My Daughter's Crown

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Side Story 2 | Little Baby Girl

Waking up dazed with blurry vision barely able to see, Yu Sheng balled his hands and rubbed his eyes. “Mmm” sounded from beside him frightening him! Quickly sitting up he jumped off the bed with the covers and was stunned. Looking down at his own body and the one on the bed… he didn’t know what to say.

She moved again feeling for sheets but couldn’t find it giving up. He reached down picking the sheets up about to cover her when he noticed the bloodstains on the bed. He covered her gently not daring to disturb her rest, tucking her in and left the bedroom.

Sitting on a bench on the veranda Yu Sheng reflected on his actions from last night.

Resting his face in his palms, the scene from last night played in his mind from the beginning until the end. Thinking more clearly about what happened; his heart started racing and the member who was asleep woke up again. He sat up and looked at the tent pitched in his pants. Leaning back he closed his eyes, putting his hand in his pants he felt the swollen heated member. Starting slowly he stroked his member thinking about the silky body he devoured last night. His breathing got heavier as he pumped it hard… gritting his teeth he released the warm seeds into his hand and soiling his pants with the spillage.

Pulling his hand out, he looked at the thick white seeds running through his fingers… Suddenly he remembered that right after last night the two of them fell asleep still covered in each other’s juices. He washed up putting on clean clothes then heading back to the room cleaning YuMi up and changing the bedsheets and covers…

Evening came and she still slept soundly not waking up. From time to time he would check up on her to see if she was still breathing… one thing he noticed was that she had this pained expression on her face continuously.

Later in the evening, he fed her water to drink so that she wouldn’t get dehydrated.
Tired out from waiting around he took off his outer robe and climbed into bed, pulling her into his arms he fell asleep… the next morning, the birds were chirping loudly, jumping from tree to tree. Slowly as she gained consciousness she frowned upon hearing the noise coming from outside. With her eyes still closed she tried lifting her arms but she felt too weak. Opening her eyes she blinked a few times, took in a deep breath and lifted her arms pushing away the duck feather stuffed quilt.

Closing her hands into a fist, opening and closing it three times the pain in her body pulsed through her body making everything hurt. ‘How many times did he do it?’… ‘Why does it hurt so much?’

Forcing her body up she sat up and started groaning from the pain; sighing she looked around the room then her eyes landed on the evildoer beside her.

His arm was laid out inviting her in, moving closer to him she laid down and looked at him. This was the first time she saw him defenceless – sound asleep. ‘He is handsome,’ she said in her heart. Admiring his chiselled jawline, pointy nose, the mature and manliness he displayed two nights ago made her heart beat fast…

Lifting her hand she traced his nose and lips eagerly wanting to kiss him. Her touch tickled him waking him up. He felt her fingertips touch his cheeks and neck making him smile.
Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her in hugging her. She scrunched her face, “If you are awake get up and bring me something to drink, I’m parched.”

Bringing back tea he helped her up. Drinking the tea she wasn’t satisfied making him pout for her three more times.

Sitting down on the bed after placing the teapot down, he looked at her lovingly… “W-what is it, what do you want?” she asked, afraid that he was going to take advantage of her again. “Do you know that you have been asleep for a day?”

Hearing this she thought about it but to her, it seemed as though everything happened yesterday, if not then why was she in so much pain?

“YuMi.” He called out to her softly, caressing her cheek he said, “I’m sorry I went overboard, I must have tired you out for you to sleep this long… will you forgive me?”

“…You didn’t force me, although you did what you want with my body, so stop and fix that expression on your face!”

After confirming that nothing would happen to him things became awkward… YuMi was still sitting on the bed as she looked at Yu Sheng who wasn’t facing her. For her, this awkward feeling and tension between them wasn’t something she planned to get used to, “Sheng, if you want to do it again, don’t be afraid to let me know but…”

He moved closer to look at her and held her hands in a gentle voice, “What is it, you know that you can tell me anything and everything.”

Gazing into his eyes she said, “You are bound to me and I to you, you are not allowed to leave me!” Frowning he said, “YuMi, I’m the man, not you… how could you beat me and ask me to marry you when I am the one who was supposed to ask you?”

“Eh?” she was confused… Yu Sheng chuckled, YuMi was dense when it came to love but he wasn’t.
Leaving the room for a few minutes he returned while holding something behind his back… “Close your eyes.” He said to her. Once her eyes were closed he got on the bed and held out his hand, “Open your eyes.”

As she did the first thing she saw was the black box in his hands. “Take it,” he said. Taking it in her hands she opened it and froze. Inside was a dark blue jade ring. Yu Sheng picked it up and pulled her hand towards him placing it on her ring finger. Pulling her hand back she looked at him in shock, “Yu Sheng wha…” he stopped her by placing a kiss on her lips… “Will you marry me?”

She looked at him dazed unable to make sense of this situation. Seeing the confusion on her face he smiled, “It’s okay if you won’t accept it now but please consider it.”

