My Daughter's Crown

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Story Three | Blood Mountain Part 2 – END

Arriving at the port of Chengzhu Zogong they were greeted with the heavy atmosphere of mourning the couple looked at each other confused. They were escorted to the nearest inn by the local at the port.

“One room please,” said Yu Sheng to the elderly man behind the desk. The elderly man had lifeless eyes looking up at Yu Sheng. “How long will you be staying,” asked the elder in a slow and emotionless tone.

“My wife and I are here to sightsee the kingdom of Chengzhu Zogong, we’ll be staying for a month – how much will that?” he answered. The elderly man looked over at Yue Mian after Yu Sheng mentioned wife and frowned.

Seeing that the elderly man was looking at her Yu Sheng asked, “Is there a problem?”

“It’s not my place to say you shouldn’t be here but your pretty wife might go missing if you hang around here too long. This village only has old women in it and males, all our daughters have been taken – your wife will be taken too.” He said in his emotionless tone as he took the money from Yu Sheng and handed him the room key.

Scratching her nose Yue Mian walked to the desk and locked arms with Yu Sheng, “Love~ you’ll protect me won’t you?” She whined in a high voice.

Yu Sheng’s mouth twitched. Flicking her on the forehead he kissed the red mark the flick left. Patting her hair down, he forced a smile. Seeing this kind of expression after hearing the old man’s words – she knew.

Yu Sheng closed the door behind them and placed the bags on the floor. Yue Mian stood by the window looking down at the street below from the second floor.

Hugging her from behind, he placed his head on her shoulder and kissed her neck. Hugging his arms she leaned back into his embrace. “Sheng?”


“I don’t want to have to remind you every time, that you made a choice by marrying me. You know that I will always be in danger no matter where I go; I’m not asking much from you but I just need you to trust and believe in me. This is only the beginning of what I am to face in the future and you being worried for my safety at every corner is taking a toll on me – if I must, I will divorce you and make sure that you will never see me again. If you don’t want that then I suggest you to just stop.”

Raising his hand he cupped her face. Raising her head so that she could look at him - their eyes met. From the look in his eyes, she could tell that he was angry at her. Kissing her lips, he forced his tongue inside; after making out he pulled back and looked down at her.

Just from his kiss, her cheeks had already turned red and the look under her half-lidded eyes told him a story. “You can’t live without me . . . you know that right Mrs Yu Rucheng?”

She had to admit that she truly cannot live without this forceful husband of hers. His dominant personality complimented her submissiveness perfectly. Looking into those eyes of his that told her he wanted her right now made her want him too.

Jumping up into his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist they went to the bed and undressed each other. Rolling around in bed they couldn’t help but be infatuated and drawn into the pleasure of being connected with the one they loved.

While watching him thrust in and out of her and feeling the pleasure from this that she shared only with this man she promised herself, “I’ll never leave you, I’ll be your wife until the day I die.”

Laying in his arms she had her right leg between his legs. Rubbing her leg against the organ that was unruly the entire time she couldn’t help herself but tease it and pull on the curly hairs that surrounded the unruly member.

Yu Sheng’s eyes were closed as he lied on the bed and left his wife to play and tease him. He didn’t mind it because he could sense that there was something different about her and noticed it during their moment.

Kissing her forehead he asked, “When will you take charge?”

Raising her eyebrows she looked up at him confused, “What are you talking about?”

Looking down at the hand pulling at his hairs he answered, “When are you going to show me how much you love me during sex?”

Her left eyebrow cocked up. Dumbfounded she looked lost; Yu Sheng laughed heartily and hit her butt. “When we do it next time I’ll teach you.”

Ready for round two he entered her and began. Going at it they almost reached the climax but heard a knock on the door. Whipping his head around Yu Sheng yelled out in fury, “Who is it?”

The person didn’t answer and only knocked three more times and went silent. Looking down at Yue Mian his eyes turned soft. Leaning down he kissed her, whispering into her ear, “Stay calm.”

Repeating his words in her mind she was confused. He slid his arm under her neck holding her head firmly and slid his other arm under her holding onto her waist firmly. Positioning himself properly on the bed he got up.

