My Daughter's Crown

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Final Arc – 1|Known(1)

[Alright, so I’m writing this way now in hopes that you all can get a better understanding of her character and thoughts… I’m also no longer sugar coating words.]

Scratching my head I looked yonder at the beautiful city. The grassy hills surrounding me swayed with the wind blowing left and right with no tomorrow in sight. Sighing I rubbed the ache in my neck hoping it would just fuck the hell away!

Getting up from the boulder I placed my ass on three hours ago, I rubbed the pain away, mind you, I can still handle this compared to when my husband rams my ass.

Walking back into the cave I slept in last night, I drank from my animal skin bottle. Laying down in the dark cave I groaned, “How the fuck am I going to enter the palace?!”

Hearing the echo, I roll my eyes and closed them.

It’s been a month since I left and still there’s no progress besides the few encounters I had on the way to Jilei.


Waking up to the sound of ruffling and muffled voices, not to mention the smell of blood in the air. Raising my head, I looked up into the dark cave and saw that it was no longer dark. A fire was lit with two shadows dancing on the walls.

Listening closely too their conversation I frown, “B-brother w-why w-were w-we a-attacked?”

“I-I don’t know, but we need to get out of here before they find us.”

“D-do y-you t-think e-elder b-brother w-will c-come g-get u-us?”

“We were supposed to arrive before sunset so I’d assume that he will send a search party out. Don’t cry Xian, we’ll make it out alive, they only got lucky because we didn’t suspect an ambush.”

“B-but t-they k-killed s-so m-many o-of o-our s-soldiers!”

Sighing the one who seemed to be the eldest cooed the other.

“MASTER, MASTER, I’VE BROUGHT THE FOOD YOU ASKED FOR!!!” came from outside the cave making me cuss.

“B-brother w-who…” the one trailed as I got up. Hearing me move deep inside the cave they froze as I approached. Yawning I looked down at them while scratching my back.

They both wore fine silk clothing and had swords on them. They were cuddled in each other’s arms, well more like the elder one was protecting the little one since he had his sword pointed at me.

Winking at the two with a grin I walked out shrugging my shirt on and tying it at the waist. Walking up the small hill before the cave and looking down at the five scuffling fools before me I sat down.

One of them walked up to me with a basket covered with a lotus leaf. Criss-crossing my legs I sat the basket in the gap between my legs and took off the leaf. Salivating at the delicious-looking chicken I break off a quarter leg, toasting it in the air to the five who had their heads lowered and bit down, sucking every juice into my mouth.

Shooing them away I sat their eating but not for long. I turned to look at the two who walked out of the cave now standing behind me. Raising a brow at them I got off and turned to them.

The elder one slightly bowed his head making me frown, “Sorry to bother you sister but my brother and I haven’t had anything to eat in the last eight hours, would you mind sparing us some of your food, I can pay you back when we return home.”

Frowning at the basket in my hand I was reluctant. Looking back at them I smiled innocently, “But I don’t share my food.”

Tilting my head I grinned and turned around walking towards the five who looked back at us in confusion. Hearing a sigh from behind me my hand quickly broke off the breast and wing quarter, I turned my body and threw it at them.

Watching the elder brother’s quick movements who grabbed the chicken quarter before it hit his younger brother in the face. I threw the other quarter at him too smirking at their surprised expressions. Scoffing I turned around and walked off – I don’t need their damn money!


Minding her own business Yue Mian skipped along the pathway leading into the mountains after waking up with an aching back. As she skipped she saw a bunch of men crouched behind a huge boulder looking over it.

Sneaking up to them she crouched down beside one peaking over the boulder like them, mimicking them with a goofy smile on her face. The man who she was next to, caught a fright seeing the white-faced freak beside him.

Standing up he caught the others attention. They looked down at her smiling face yelling, “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

Pouting she stood up, “Brothers what are you looking for?”

“THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!” one of them yelled pushing her down and the men started kicking and hitting her. With the white powder all over her face and the robe around her body, they couldn’t see that the one before them was a she and not a he.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL DOING??” came a yell from behind everyone. They stopped kicking her who was in a tight ball with her arms over her head.