A few days passed with still no answer from her, the end of the week arrived and Yu Sheng pulled her off to a house. Inside the house was an old couple he knew. Forcing YuMi to marry him the couple bared witness to their marriage.

Spending the night together completing the consummation… a few days later at the army base, she wasn’t in the mood to eat, continuously feeling nauseous making her husband worry. After seeing a physician he told them that the symptoms she was experiencing were because she was pregnant.

The shock from the news heavily slapped YuMi and Yu Sheng.

Back at their place, YuMi kept rubbing her stomach unable to wrap her head around the fact that she was going to give birth to a child that was growing inside of HER? The two, husband and wife did not expect the arrival of the little thing to arrive so soon but then again when you think about it clearly or well as Yu Sheng was thinking, counting in his head, he had already taken his wife almost ten times since before and after their marriage.

“Sheng, this, all of this is not part of our plans.”

Yu Sheng, “Yes but doesn’t having a family mean that you have a reason to live and not commit to the previous plan?”

She looked at him with a darkened gaze, her thoughts a mess… “Sheng?”

“Mn,” he hummed. Softly she said, “There’s something I haven’t told you.”

Yu Sheng, “YuMi what is it that is troubling you to the point that makes you show that expression?”
“I have a son.”

Yu Sheng’s eyes constricted, standing up he looked at her while clenching his fists, “Am I not your first?”

Shocked! She frowned saying, “What nonsense are you spouting of cause you are, do you think I would sleep around?”

Realizing that he said such a thing out impulsively, calming down he sat beside her again and said, “I’m sorry, tell me about him.”

“He should be seven soon, will you go get him for me?” she said looking at him expectantly.
Unable to refuse her he did after getting his whereabouts from her.
Arriving at the place the next day, Yu Sheng and the two soldiers that always accompanied him.
Outside of the little house sat a boy around the age of six to seven on a stack of hay… the boy looked at the approaching four horses and men with a frown. Getting off the horse and walking towards the house they stopped at the gate. Smiling gently Yu Sheng started, “Hello there is lady Fei Rou here?”

The boy looked at him but didn’t answer.


Sheng, “Did you hear me?”

“I did.”

Sheng, “Is she not here?”


A lady came out from the house shortly while asking, “Xinxi, who are you speaking too…” and froze when she saw them. She looked at Xinxi and her heart tightened.

Yu Sheng saw the change on her face and looked at Xinxi… the boy was no longer sitting on the stack of hay and instead he made his way over to them. He opened the gate, walked past them patting Yu Sheng’s white stallion. Turning back to the lady he asked, “Excuse me but are you Lady Fei Rou?”


Smiling he bowed, “I’m Yu Sheng, My miss has asked me to bring back her son so that they could live together.”

“Your miss?” she questioned, she hadn’t heard any news of YuMi being acknowledged as the princess so who was he talking about.

“What Child?”

Turning around he was about to point at Xinxi but he was no longer there. Yu Sheng suddenly panicked, he looked all around him but the boy wasn’t there.

Fei Rou, “Don’t worry about the boy, he wonders around from time to time but I am sorry, that boy is not allowed to leave and you better not cause me any trouble, that boys family is not one to mess with.”

Hearing this Yu Sheng smiled, “I must be mistaken… Ye Yue Mian sent me to bring back her son Ye Xinxi Yue with me so that mother and son meet and can live happily. I understand that you were asked to look after him in her steed when she left… I assure you that all is well and that he will be safe with me,” he ended with a bow.

“You know my mother?” sounded from behind him. Turning around Yu Sheng saw that the boy was stuffing his mouth full with the blackberries in his hand.

He noticed that this boy had a condescending look in his eyes secretly mocking him, wondering to himself, ‘Why did my wife take you in?’

Sighing Fe Rou called out, “Come in, it will take me some time to gather his things.” “Am I leaving?” he nonchalantly asked… Fei Rou felt all her energy leave her body.

Yu Sheng and his part went inside while Xinxi strolled around the house a few times. Yu Sheng saw Xinxi pass the window three times and asked, “Is there something wrong with him?” Pausing Fei Rou looked out the window then said, “Ever since his mother left him he became anti-social but spoke with most of the children… he also spends most of his time walking and exploring the woods and when he is at home he circles the house to keep himself busy.”

Yu Sheng trailed, “I see.”

About an hour later, all his things were packed and they were saying goodbye, “Remember Xinxi, behave where you go and don’t anger your mother, she has her burdens and you must provide her with support alright?” Fei Rou chided him… nodding his head he hugged his grandmother. When Fei Rou could no longer see the horses, she broke down in tears, pained that she would no longer see that naughty child again and hoped that he wouldn’t forget this old lady he called grandmother.
Finally standing face to face with his mother again, he felt awkward… Yu Sheng had left the two to talk in peace.