In his arms, her eyes widened as the hardened member moved deeper into her. Biting down on her lips he closed his eyes and started pounding hard into her. Her mind didn’t have time to process what was happening.

The violent movements in and out of her were unexpected and this was the very first time that he had done to her. She no longer felt pleasure alone but a combination of both pleasure and pain. Screams came out of her mouth but were swallowed by Yu Sheng’s mouth overlapping hers.

As she processed all of this she heard a grunt coming from Yu Sheng. Feeling the warm liquid enter her body she understood that he was done. Opening her eyes she saw herself fall down hitting a soft and comfortable quilt.

Looking up at him her mind was blank. She couldn’t make sense of the numbing pain she was feeling and the pleasure overlapping it.

Leaning down he kissed her on the nose. Covering her with the second quilt he put up the folding screen dividing the room and pulled a robe over his sweaty body. Opening the door he saw a man dressed from head to toe in black. “Does the innkeeper know you are here?”

He shook his head in response. Moving aside the man came in and the door was closed. The man bowed, “Master.” Waving him off Yu Sheng sat down and looked at the figure on the bed, he could faintly see through the folding screen.

Reporting to Yu Sheng, “Master, an official came to this village and ordered that the woman and children be taken away under the order of the emperor. When the villagers refused the official killed many innocent young and elderly men. The village chief was killed too in the exchange that’s the reason behind the gloomy atmosphere.”

“The females of this village aren’t the only ones affected, there are three other villages who have had their woman and daughters taken from them leaving the old woman behind. When I looked further into this situation I found out that there indeed was an order from the emperor but not to take away the woman and children but to move the families to a reformed village for a better living environment.”

“That official works under one of the ministers in charge of the reform village project is using this to his advantage. They took the woman and children and are using them as their personal entertainment.”

Hearing this Yu Sheng frowned. Looking at the man he repeated, “Entertainment?”

“Abusing them, making fools out of them. He also has them entertain his guests personally in a private chamber.”

Yu Sheng, “Are they related to the children who washed up on our shore?”

“Yes, that was a shipment he sent to one of the kingdoms on the mainland. Squinting his eyes he frowned, “A kingdom on the mainland… which one?”

“Jilei . . .”

“Do you know who exactly?”

“Not at the moment master, but the last time I went over the records, this minister has relations to the left prime minister’s son.”

“The Shim family just never seems to listen.” He commented. Waving his hand, “Leave us, your mastress needs to rest, and report back to us tomorrow with the rest.”

Bowing to Yu Sheng, he turned and bowed to the one on the bed. Closing the door Yu Sheng returned to the bed to find his wife asleep. Kissing her on the forehead he lied down beside her and closed his eyes.

Opening her eyes, Yue Mian sighed in her heart, “It’s time for me to visit my father.”

Hearing her say this Yu Sheng’s eyes shot open, “No it’s too soon!” he argued.

“You have no choice but to accept it, love~”

Ignoring her husbands’ words she fell asleep. Because of her statement, Yu Sheng couldn’t fall asleep… this time of their life came too soon and they hadn’t returned to their son and daughter and yet here she wanted to start her plans and head for Jilei?

The next day, Yu Sheng ordered his subordinates to infiltrate the reformed village and set it on fire after they rescued the woman and children and returned them to their villages. He then ordered them to take the life of the minister who conducted these unorthodox practises.

Later Yue Mian wrote a letter to the emperor that frightened him off his feet regarding this incident. The emperor ordered all the ministers possessions to be seized while he and his two sons and general from his army boarded an army vessel heading to the mainland.

Arriving at the shore they were welcomed by the Marquis and right prime minister who escorted them to the palace. On their way there the emperor of the Chengzhu Zogong had a grave expression on his face causing both Marquis Ye and the Right Prime Minister Dong to worry for his health.

Arriving at the Imperial Palace they were welcomed by the Emperor of Jilei, the empress, the noble wives and their princes and princesses. “Welcome brother,” greeted emperor Wang. The emperor of Chengzu Zogong returned the greeting and said with that same aggrieved expression on his face, “Brother Wang, thank you but this time my visit isn’t for pleasure. Brother, I come with news that I cannot judge for myself and I need your guidance on this subject.”

