My Daughter's Crown

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General Ye’s Daughter

Ni Xing and her baby travelled alone by horse to the next empire, she wasn’t afraid because she too was not a simple person.

“Ho Ho Ho, who do we have here? A beautiful woman, travelling alone, why is that?” Ni Xing was stopped and surrounded by a group of bandits who looked at her with lustful eyes.

With four men to her right, two at the back, three to her left and three in front, Ni Xing sighed, “What do you all want?” she asked as she looked at the man who seemed to be their leader.

“How about you come along and keep us company?“, he asked back.

“Alright, lead the way, but you all must be able to answer when my husband comes to kill you all,” she said with a mock in her tone.

She was looked at very strangely by the leader, he scoffed it off and said, “Heh, I wonder who would dare to intrude on to my land and come to rescue you.”

“Haha,” she laughed it off. Ni Xing got off her horse, tucked Yue Mian tightly against her. She pulled her sword out from its sheath that was strapped against the side of the horse.

Seeing this the men on their horses close to her unsheathed their swords and held it out in front of them pointing at her. She moved to the nearest man on her right side and cut his horse down killing it instantly.

She did this to the two beside him and stared at the leader and the other men who were glaring at her, “Leave or I will take every one of your lives,” she said slowly emphasizing each word. The men looked at their leader whose mouth was twitching, not wanting to give up this easily; he looked at his men on the ground who were still yelling from being crushed by the weight of the horses.

He signalled for the others to go help them up. When they walked past Ni Xing they attacked her instead, slightly shocked, she held on to Yue Mian and started swinging her sword aiming at all their vital spots.

After blocking three times it was her time to attack. She managed to kill two of them and was in a standoff with the third and fourth.

She was slightly panting but kept her hand steady while making sure that her daughter was still asleep, the two men charged at her while yelled at the same time which made Yue Mian wake up and cry.

Hearing the cry they stopped not too far from Ni Xing and looked at the baby in her bosom, they looked back at their leader who was also shocked, but it soon turned to fear when he saw the other two men’s bodies being pierced by Ni Xing’s sword.

There was now only four bandits left and three still pinned under their horses, they all looked at Ni Xing with widened eyes, they started to panic, “A-alright lady, we will leave you to be on your way, we won’t bother you any longer.”

Ni Xing’s eyes constricted, “You woke my baby up with your bullshit and expect me to let you just leave unharmed? Do you even know what it’s like to raise a baby while travelling?“, she glared at them fiercely. Not waiting for them to answer, she threw her sword at the leader who ducked and picked up the sword nearest to her.

She soon killed them all off and was covered in blood.

She put Yue Mian on a soft area of grass that was the longest beside the path she was on and cleaned up, she then went on and searched the bodies for money and other things. She picked up her sword, cleaned it and the pair were on their way once again.

Along the way, more scoundrels and wild animals appeared but were all defeated by her, the wild animals were skinned and eaten with their furry hind, used as material for a blanket that she’d make for Yue Mian when they reached their destination.

Ni Xing was trained in martial arts from a young age. She knew how to fight with swords, spears and had an amazing combat ability that she gathered over the years as she trained and gained more experience. She was well versed in many aspects including reading, writing, embroidery and being a good housewife.

Why she kept her background hidden?

Nobody asked her about it. She was originally a citizen of the Xiěyè Empire, but because her father restricted her so much and due to more reasons she disagreed with, she ran away to where they wouldn’t find her - the next Empire.

When she entered the Jīlěi Empire she needed a job that would help her out financially, she asked around and did different jobs helping out the town’s people, after a month and a half she was told by one of the shop owners that the Jīlěi Empire’s Palace was accepting maids again and that she would be perfect for the job.

After finding out the benefits for working for the Royal family, she took the physical examinations and passed them; she took the job with no evil intentions and worked hard for all the years she was working there.

After five years in the Royal Palace, working first as a floor scrubber to a cloth washer then moved into the kitchen as a part-time helper to washing blankets and tablecloths, she was moved to the Crown Prince’s Palace, where she became a maid, that cleaned and tidied up his bed every morning.

She was just like the other maids who worked there, they never saw him, but would always hear him. The Crown Prince was someone who they could not make eye contact with and every servant throughout the Royal Palace was taught to always keep their heads bowed and never look up unless spoken too.

So one day during her normal routine, Ni Xing walked into the Crown Princes bedroom and started cleaning and tidying the room up. As she was about to leave the room with a basket of dirty laundry, the doors to the room opened and in ran the Crown Prince who bumped into Ni Xing making them both fall over.

The dirty laundry flew across the room and the Crown Prince was laying on top of Ni Xing; his heavy body made her gasp for air deeply and with the air present in her body, she said, “Heavy, I can’t breathe.”

Feeling a bit flustered the Crown Prince got up off her and looked over at Ni Xing who was holding onto her stomach faced the other way in an awkward position.

The Crown Prince got up and patted his clothes hitting the dust particles away and fixed himself, he held his hand out towards Ni Xing as a gesture to help her up, but she still did not look his way. “Ahem,” the Crown Prince cleared his throat trying to get her attention.

She looked down at his feet then trailed up his clothes with her eyes and noticing that the Dragon embroidered on his gown was the mark of the Crown Prince she trembled slightly not daring to look up at him. She wasn’t afraid, but this was one of the rules.

Seeing that she turned her head back down and was looking away the Crown Prince sighed and said, “If you don’t get your dirty body off my floor, I will call the palace guards to drag you away.” Ni Xing was about to say something when something in her heart told her to stop, she got up from the floor and bowed at a ninety-degree angle and said, “Please forgive my insolence your highness, this servant was distracted and was not looking where she was walking.”

The Crown Prince motioned for her to leave and she quickly gathered all the laundry. The Crown Princes watched her clean up and he was astonished, he could see how beautiful she was and her beautiful big brown eyes complimented her round face. Her lips were rose red and she wasn’t someone fit to be a palace servant.

The more he observed her the faster his heartbeat, this was love at first sight.

Later the Crown Prince wooed her leading to their forbidden love affair. Ni Xing loved the Crown Prince and risked it all for him, she was also willing to die for him.

When she found out she was expecting his child she was happy; she was happy when she married him and she was in pain after giving birth to their child.

Seconds, before her water broke, was the last moment she spent with him.

A week after giving birth she walked out of her room with the baby in her arms and tears falling from her eyes, walking out of the Crown Princes Palace was the hardest thing she did.

She moved into a house the Crown Prince bought her on the outskirts of the Empire.

She received his letters of sorrow and sadness for six months’ she couldn’t handle her situation anymore and decided to return home.

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