My Daughter's Crown

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Side Story 3 | I’ve Said It Before, I’m Not Someone You All Should Mess With

“Weeeeeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaa~

“Lalalalala kkyaaaaaa~”


“Again, again, Grandpa do it again~”

Inside the princesses palace, in the garden on a bench; general Yu was bouncing little Chushan on his knee. The little bundle of joy in his hands made him happy but the continuous bouncing exhausted him. Seeing the frustrated and forced expression on his face Yue Mian couldn’t help but be grateful for this daughter of hers.

Alone Yu Sheng and she couldn’t handle all the energy that Chushan had within her. Ni Xing and her parents were here and general Yu too to accompany Yue Mian and play with their grandchild. Yue Mian didn’t mind all of this but she had an overwhelming feeling of wanting to run away.

Sighing she turned around and walked over to the nearest bench and sat down. Looking at this scene, she wished that it was just the four of them, she, her husband and their two children.

Currently, her husband was helping out at the Marquis estate and her son – who knows where he was. A while later lunch was prepared and waiting for them. Since it was just them lunch was served.

Frowning while she ate, Chushan looked around. Throwing down the stream bun in her hand she puffed her cheeks folding her arms.

Chushan’s sudden outburst was a first and stunned her grandparents. Yue Mian looked at her daughter asking, “What is it?”

Glaring at her mother she answered, “Where’s my big brother?”

“He didn’t say where he was going to so I don’t know.”

“Now go ask my papa to look for him!”

“Now now Chushan, don’t throw such a tantrum, eat first then you and I can go look for your brother,” chided general Ye.

Frowning at his words she slammed her hand against the table and stood up. Yelling at the top of her lungs she said, “I hate this food!!”

“There are children who don’t have food and yet you are fussy, what’s the meaning of your actions young lady?” her mother questioned.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She jumped off the chair and ran away. Looking at her daughter run away, Yue Mian could feel the headache coming.

General Ye was ready to get up and run after her but paused when he felt Yue Mian put her hand on his. Smiling at her father-in-law she said, “Just leave her.”

“But YuMi, if she runs away and gets lost how will we find her not to mention she might get kidnapped.” He argued. Looking at him she just smiled.

Chushan’s silhouette already disappeared. Panicked both General Ye and General Yu got up and ran after her. Ni Xing looked at Yue Mian, “Has she always had such a temper?”

Nodding her head, “Mn, but only when it concerns Xinxi, she listens to him more than she listens to Sheng and I.”

A little while later, the two generals returned. Chushan wasn’t with them; smiling she asked, “You couldn’t find her?”

“Its as if she just disappeared.”

Turning to her subordinate, immediately he understood without her having to say it. Bowing he walked off to inform Yu Sheng.

Arriving at the Marquis estate, Yu Sheng was standing in front of the royal soldiers, watching them as they sparred with each other. Bowing to him, “Master, the little miss ran off.”

Raising his eyebrow he looked at him, “Where her mother?”

“She’s in the garden having lunch.”

“So she just left her to run away?”


Rubbing his head Yu Sheng felt a headache come on. Waving his hand he dismissed him. From the side, General Shim looked at Yu Sheng, “What is it?”

“Chushan ran away.”

“Eh??? What’s wrong with the Ye ladies, they all like running away.”

“Mn, but with her, we won’t have to worry it’s just how long will it take for her to come back.”

“What do you mean?”

“It doesn’t matter…”

Ignoring General Shim’s questions he continued to observe the soldiers. Those around Yu Sheng and General Shim heard the contents of their conversation and couldn’t believe that Yu Sheng didn’t send out a search party for his daughter. Seeing his laid back attitude someone secretly went to inform the emperor.

Hearing it he ordered for a search party. This news quickly travelled to the ears of Chushan’s parents and they could only lament in their misfortune.

Not long after the palace was in a mess Chushan returned while riding on her brothers back. The search party was called off and Xinxi was being berated by the emperor for not returning her to their parents after he found her.