“Sir, this wretch was hiding between us!” one of the men answered.

Looking down at Yue Mian the man groaned, “Do you fuckers think we have time for this shit… those two are hiding in that house, get ready, we’re going to attack!”

“Yes sir!!!” they answered in unison.

When they cleared away, she peeked her head out and rolled her eyes. Getting up she dusted herself off and suddenly froze. Kneeling down she picked up the basket and chicken that was in pieces.

The rims of her eyes turned bloodred. Mumbling to herself, ‘Yu Sheng sent me this chicken!!’

Her head shot left. Getting up she stumbled her way up and down the hill the men took.

Hearing screams in the distance as she walked up another hill she stopped on top looking down. There, below the hill was a house and it hosted the fight between those men and the two from last night. Rubbing the white powdered shit off her face she yelled getting their attention.

Looking down at them she walked over slowly, “All of you, come here!”

The leader of the group motioned with his eyes for one of the men to deal with her. Nodding his head, he ran through the entrance towards her.

She too ran jumping into the air and kicking against his chest. Quickly picking up his sword after she landed, piercing the sword into his torso.

Glaring up at the rest with a bloody face she smirked. Getting up she started cutting down at those who charged at her.

Cutting down the last one she watched as the leader and another ran off while looking back at her.

With her bloody clothes, she started laughing while wiping away the blood on her face off. Turning around she threw the two brothers a challenging look. The eldest raised his sword and she charged at him.

After exchanging a few blows she pulled back, “You have a heavy hand.” She said to him while shaking the pain out of her hand that was spasming.

“Who are you?” the elder brother asked.

Looking at them after throwing away the sword she scoffed, “You have to introduce yourself first before knowing the other, love.”


Smiling at his changing face after calling him love, a blush crept up his neck making its way to his cheeks. Swallowing, he answered, “I’m Wang Ling Tian and this is my younger brother Wang Xian Le.”

Pursing my lips I turned around, “I’m Yue Mian, well it was nice meeting you and I hope we never see each other ever again.” I waved them off while walking away.

“Wait, please wait.” I heard Wang Ling Tian call out to me. Stopping in my steps I turned around with a raised brow. “Is there something you need from me love?”

“Please help us get home, you’re stronger and better in fighting than the two of us, I’ll try and repay you as best as I can and if I can’t my father or my brother will.” He says hopefully.

Sighing I asked, “Is there chicken in your home?”

He frowned but nodded, “Alright.” I smiled brightly.


Walking through the forest behind the imperial palace it was quite peaceful apart from the occasional wild animal that I had to scare off. The two brothers spoke to me but it wasn’t too much.

“Y-Yue M-Mian?” Xian Le called out to me.

Turning my head I nod at him. The handsome young boy looked at me hesitantly but spoke, “W-where d-did y-you l-learn h-how t-to f-fight?”

“Oh… my grandfather and uncles.” I answered while looking around for attackers.

“A-are y-you u-used t-to a-all t-the b-blood?” he asked.

“Yup, its how I survived, a travelling woman gets into lots of danger all alone on the road,” I answered while swinging my arms behind my head and kicked my legs as I walked.

“I-I’m n-not b-brave e-enough,” he trailed softly.

“It’s alright, you’re still young and the only reason why I am able to protect myself is because I am afraid of losing my life.”

It went quiet again so I started humming. My hum became a tune and the words left my mouth, “The father’s face is stern and strong, he sits and judges right from wrong, he weighs our lives the short and long - and loves the little children.”

“The mother gives the gift of life, and watches over every wife, her gentle smile lands so strife - she loves her little children.”

“The warrior stands before the walls protecting us were’er we go, with sword and shield and spear and bow - he guards the little children.”

“The crone is very wise and old, and see our fates as they unfold, she lifts her lamp of shining gold - to lead the little children.”

“The smith he labours day and night, to put the world of men to right, with hammer, plough and fire bright – he builds for little children.”