Emperor Wang’s handsome face frowned. This was the first time that Emperor Cheng seeked guidance from him.

When an emperor was in doubt they would ask guidance from the empress-mother, previous emperor or the advisor, never would they ask another emperor for guidance because that was an insult to their name and they would most certainly lose face. However, because the alliance has been established on the mainlands between the kingdoms the surrounding small kingdoms allied with the kingdoms on the mainland creating an alliance within an alliance.

Seated in emperor Wang’s private pavilion, the two emperors sat opposite each other.

“Brother Cheng, please speak, there’s no need to hold back with just the two of us here.” Emperor Cheng looked into Emperor Wang’s eyes. For a moment there was a long silence but emperor Wang didn’t force his brother to speak.

Calming down emperor Cheng took out a letter from his sleeve, respectfully handing it to his brother, “Brother, please.”

Smiling slightly, emperor Wang took the letter in his hand. Relaxing in his chair he unfolded it and read the letter before him.

Emperor Wang’s hands gripped firmly onto the parchment crinkling it as he continued reading it. The rims of his eyes turned red.

Emperor Cheng saw this and didn’t know what to make of it. His brother had no expression on his face but the hands that seemed like they were going to rip the parchment up had veins popping out from them and his eyes that turned red from probably anger or sadness.

Placing the letter down, emperor Wang looked at emperor Cheng, “Brother, can I keep this?” “By all means, brother.” He urged.

Emperor Cheng remained silent waiting for emperor Wang to speak – this topic wasn’t his place to comment on.”

The letter reads: Dear Emperor Cheng.

I commend your capabilities to reform the villages and determination to take care of your citizens. I’ve been to many kingdoms and your Chengzhu Zogong’s means of taking care of its people is truly one that I look to as the most outstanding and correct.

You as the emperor take the needs of your kingdom and place it above all, I look forward to receiving guidance from you in the future.

Emperor Cheng, the reason why you receive this letter is that I am in your kingdom. My visit to your kingdom is the result of a murder case that I ordered my subordinates to investigate that lead me here.

Not too long ago many bodies washed up on the shores of Jilei. These bodies, all young females that have the trait of the Chengzhu Zogong natives. When I saw this, I immediately came to Chengzhu Zogong to investigate.

I am sorry to inform you your Highness but your good intentions have been taken advantage of. The minister you place in charge of the reform village project has taken all the woman and young females from their villages and used them as entertainment for himself and his guests.

Please do not be offended when you receive my gift in a few days. Thank you for being the leader that you are and I do hope that you can employ ministers and officials who have the citizens in their heart.

Yu Rucheng.

Placing the letter down, he solemnly looked at it. Stroking the characters he sighed, “My child, you have such beautiful handwriting.”

Hearing emperor Wang speak like this he couldn’t help but pity him. Everyone knows the story behind emperor Wang’s missing daughter and consort… “Brother, how certain are you that Yu Rucheng is your missing daughter?”

Looking at emperor Cheng he said, “This is not the first time I am seeing this handwriting… she previously sent letters out and I received one anonymously. I am one hundred percent certain that she is her.”

“Brother, what do you make of this situation? She seems to know much, will she really return to Jilei and become the princess?”

“I hope so…”

After sending emperor Cheng to rest in a room prepared for him he called for the Marquis. Explaining to him what had just happened.

Stunned, Marquis Ye exclaimed, “This Yu Rucheng was in our cells and I wasn’t notified?!” “Your majesty, what if she is a threat and not the princess for my men not to inform me, do they not know who their master is?”

“She seems to have much influence.”

“That is true but how can, if she is the princess, how did she manage to get make the royal soldiers in the Marquis estate follow her?”

“If she is my daughter then this might be a good thing but if she is my daughter and wants to overthrow me, we will co-operate – no matter what, that child was treated unfairly and what is owed to her, she will get.”

Seeing that the emperor was headstrong about this topic he said no more. He knew how the emperor wished for his daughter and wife to return but if he must, a daughter that is a threat, he would take care of even if it cost his life – his duty was to the throne, not the one on top of it.


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