What the emperor and everyone didn’t know was that the moment she ran out she ran into him and she asked him to take her away.

Xinxi had no expression on his face as he looked at the emperor and the two generals. Not only were they here but the princes and princesses were here to look at him being berated. Yue Mian had left because she and Yu Sheng had prior engagements arranged and couldn’t be bothered about the antics of their children; they were also not aware of the happenings at the imperial palace.

After being berated Xinxi felt down. Sitting in his room he didn’t know what he was feeling currently.

Chushan was taken away by Ni Xing before Xinxi was berated and she returned with her grandmother a few hours later. Excited to be back, she couldn’t wait to see her brother.

Running around the palace she called for him but he didn’t answer her call. Worried she asked the servants and found out that he was in his room resting.

When she walked in she saw him sitting on the floor hugging his knees. Worried she called him, “Xinxi?”

Hearing the high pitched voice call him, he quickly rubbed away his tears and looked up at her. Forcing a smile he held his arms open for her. Seeing the opened arms she smiled brightly and ran into him. Hugging him by the waist she squealed, “Big brother, I missed you.”

“You’ve only been gone for a few hours and you already miss me?” Before she was so happy to see him but hearing the off tone in his voice and the sad look on his face; she cupped his face and asked, “Big brother, what’s wrong?”

Sniffing he patted her hair down, smiling bitterly he answered, “It’s nothing really, I just miss home.”

“You miss home?”

“Mn, I do.”

“But didn’t mamma and papa say that this place is our home now?”

“They did say so…”

“I don’t understand… if you want to go home how, but we are home?”

Smiling he knocked her on the head, “Don’t worry your little head about that, I’m just feeling a little down.”

Hugging her in his arms he couldn’t help but feel horrible. He didn’t want to stay here because he wasn’t treated as part of the family. If staying here meant that he had to take so much humiliation then he’d be better off somewhere else – any place other than this place.

His mother and fathers treatment towards him hasn’t changed but these people that are his so-called family. Looking down at his sister he sighed, “If it wasn’t for her none of this would have happened but then again, he couldn’t blame her, she had no fault – she was perfect.”

Kissing her forehead he picked her up and put her to sleep in his bed. Closing the door behind him he walked out and climbed on the roof.

Night approached and Chushan woke up. Rubbing her eyes she looked around for Xinxi but couldn’t find him. Walking around the palace she found her grandmother and sat down on her lap. “Wheres Xinxi?”she asked.

Ni Xing looked at her, “I haven’t seen him since he brought you back, weren’t you with him?”

“I was but big brother isn’t here anymore.”

“Your big brother is older than you and can take care of himself, he’ll come back soon.”

Looking up at her grandmother she answered, “That’s not nice.”

Hearing this Ni Xing was stunned, “Chushan, what do you mean?”

Shaking her head she jumped off not answering her. Walking out of the room she walked into the garden. There she saw her mother and father.

Walking up to them she raised her arms up and was picked up by her father. Kissing her nose he said, “You caused a lot of trouble today.”


“You threw a tantrum and made the emperor worry.”

“How, but I was with big brother the whole time.”

“I know you were but the emperor and everyone else was worried for your safety, they are not like us that has full trust in your big brother to protect you.”

Looking up at her father with her big brown eyes she seemed to be deep in thought. Yue Mian called her name a couple of times before she came out of her thoughts and asked them, “Is this why big brother wants to go back home?”

Hearing this, both her parents frowned. “He said this?” asked Yu Sheng.

“Mn, he was crying earlier on when I went to look for him.”

Nodding his head, Yu Sheng said, “Alright, it’s time for dinner, go eat and get into bed, I’ll be there to sing for you.”

Grinning she jumped off and grabbed the hem of her mother’s robe, “Mamma come!” pulling her away they walked on. Turning to look at her husband she was reluctant. The two of them had a mutual agreement in silence about this whole situation – words didn’t need to be exchanged.