“The maiden dances through the sky, she lives in every lovers sigh, her smile teachers birds to fly – she gives dreams to little children.”

“The seven Gods who made us all, are listening if we should call, so close your eyes you shall not fall – they see you little children.”

“So close your eyes you shall not fall, they see you little children.”

(Karliene - The Song of the Seven)

After humming the end of it, Xian Le said to me, “That’s a beautiful song, and you have a beautiful voice.”

Turning my head slightly I grinned, “Thanks, at least you are speaking properly now.”

Blushing he coughed clearing his throat, “I was really scared and you helped calm me down.”

“Well, I’m glad I could help.”

“I bet under all that blood, you’re beautiful too.” Said Ling Tian. Looking at him from the corner of my eye I smiled, “So I’ve heard.”

After walking for a few miles I heard horses galloping towards us. Pushing Ling Tian and Xian Le behind me I stood before them with a sword pointing ahead. The men on horses stopped in front of us quickly jumping off.

The soldiers on the horses looked at me wearily. A horse from the back stepped forward with a handsomely beautiful man on it. His temperament gave him an otherworldly aura. The minute he stopped before us; the two brothers behind me jumped out running towards him.

Sheathing the sword I looked on at them slowly backing away so that I wasn’t in their way… there’s something odd going on here.

The handsome man got off his horse. Spreading out his arms, the two ran into him and hugged him. Xian Le started crying. The handsome man rubbed their backs kissing their foreheads, “Thank the heavens and our ancestors that you two are safe.”

Xian Le looked up at his brother sniffing, “Brother, I don’t think its the heavens that saved us… she did,” he says pointing to me who had turned around already slowly creeping away but I had to stop.


Trying my best not to curse I turned to them smiling bitterly, “I change my mind?”

The handsome man let go of his brothers and slowly made his way to me. He stopped two feet from me and I could smell the wood and metal scent on him.

Squinting his eyes at me he asked in his husky voice, “You, saved my brothers?”

Shrugging my shoulders I looked at the two behind him, “I didn’t do it on purpose, they were just there when I got rid of those men.”

He looked at me from top to bottom. “Do you know who I am?”

Rubbing my neck, I shrugged, “Why would I?”

He opened his mouth but was cut off. “You should pay your respects to his highness, Crown Prince Xian Rong, this empire’s Crown Prince.”

Hearing that familiar sexy voice coming from behind the crowd of soldiers my body stiffened. Moving my eyes from Xian Rong to scan the crowd I locked on to the sexiest man I know – my husband.

“Cousin!!” the two princes squealed at the same time running up to hug him.

“The two of you gave us a headache!”

After he hugged them he walked over giving me a once over. Holding his sleeve over his nose he looked at me with disgust. Tapping Xian Rong on the shoulder he ignored me, “Brother, we have the little princes, let’s report back to uncle.”

Nodding his head Xian Rong turned, heading for his horse. They all got on leaving me just standing there like I am nothing.

I started walking away. Stopping his horse Yu Sheng looked back at me squinting his eyes, “Rong, she did save their lives.”

“YUE MIAN!!!” Xian Le called my name.

Pausing in my treks, I turn back to look at them. Raising a brow I asked, “Is there something else you need from me?”

“We asked you to escort us home, this isn’t home.” He said making me frown.

“But your brother and these people are more than enough to protect you, you no longer need me,” I say while starting to walk again.

“B-but w-we s-still n-need t-to r-repay y-you.” He stuttered.

Sighing I looked over at Yu Sheng who was smiling at me but had a sad look in his eyes making me raise a brow. My look questioned him but he just shook his head.

“Miss Yue Mian, please follow us.” Said Xian Rong while motioning for one of the soldiers to give me his horse. Looking down at the sword in my hand I chucked it one side and got on the horse, luckily the blood on my clothes and body is already dry and didn’t stain the horses’ beautiful coat.

