My Daughter's Crown

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It’s been a few months since I arrived and Xian Le’s trust in me has grown. The two of us are taking a stroll through the palace back yard where there’s no one around besides us. The two of us come here every day so that we can spar in peace.

Laying on the grass he turns to face me, “YuMi, can I tell you something?” he asks nervously.

I nod my head while looking up at the clouds, “You can trust me.”

He crawls up to me and hugs my body, nervously he whispers in my ear, “I like men.”

Opening my eyes I turn to look at him. Raising a brow I ask, “You like men sexually?”

His eyes widen with a blush as he nods at me. I smile, “That’s alright, does your family know?” I ask him.

He shakes his head, “Only brother Tian, he caught me ogling my crush.”

“Your crush?” I ask rubbing his hair.

“Mn, I have a crush on Prince Dongliu.” He says with a sigh.

Raising a brow, the names clicks with the title in my head, “You like Prince Dongliu of Naiad?”

“Mn, I’ve liked him since the first time I saw him when we were younger, he was such a sweet gentleman and he is so strong, I can’t wait for the alliance meeting so I can see him again. Those strong bulky muscles that can crush me under him easily,” he says while squealing into the palms of his hands and wiggling around.

Laughing I say, “Well you should tell him, there’s nothing wrong with letting the one you like, know you love them so you can get your answer early instead of waiting and getting your heart crushed.”

He peeks through his fingers at me, “What if he doesn’t like me back?”

“Then he doesn’t, you move on,” I answer shrugging.

I hear him sigh, “There’s a definite chance that he won’t like me back, he likes woman, mostly brothels,” he says making me frown.

“Xian, you’re not even sixteen yet and you have your whole life ahead of you, there are many men in the army that like other men so I’m sure you will find the man for you and if you don’t want them, how about I introduce you to the most handsome man in the world that likes boys too?” I say grinning while wiggling my brows at him.

He starts laughing, “Is he more handsome than Prince Dongliu?”


“How old is he?” he asks with a raised brow.

“He is seventeen,” I say with a proud smile.

“Oooo~ so he is two years older than me… What’s his name?” he asks making me grin.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself, come get up and let’s go find him!” I say while jumping to my feet.


I lead Xian Le to the army base on a horse. We arrive to see them sparring and running the obstacle courses that my handsome husband is drilling their asses to do.

We meet up with Yu Sheng who has general Shim beside him who is shocked beyond compare as he sees me approaching them. I see Yu Sheng glare at him and whisper something to him that makes him frown but agree. He composes himself and ignores my presence and greets Xian Le.

“Hello,” Xian Le greets back shyly making Yu Shengs brows furrow as he looks at me. I grin knowingly, mentally telling him with my eyes that we’ll discuss this later tonight.

“What brings the two of you here?” he asks us while I glare at general Shim who’s eyeing my breasts.

“I want to introduce Luo Fan to Xian Le, he doesn’t believe that Luo Fan is the most handsome in Jilei,” I say with a straight face making Yu Sheng wince and general Shim frown.

“If Luo Fan’s the most handsome then what about me?” asks Yu Sheng with a glare.

Shrugging my shoulders, “Only your wife, girlfriend or whore thinks you’re handsome,” I say making general Shim burst out laughing. He turns to face me, “I’m sorry but the two of us haven’t met before, I’m Shim Taerim from Xieye and Yu Sheng’s best friend.”

I bow slightly, “I’m Qin Yue Mian, it’s a pleasure meeting you, and I’m Prince Xian Le’s bodyguard, Prince Ling Tian’s mistress and a thorn in Yu Sheng’s side.” He nods his head knowingly then turns to Yu Sheng and bursts out laughing at the fire burning in his eyes.

After they both calm down Yu Sheng calls for LuoFan to come see us. We head to the training grounds at the back of the base camp - I occasionally visit here to see my son.