The next morning arrived.

Xinxi woke up early and was sitting in the bath surrounded by roses. With incense in the air he felt relaxed. Closing his eyes he leaned back relaxing his body.

The doors open slowly. Yue Mian walked in quietly. Dressed in her inner robe, her porcelain skin could be seen through the material.

Walking up to the bath she looked at her son in the water who had his eyes closed. Admiring his handsome features she smiled. This son of hers was truly handsome since the day she picked him up – thinking about the future she couldn’t help but think of how many woman would fall head over heels for him.

Leaning down beside the bath she said, “My child, you really are handsome.” Xinxi’s heart jumped to his throat, this voice came out of nowhere. Jumping up he looked at the perpetrator; glaring at his mother, “What’s wrong with you?”

Shaking her head she answered, “I was awake and heard a noise, following it, I found you… why are you up this early?”

Sitting down he crossed his legs grumbling, “I couldn’t sleep.”

“I see…” Taking off her robe she got into the bath with him. Xinxi moved to the side making space for his mother. Seated down in the warm water she frowned, “Why is it so hot?”

“Who told you to get in?”

Sighing she pulled him over between her legs and tied his hair up into a bun, “Why are you so mean this early in the morning?”

Leaning back against her melons he sighed, not giving her an answer. “Love, you know that I am always here to listen to you, so why don’t you tell mama what’s bothering you,” she coaxed.

Xinxi closed his eyes refusing to answer her. Sighing in her heart she could only hug him.

After a while, he spoke, “Mamma, is the emperor really your father?”

“Yes he is.”

“Does that make him my grandfather?”


“Even though I wasn’t born from you or father?”

A burning pain hit her heart hearing this, answering his question she said, “Yes.”

“Mamma, then why does it seem like I am more of a thorn in their sides than a grandchild. He, General Yu, General Ye, Mamma Ye and your mother don’t allow me to call them grandma or grandpa.”

Hearing his words she became furious, not at him but at them. “Xinxi, do you hate Chushan?”

“What?” he turned around and glared at her, “How dare you say that I love Chushan more than you!”

“How can you love your sister more than me?”


Sighing she said, “Let’s not go off-topic… If you love Chushan, isn’t that what matters most… Your father and I have full trust in you to protect your sister that’s why we are not like everyone else who makes a fuss over what happened.”

“So you know what happened.” He said.

“Mn, what the emperor did was not right but as I said, he doesn’t know you like your father and I do.”

“None of them even try to get to know me so what does it matter?”

“The lives of the nobles and the lives of commoners are not the same… here they value blood more than love – they are not like your mama Fei who loves everyone no matter how different they are.”

“Mama Fei?”

“Do you still remember her?”

Thinking back to his childhood he nodded slowly, “I will never forget her.”

Smiling she said, “Aunty Fei took me in as her child too and looked after me. Although Ye Ni Xing is my birth mother, I only loved her when I was a child. When I grew up I realised that I don’t have the same unconditional love for her as she has for me, what I have with her is a mutual understanding. But the relationship between Aunty Fei and I is much stronger, it’s a mother and child bond because she taught me the value of life.”

“The value of life?”

“Mn, I would most probably be dead already if she hadn’t taught me that valuable lesson.”

“Can you tell me about it?”

“Well… the day you came into my life I wasn’t aware of the feeling called love. When you started to cry uncontrollably I got scared and wanted to run away but Aunty Fei forced me to help her with you because there was no one else… After a few hours I realised that you needed a mother and I had no plans of going anywhere so I stayed behind and raised you… I loved you and I knew that I never wanted to let you feel helpless again, to be without a mother so I asked Aunty Fei if I could have you. She agreed and I became your mother.”