I was stuck in the middle between the princes who I learned from the soldiers addressing them. Yu Sheng was ahead with the crown prince – well I think all three of them are my brothers but I will have to wait and hear from Yu Sheng since I never paid attention to the names other than my father, the prime ministers, generals and Marquis.

We arrived behind the palace and I marvelled in awe, these people really know how to waste money. The horses came to a stop and I saw Yu Sheng walk up to me or well his horse did. “Miss, I’ll be taking you to an inn to get you cleaned up and once we get summoned I’ll escort you back to the palace, please follow me,” he says making me frown.

Looking at the princes they grin, “Don’t worry Yue Mian, Yu Sheng is one of the best in the three empires, he’ll protect you, just don’t let him swoon you…” Prince Ling Tian states.

I looked over at Yu Sheng who is staring blankly at me. Looking back at the princes I nodded and followed Yu Sheng to an inn. Getting off the horse he walked in front of me towards the inn making me follow his lead.

Surprisingly we just walked in and headed upstairs while we passed an attendant who nodded at his command for a bath of warm water for me. Closing the door behind me I turned to look at Yu Sheng who was already seated pouring tea into cups for us.

Seated down across him I took the teacup he pushed my way in my hands and smelled the fragrance – Hibiscus tea, his favourite, I hate this shitty tea!

Downing it, he pours me another cup and I drank it without breathing.

Looking into his eyes I saw a hint of sadness and knew what it all was about. “How’re the children,” I asked him.

His face tensed slightly as he answered me, “Our son is doing well, he’s been practicing his martial arts under the militants and Shan just wants you home. She’s growing but still small…” he trailed zoning at the cup in his hands.

Nodding my head in agreement, I have to pay them a visit soon, “Sheng?” I asked trying to get his attention.

He looks up at me with blank eyes, “Rucheng?”

I’m tense; shoulders relaxed hearing him call me by that name, his voice filled with affection although he looked at me like I was a stranger, “Can you arrange for me to meet them, I’m also off the medication if you want to try for another child.”

His blank eyes fill with life again as I say this making me feel relieved. A smile tugs at his lips as a flush tinted his cheeks, “How long? The physician said it takes at least a month to be out of your system.”

“It’s been out for the last six weeks,” I say with a shrug. He rolled his eyes at me, “But what about the palace?”

“I miss the feeling of having a baby inside me so it’s alright, I could always say I’m helping a friend to carry a baby but I doubt I’d be around them with a big belly… you also know that it barely shows until I’m seven months pregnant.”

He smiled shaking his head. His expression turned serious, “So, you will most likely enter the palace and meet the emperor today or tomorrow, are you ready?”

Frowning I shake my head. “Why not?” he asked worriedly.

“I still have to fulfil my wife duties, can’t it wait till tomorrow?” I ask him while rubbing my thumb over his hand. A growl escaped his lips making me smile.

“You know as well as I do that an animal like you needs to have a proper meal at least once a month or else someone might suffer,” I continue teasingly.

He takes my hand in his and entwines our fingers, “I’ll let them know not to disturb us tonight,” he says while looking at our hands.

Nodding I pull away since I can’t hug him with my smelly body, “So, how’s things in the palace?”

“Nothing much, it’s the same old stuff since I arrive two months ago. My family is happy that I am now stationed here but want me to marry one of the noble daughters – they say I’m getting old and need children.”

“Why don’t you tell them that you’re gay?” I say with a smirk.

Raising a brow at me he says, “Why don’t I tell them I’m fucking the most beautiful and most dangerous woman of the three empires.”

Tilting my head I sigh, “They won’t believe any of those reasons.”

“Yes and that’s why I’m meeting with the young noble lady and taking her on outings with me,” he says looking at me as if what he just said is normal for a married man such as himself.

“Just no kissing and sleeping with her, she’ll probably die from a heart attack when she finds out who’s husband you are,” I say smiling at him. He nods while taking another sip of his shitty tea.

A knock sounds from the door and Yu Sheng gets up to open the door. Three men walk in carrying pails of water towards the back of the room covered by a folding screen. They leave and Yu Sheng closes the door. I strip my clothes off making my way to the back as he picks the bloody rags up, that I call clothes.