We sit and have a chat for a while. A knock lands on the door and Yu Sheng tells him to come in; I grin seeing that he has no shirt on. His sweaty torso has strands of his beautiful long hair stuck to it.

His biceps flex as he ties his hair back after seeing that it’s me who sought him out. He knows I don’t like a messy man and love people who present themselves well. Yu Sheng and Taerim leave us and I look to my side at the heavy heaving Xian Le.

I smile at Luo Fan’s confused look. Clearing out my throat I beam at him, “Luo Fan, I’d like to introduce you to Prince Xian Le, Xian Le, this is Ye Luo Fan, he is my friend’s son and also he is the most handsome in your generation.”

Luo Fan looks at me with widened eyes, he turns to Xian Le who he towers and bows deeply, “Greeting your highness, it’s an honour to meet you.” He says making his mama proud, mama Fei taught him well.

Clearing his throat Xian Le blushes, “N-no n-need t-to s-stand o-on c-ceremony,” he says making Luo Fan stand up. Pulling Xian Le to my side, I place a hand over his shoulder, “Alright, now that we have the names out of the way, Luo Fan, since your mother left your hand to me I’ve decided on who you will marry.”

He folds his arms across his broad chest, raising a brow he scoffs, “Oh really now?”

I nod my head with a hum, “Yup!” Pushing Xian Le into Luo Fan who caught him in his arms I laugh, “Yes pup, there’s your wife.”

They both look at me with a ‘are you serious’ look and I nod, “No joke, Xian, there’s the most handsome man and Luo Fan, I hope you’re happy with him.”

Stepping back I quickly run out and close the door behind me.

[Luo Fan’s POV]

I watch as the door closes behind her, hearing the whimpers coming from the prince in my arms, I look down and after a moment I feel that his body is trembling in my hold.

“Ah sorry,” I say and pull away from him. Looking him over I curse my mother for doing this, how can she just leave like that after saying all that nonsense!

Pouring a cup of water, I raise it to Xian Le’s mouth and he takes it from my hands. I step back and watch as his Adam’s apple bobs down and back up. His eyes meet mine and I see a blush work its way up his neck to his cheeks.

Smiling I take the seat opposite him. He puts the cup down with a loud gulp that makes him turn a shade redder as he looks at me and averts his eyes knowing that I heard it.

Taking the cup he drank from I pour for myself water and drink from the spot where his lips touched. Looking at him whose mouth opens and stares at the cup going into the gap between my lips, makes a smile tug.

“Why are you laughing?” he asks me.

Raising a brow at him I shrug my shoulders, “You look like you want to eat me up,” I say making him turn tomato red.

His shoulders sink and he bows his head in defeat. Putting the cup down I smile at him – so cute.

Cupping my hand under his chin I raised his face to look at me. He opens his mouth to say something but I quickly lean over and mend his bottom lip between my lips. I thought he’d pull back but he leans in and pushes his tongue into my mouth.

Picking him up off the chair, I put him on my lap. His body leans against my sweaty chest and our tongues dance in his mouth while I lead him. After kissing passionately I pull back after hearing him whimper.

Kissing down his neck I rub my nose down while peppering kisses all over his neck, cheek and ears making sure not to leave a mark.

I stop hearing my father’s voice outside. Prince Xian Le looks at me with watery eyes as I stand him up and fix his clothes that now have my sweat on it.

Leaning down I kiss his lips one last time. Feeling him smile into our kiss my heart is shaken, I pull back and look into his eyes – one kiss and I’m in love.

[Back to Yue Mian]

Walking out I wink at Yu Sheng and General Shim.

Mounting my horse I wait for Xian Le who comes out thirty minutes later tomato red. I look over at him and smile at him who’s avoiding my eyes. Looking over I see Luo Fan talking to Sheng.

Ushering the horses on we leave with Xian Le leading us back – well now that Luo Fan will keep him company, I guess it’s time I start!

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