavender and a hint of mint mixed in. Raising his hands he placed them on her shoulders and pulled her closer; with his right hand, he slid it down her chest cupping her breast, squeezing hard causing a sting to flux through her body.

Taken aback by the pain she raised her head glaring at him. Softening her gaze she noticed that he was looking at her with an intense gaze. “Shen...” she tried to utter but was cut off when his lips forced against hers. His left hand slid down caressing her body, moving down causing ripples throughout her body. He gripped onto her but cheek squeezing it roughly.

Her eyes widened and his closed. Forcing her mouth open his tongue violated her mouth, exploring the inside of her cheeks, the roof of her mouth, her tongue, causing their saliva to mix and well up. Her eyes closed while tears formed in the corners.

She involuntarily let out a moan into their kiss making Yu Sheng chuckle. He moved away looking down at her whose eyes were still closed and their saliva dripping down the side of her mouth.

He bent down, licking the saliva away. He moved to her ear whispering, “YuMi, can I taste your other mouth?”

She opened her eyes slowly with a raise to her eyebrow not knowing what he was referring too.

Not waiting for an answer he picked her up helping her wrap her legs around him. He looked up at her while walking to the bed, gently laying her down.

Kissing down her stomach making an intense tingling spread through her body.

Reaching between her legs he spread them open, forcing them apart, causing a discomfort along the joints of her legs.

Bringing his head in towards her vagina he caressed his hands over the hair obstructing his view.

Using his fingers skillfully, he parted the hair through the middle.

Her clitoris was erect and bigger than the ones he has seen before. Seeing hers made his shaft pitch a tent in his pants.

Splitting her inner labia’s by pulling up the skin of her outer labia’s, he moved his nose closer breathing in her sweet smell.

Sticking out his tongue, he flicked her clitoris with it.

“Oh,” she said, quickly covering her mouth with her hands. Closing his eyes he licked from the opening of her vagina pushing his tongue in then moving his tongue up to her clitoris.


Her eyes tightened shut, while her hands pulled on the sheets. Her heels were digging into Yu Sheng’s shoulders as she tried to stop him from continuing.

Her breathing quickened as Yu Sheng’s up and down motions became faster. Yue Mian was about to lose herself feeling her body tense up around the stomach. It felt as if something was about to come out of her as the shock waves coursed through her body stimulating all her nerves.

She forced her legs to wrap around his neck.

Yu Sheng lifts her up by her back making her lean forward, with this, she grabbed onto the back of his head, pulling his hair to the point where it hurt him but also making him more excited. He started eating her out with force making a sensation flow through her body that she has never felt before. “S-sheng,” she called out to him but he didn’t stop.

Hitting the back of his head with little force, her body arched backwards and the thing she tried so hard to keep back came out gushing at Yu Sheng instantly making him stop and stare at her heaving body, Her climax was her first time and she couldn’t understand what was happening to her. She quickly got up and crawled backwards still breathing with difficulty.

After calming down she wiped away her tears, ready to scold Yu Sheng when she saw his face full of a thick white liquid that was dripping down onto his robe soiling it.

Wiping away the liquid and licking it off his hands he looked at her with dark eyes. He took his robe off throwing it one side, climbing on the bed, he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her forcefully towards him.

Shocked, she looked up at him with wide eyes.

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