Stepping into the warm bath that almost overflows as I sit down. He walks to the side and opens two bottles of oils and pours them in.

Lifting his sleeve he puts his hands in the water stirring it so that the water mixes with the oils. The scent of the oils reach my nose and my body sinks down as my tense muscles relax – I missed this, I really do.

My eyes close as I feel a cloth rub at my face. When it’s gone I open my eyes and look up.

My handsome husband leans down to kiss my lips then kisses my cheek that once was accessorized by a scar. Rubbing his thumb over the slight bump it left he smiles gently looking into my eyes. Leaning down to kiss my lips again he whispers against my lips, “I’ve missed you so much Rucheng, you are no longer allowed to leave my side… even in death.”

Nodding my head I pushed up meeting his lips, pulling away I sink down into the water and let him wash the dirt, blood and grime out of my hair. Helping me sit back up, he used the soap rubbing it against my skin gently and washed away the dirt on me.

Rinsing away the suds he pulled my legs apart. Rubbing the soap against the cloth he moved it down my legs rubbing against his claimed spot. Rubbing me gently and feeling around he raises my hips washing my behind and entrance.

Rinsing me off as I stand before him, he holds out the bathrobe. Holding his hands out to me I reached for it. With my hand in his, he firmly gripped it assuring me that it was safe to get out.

Rubbing the robe against my body until I am dry he chucks it to the side covering me with the navy blue one he bought for me a few years back. Tugging it on my body, he led me to the bed, sitting me down gently.

Returning to the bath he took his armour and robes off climbing into the bath washing the sweat off his body.

Laying down on the bed I closed my eyes as my body sunk into the soft bed, it’s way better compared to the grass and stone I slept on while I was travelling.

Hearing him stalk towards the bed with wet steps I licked my bottom lip. Hearing him chuckle I raised my right leg as he touches it. Feeling him grip firmly on my thighs I feel shivers go up my spine.

His nose brushing against my sensitive spot as he breathes in my scent. His warm wet tongue licking away while he savours the flavour only he can taste. Gasping at the sting from being roughly devoured I fist his hair pulling myself up.

Looking down at the beastly eyes looking back at me, I move my hips meeting his tongue. Hitting my head back on the bed my back arches as my muscles tense. An electric current circulates my body before stopping at my soft spot. Squeezing my legs around his neck he snarls as my climax meets his lips.

Moaning while taking everything in, he smiles against my leaking lips. Kissing his way up to my lips he smiles while looking down at my dilated eyes, “I did a good job cleaning you down there.”

Releasing the breath I didn’t know I was keeping back, I turned my body around. Yu Sheng growls as he kisses down my spine while slowly removing the robe he dressed me in. Grabbing my hips gently he lifts my lower body up.

Lining himself with me as he spreads both our legs. Rubbing my cheeks in circular motions he slowly enters moaning as he enters inch by inch. I grip onto the sheets tightly and biting them - I huff as the tears trail down my cheeks.

“Hugh!” he grunts as my walls start sucking on him begging for him to ram into me. Turning my head, I meet his piercing gaze as he smirks at me, “S-s-sheng,” I moan calling for him. His gaze darkens looking down at me.

Running his hand up my back he clasped in on my right shoulder, pulling me up gently I feel him move deeper making me tense up. Wrapping his arms around my waist, each hand cupping a breast, he whispers in my ear as his chest meets my back, “Relax.” Doing as he says, I relax against him while he kisses my back.

Pulling out of me, he slams back in making my body lunge forward with my hair moving in all directions but I don’t fall forward because of his hold on my breast. Moving his hips in circular motions my body trembles at the familiar feeling that I’ve longed for.

My vision blurs as my body is brought to cloud nine with his rough thrust. Screaming at the top of my lungs until I can’t scream anymore, I tense in his hold as I feel him tense inside me.

Cupping my face we kiss till our saliva messes and climax together. Swallowing my moan he licks my lips; looking down at me after pulling away he smiles.

