My Daughter's Crown

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Coronation (1)

“I try to remember him, the way he used to be
A man’s name who I’ve carver on my heart
I was born inside the warmth of him, born inside a dream
Whenever we dreamt we find ourselves apart
I cried all my tears, drowned in these years
Tired, for the longing of you
For the burning within
For your kiss on my skin, for your heart
For the man I loved
I try to remember him, the way he used to love
The man who gave me everything, the rain and the sun
He danced around the palace on, the edge we made love
And we never feared afar, we might fall
I cried all my tears, drowned in these years
Tired, for the longing of you
For the burning within
For your kiss on my skin, for your heart
For the man I loved
I’m always yours
I’m always yours
I’m always yours
I’m always – yours
I’m always yours
I’m always – yours”

Opening my eyes to that beautiful voice I’ve missed, I smiled.

“YuMi?” I hear making me frown, why is Xian Le’s voice disrupting my sleep? Opening one eye slowly I look around but don’t see anything. Opening my other eye, I see that I’m in a well-decorated room and laying in a comfortable bed that’s making my back ache.

Sitting up, hands scoop under me and help me up. Sighing I see Xian Le’s worried gaze and Yu Sheng holding me up. Opening my mouth to greet him, I see his eyes quickly move left and back to look at me meaning that this is no time to flirt with him… I can’t call him handsome!

He sits me up on the bed properly and my mother leans in as he steps back. “Mama,” I answer weakly and with a weary smile.

She has a glare in her eyes but a smile on her face, “How are you feeling?” she asks hiding away her glare.

I shrug my shoulders and a pain hits me making me hiss, “Still in pain,” I say.

“Well what do you expect after being flogged?” she says making me frown. Lifting the quilt off me I force myself up. Shaking my head I look down at her, “It’s not from that, it’s from laying in this uncomfortable bed… where are we?”

Xian Le runs into me again but gently this time and starts balling his tears out, “I’m so so so so sorry sister YuMi, I didn’t mean to knock you out when I rushed into you, I just wanted a hug. I knew you weren’t evil, I knew you didn’t mean what you said, I – I – was just so happy that you were my sister and that you weren’t going to die that I couldn’t help myself from hugging you, I’m so so so so sorry, please don’t be angry at me,” he says.

I chuckle while hugging him back, “Don’t worry baby boy, come let’s get out of here before my mama kills me… by the way, where are we?”

“In your princess palace,” he says while wiping his tears away.

I look at mama and she nods her head, “Young lady, you’ve got some explaining to do…” she trails while giving me a playful glare.

Smiling at her I nod back, “Mama~ this doesn’t seem like what it looks like, I just wanted to scare them… the whole poisoning incident was just a farce, the lady who caught me, she actually works for me and I poisoned, already poisoned food that we snuck into the palace so there’s no harm done.”

She pulls me into a hug, “No harm done, baby, you’ve been gone for eleven years and I’ve been lonely without you, and only to hear about you being executed, do you know how worried we all were? His Majesty couldn’t come so he sent An Cheng in his place along with half of the army ready to go to war with Jilei – all because of you!” she says while I feel tears running down my neck.

I nod hugging her back, “I’ll go apologize to Godfather in a few days but mama, now that I’m back in the palace, will you go back to Xieye?”

She pulls back and says with a sad smile, “Baby, we don’t belong here, how about you come back with mama?”

“No!” I shake my head, “Mama, I’m not going back, I like it here with Ling Tian and Xian Le, I’ve never had siblings of my own and they’ve made me feel more than welcome and even treated me like their sister – I won’t leave that and besides I’m not done making them all regret chasing us out. I’ve already found the evidence to the attempted assassination, I’m not leaving and that’s final!”

My mother looks at me stunned for a moment then suddenly bursts out laughing. Wiping her tears away, I look at Yu Sheng and he too has a clueless look on his face, “Baby, you’re so much like me do you know that?”

“Yes I know,” I say pouting.

She nods her head, “Alright, your grandmother and the twins are here, and your pappa as well so you better come out and greet them.”

And suddenly it all dawns on me, before I left, my mother remarried and they had a set of twins according to Sheng, Winter River and Summer Rain I think, well I’m named moon face so why not name your fucking children Star face and Sun face while you’re at it woman!

Frowning, “How did emperor Wang react to your marriage?”

She scoffs, “I loved your father, I did but your papa swooned me too – his loss,” she says proudly making me grin but then I remember what a frightening man he is and feel shivers run up my spine.
We walk off with Sheng trailing behind us. Hugging Xian Le to my side I look over my shoulder and wink at my handsome man making him glare playfully at me.

When we’re alone later, I will need him to tell me the details of what happened after I passed out – I guess I’m not that strong after all. Sighing my shoulders sag, he must have been really worried about me.

“Why are you sighing?” Xian Le asks. Flicking his forehead I say, “Well I just realized that I must have made Yu Sheng worry a lot about me after I passed out.”

He turned to look at Yu Sheng and shivered, “Sister YuMi, Yu Sheng is very protective over you and that other man, it’s like they could almost kill everyone when we tried helping you but they wouldn’t let us.”

Smiling down at him I hugged him closer, “Yeah, I am their princess after all.” Turning my head I looked at Sheng apologetically and he frowns, ‘It’s all over, don’t worry,’ he mouths my way but I just shake my head at him making him raise a brow.

I’ll let him have his way and ravish me tonight.

+Okay so YuMi is awake and this is now the second part of the story called Coronation obviously after Known to them all. I don’t know how many more will be added but it’s all one Arc/Volume so no stress – this is just the introduction of the Coronation ‘sequel’ so its short, welp look forward to the rest of the story, this will most likely be the first and last authors note ‘MOST LIKELY’ :D+

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