“You were an unexpected obstacle in my life that I wanted to control and love and you made that possible by loving me back… Xinxi, my love, you have no idea how much I love you and I have no way of proving that to you, all I can do is provide for you and protect you and love you – I wish I could do more but I don’t know what nor how.”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes, “You are the only one that makes my heart ache this badly because of the pain you go through. You are the reason why I am not a heartless person. You are the one that made me into who I am. It was all your doing, not Yu Sheng, not Chushan, not my birth nothing – it was all you…. You really don’t know what a difference you made coming into my life and you are the one person I can never lose – I will die in your place if I have to. This kingdom, if you want it, it’s yours and no one, not as long as I am alive will they go against your wishes. I will kill everyone who opposes you.”

Kneeling before him, she cupped his cheeks in her hands; staring straight into his eyes she added, “You are my life and no one comes before you. Not Yu Sheng, not Chushan, not myself, not the emperor no one! That’s all you need to know… do you doubt these words of mine?”

Looking into his mother’s eyes, the words she proclaimed just now made him scared and overwhelmed to the point where he was close to crying. He wasn’t little anymore and know the story behind everything… to hear her say this now, that he changed her life – she would make this kingdom his? Just why?

“Why would you do all of this for me?”

“Are you not my child?”

“I am?”

“Then why not?”

“I don’t deserve all of this.”

“No you deserve the world and nothing less… we can take over every kingdom if you are not satisfied.”

“No no, I don’t want to be an emperor mamma.”

“You have no choice.”

He was about to say something else but she patted his head and forced his face between her melons.

Two days later, Yue Mian was in the imperial court hall with all the ministers and royals. Standing beside her brother the crown prince she felt annoyed at the long proceedings.

Finally the eunuch said, “If there are no further issues to be discussed please leave.”

The court was silent, seeing that no one said anything she said, “I have something.”

All eyes were on her. Stepping forward she walked up the stairs making everyone frown. Her father emperor Wang wasn’t bothered, this was the second time she attended the court out of her own without being persuaded by someone.

Bowing to her father she smiled… turning to the court she folded her arms. Standing there she looked down at all the people who she thought the same as cockroaches. Tilting her head to the side she closed her eyes. Lazily she said, “A few days ago my daughter caused a ruckus and I want to apologize for her actions. Whether you take my apology and accept it so be it if you don’t agree I couldn’t care less…”

Walking to the side she turned to look at her father, “Emperor Wang, I’ve told you and everyone here that I am not someone any of you should mess with so why do you continue to test me.”

“Yu Rucheng! How dare you speak to the emperor like that?” Questioned the Left Prime Minister. Turning to look at him she smirked, “Keep quiet or you won’t wake up to see a new day.” She threatened him.

Looking back at emperor Wang who looked at her expressionlessly, “I’m not bounded by blood like all of you that is why I will never listen to you. You hold me high on a pedestal but do not respect me so my question is why should I continue keeping up this farce and play nice?”

“Ye Yue Mian!!” yelled General Ye. Looking at her grandfather she squinted her eyes, “General Ye?”

“Did I not teach you to respect your elders, moreover you are in front of his majesty and you dare to disrespect him!”

Closing her eyes she reached into her sleeve and pulled out a gold token. Holding it in front of her she tapped it a few times. Letting go of the gold token it dropped to the floor. Raising her foot she stepped on it.

Seeing this scene play out in front of them their eyes widened and a few of them even felt like fainting. Looking up at the crowd she said, “You all should know that this is meaningless to me. I already found out why I was kicked out of the palace before, I don’t need to play house with you if you all won’t respect me and my family. I can easily put my son on the throne and none of you will be able to say anything about it – this is my final warning, the only reason why I am in this palace is to keep you all in check, if I decide to leave, everyone’s blood will be on my hands.”

With that, she bowed to her father and walked down the steps. Her proud figure walked down the aisle that divided the court in half… looking at her departing back many couldn’t stop from shaking in their shoes to be so daring and carefree not worrying about the consequences – they had no words for her or her actions.

Emperor Wang looked at his daughters parting silhouette wandering what he did in order to anger her so. Turning to look at his son the crown prince he could see that there was a slight sadness on his face.

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