Pulling out of me he lays on me, kissing my lips, nose, cheeks and closed eyes before spreading my legs and lining himself up with me and entering. Taking in a deep breath with my stuffy nose the room fills once again with the sound of us moaning, lust and the smell of sweaty sex.


Laying in his arms, I rubbed my hand up and down his muscular body while he had his hand in my hair twirling it between his fingers.

“Sheng?” I asked with a call.

“Yes,” he answered in his husky after sex voice.

“Won’t the workers gossip about you sleeping around with an unknown woman?” I asked him with a frown on my face.

“I own this place,” he answered sounding amused.

Rolling my eyes I punched his chest playfully making him laugh. “I’m serious, you said I’d be called into the palace today.”

“I know, but I told the guys before they left to let them know that I was out and you were asleep after travelling for so long.”

“When did you do this?” I asked raising my head to look at him.

He smiled at me mockingly, “When you weren’t looking.”

Sighing as he took my face in his hands and rub my cheek where the scare once was. We looked into each other’s eyes and I can’t believe that he and I are married. Sheng is firstly my cousin, secondly my guard, thirdly my best friend, my husband and the father of my children – how did I manage to win over his affection and have him be my life long partner.

He looked at me worriedly, “What’s wrong?” he asked while wiping away the stray tear that fell.

Shaking my head I smile, “Why would something be wrong?”

“Why are you crying?” he asks squinting his eyes at me.

Poking his nose with my finger I say, “Well it’s because I can’t believe how lucky I am to be your wife after all those years of bickering and not to mention that we are related through our fathers… oh and there’s still the affair you had with Prince Baek Ah… thinking of all of this, just makes me wonder, that’s all.”

He frowned looking at me and I curse myself for opening my big mouth. “Rucheng, you know I no longer have feelings for him so you should stop dwelling on my past. You’re the mother of my children and my wife, I won’t break our vows for something of the past.”

“Yea, I know.”

“If you know then why do you always bring it up?”

“I didn’t, it’s just one fact along with many that makes it unbelievable that you are my husband.”

“I married you because I love you,” he states bluntly.

I can feel my tears threatening to come out but he wipes them away with a smile. “Why do you love someone like me?” I ask him hoping for something.

He shrugs while grinning, “Its most probably because you’re so fucking crazy and every day is something new with you, never the expected but always the unexpected.”

Rolling my eyes I pushed his hands away. Laying my head on his chest I closed my eyes. “Do you love me?” I hear him ask. Nodding my head I hear him chuckle through his chest.

“Why do you love me even though you know I am your cousin?”

“Our fathers are cousins separated by our grandmothers so we’re not really related so that doesn’t count and they can’t hold it against us unlike that bullshit of me having to marry my blood related brother. And me loving you, it’s because you are my best friend, the one I trust the most so I just…”

“You just what?”

“Love the beast within you?”

“So you like it better when I eat you up instead of love you?”

“Aaaaaa Yu Sheng, I didn’t say so, I love all of you!” I protested while looking at his grinning mug.

He rolls his eyes and pulled my head up for a kiss. Leaning our foreheads together he sighed saying, “I love you Mrs Yu.”

Giggling I kissed his nose, “I love you more Mr Yu.”


Leaving the inn we head to a nearby restaurant for breakfast, he says I should eat something nice after eating nonsense while traveling. Rolling my eyes at him who’s smirking at me from across the table.

“So, what now?” I ask referring to our mission.

He hums with a nod, he’s in a good mood today. “Well, this morning a notice came from the emperor to have you enter the palace so that he can personally thank you for saving his sons.”

“Well, I’ll deal with it I guess, when can I see my babies?”

“Depends on how things go in the palace, the princes might want to keep you near them after they see your beauty.”

Rolling my eyes I drank the tea. Yu Sheng looks at me smiling, “Why are you in such a good mood today?”

“Having my wife near me puts me in a good mood always,” he says while tilting his head to the side.

“Such a sweet talker you are.”

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