The feelings he had hidden for the past two years were slowly surfacing as he tried to blink back his tears… he didn’t know how to initiate the conversation and could only avert his gaze avoiding hers… ‘This silly child,’ she thought, she found herself staring mostly at him because she hadn’t seen him for so long… extending her arms she reached out to hug him finding him tense in her hold. Holding him tightly she said, “It’s okay Yue-er, mama’s here now.” Feeling her warmth surround him the familiar smell that he had longed for – his mama was no longer in his dreams and she was now, here… holding him. He clutched onto her outer robe, pulling on it he bit down onto his lip and started weeping softly… When she heard his sobs she too couldn’t keep herself from crying… this was the first time she cried since that day…

Xinxi ended up crying himself to sleep. Later that night he woke up and looked around to find his mother and Yu Sheng embracing each other while kissing… confused he looked around then headed back to his room pondering over what he saw – Yu Sheng already had a shitty first impression, now that person was kissing his mother… why?

The next day YuMi introduced Yu Sheng to Xinxi as her husband and last night’s scene finally made sense to him but he still disliked it, then later finding out that his mother would give birth to that man’s child made him bitter although he didn’t show it on the surface Xinxi dislike Yu Sheng… Yu Sheng wasn’t oblivious and could sense that this person did not like him but did not mind it at all. While living together Yu Sheng tried getting along with him but Xinxi rolled his eyes whenever spoken to which ended up becoming a habit irritating the hell out of both his mother and father… whenever he was scolded about it he’d roll his eyes, again and again, making them helpless.

Eight and a half months later a tiny baby girl came out of YuMi’s stomach crying… Xinxi and Yu Sheng were excited to see the little thing, deep inside YuMi and Yu Sheng’s hearts they were worried.

The physician noted that the little girl was much smaller than the average newborn and a few questions with some answers popped into his head. Because YuMi was exhausted after giving birth and he couldn’t question her he asked Yu Sheng instead. After making sure that the child’s senses and physical features were correct he asked, “Did the mother take any substances during her pregnancy?”

“No,” he answered.

“And yourself before conceiving the child?”… “No,” frowning Yu Sheng asked, “Doctor if you want to know something just ask.”

“I’m sorry but this concerns your child’s health… since there were no substances taken the by any chance, are you and your wife related?”

Yu Sheng’s heart squeezed, nodding his head slowly… “Your child is smaller and weighs less than an average newborn baby and doesn’t seem to have anything wrong related to her senses, it’s still early to determine if she can see or not but unless the two of you are related within the first four generations then she will just be built small but anything close and her brain will be affected and physically.”

Sighing in relief he prayed thanks to the heavens for being born sixth and YuMi eighth. The physician monitored the growth of Yu Chushan and she was perfectly fine when you ignored her small self… After she was born Xinxi developed a sister complex, always playing with her making her sleep, feeding her… after she turned one and close to six months YuMi, although reluctant ditched her family then meeting up with A-Ro on her journey.

Because of the complicated situation, A-Ro was in and meeting Jangmi, she had no choice but to return home and order that crazy husband of hers to fetch the pregnant woman and take her back to Jilei.

Arriving home, Xinxi was outside brushing his horse when he spotted his mother. She walked up to him as if she was a thief and kissed him on the forehead. “Where’s your father?” she whispered. Rolling his eyes at her, “Inside why?”

Sighing she said, “That man is going to kill me!” Rolling his eyes, “I doubt it.” “You need to stop rolling your eyes!”

Rolling them again he yelled, “YOUR WIFE IS HOME!”

YuMi instantly stood up straight and began panicking. Glaring at her unfilial son she wanted to hide somewhere even digging a hole to shove her head in was an option. … Slowly stepping out of the house with his daughter in hand, he looked ahead at the thief disguised as his wife… “Ye. Yue. Mian. He called.

Freezing she looked at him while her heart tightened… Swallowing her fear she smiled, “I’m home.” Little Chushan wiggled out from her father’s grip and ran to her mother… Afraid that she might fall YuMi dashed forward and embraced the little human, “Mama welcome back!” Kissing her on the cheek she smiled humming, “Mn.”

Yu Sheng walked up to them, placing his arm around her waist; he hugged her while placing a kiss on her lips. She could see that his eye wasn’t smiling and felt dread… Little Chushan covered her eyes seeing them kiss, embarrassed in their place.

Later that night her hands were bound behind her back while her mouth was gagged and her body naked, while kneeling with her face against the floor and tears in her eyes. Behind her, her husband was thrusting himself into her letting out all his frustration and anger – this went on until the sun rose the next morning leaving her in a messy state.

Yu Sheng didn’t ask her questions only listening to her. She didn’t explain her reasons for leaving but Yu Sheng long knew that this wife of his was a free spirit that couldn’t be contained. She told him about Jangmi and that it was time for them all to move to Jilei but before their morning started he informed her about the disappearances that occurred recently.

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