My Daughter's Crown

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Her Best Friend and Last Friend

Yue Mian was truly loved by everyone. Even the Xiěyè Empire’s Emperor An would often visit just to play with her. After a while of spending time together, Crown Prince An Cheng forgave Yue Mian for her previous rejection and the two of them became close friends over the years.

Calling Ye Yue Mian her full name became a nuisance which led to her name being shortened and she became the adorable YuMi that everyone loved and adored.

Two years later her mother and grandfather got her a guard dog. She needed someone to play with her continuously and a pet was perfect this because it never ran out of energy. The dog was a mixed breed between a Doberman and a wolf. She loved this dog, but because she couldn’t speak well and stuttered most of the time, she couldn’t come up with a good name for the dog.

He was as short as her when they got him from the Naiad Empire and the two of them were madly in love with one another, he had a beautiful black and white coat that made him look so adorable. Yue Mian couldn’t get enough of her new friend.

They slept together, got messy together, they would share the same food, take baths together. Although Ni Xing wasn’t happy with her child being bitten by fleas and finding ticks in the bed now and then, her daughter was happy and so was she.

One day after a week of having him she noticed that this dog loved biting its balls and dragging its butt along the ground, she questioned her grandfather about it and he couldn’t help, but laugh and later that day it was decided that the dogs name is going to be “Gãowán” (testicles).

Whenever the two were playing around at the army base, you would always hear her cute baby voice yell such a vulgar word which made everyone smile including the stiff and strict Generals. Later that year Ni Xing opened a second tea store that sold around thirty-five different cold tea’s and juices, her business was a success.

She began teaching Yue Mian how to be a lady, teaching her embroidery, how to do the dishes, cooking and cleaning, she also taught her how to read and write.

The years went by fast and Ni Xing grew sad because her baby was growing faster and seemed to mature more without her help. Later after she turned five years old, her grandfather wanted to spend more time with her so he spoke to Ni Xing and they agreed to have her learn martial arts.

In the beginning, it was hard for Yue Mian because she was so used to being a child, then within a span of a few months, she had to learn how to be a lady and now, how to be strong and independent and also protect herself along with the people she cared for? This was tough on her.

Lady lessons and martial arts, she loved them both, but it was tiring. One afternoon after her martial arts lessons she and Gãowán went fishing, she wanted to eat fish for dinner and needed a fish.

With her strong, growing arms, she stood on a rock by the pond a bit off from the army base holding a fishing pole while Gãowán laid on the rock behind her with his eyes closed and tongue hanging out of his mouth.

The birds chirping in the distance and a slight breeze blowing through her twin tails, she stood there patiently waiting for a fish to bite. After an hour of waiting she was leaning against Gãowán lazily holding the fishing pole singing in tune with the birds in the surroundings.

Ten minutes later she felt a tug and she quickly sat up, the tug became slightly heavy which made her stand up and use all her strength to pull and keep the fishing pole in her hands; Gãowán jumped into the water and swam down to see what it was, he came up for air then dived down again.

He received three slaps from the fishes tail and managed to bite down on it and drag it up. Yue Mian and Gãowán fought off the fish, winning the battle after struggling and pulling for fifteen minutes straight! The two of them were laying down on their backs on the rock panting, the fish they caught was red with a blue belly and was sixteen and a half inches long.

The sun started setting slowly behind the mountains in the West and Gãowán grew a bit restless making Yue Mian picked the fish up and placed it in the sack she brought along.

Yue Mian picked up the fishing pole that was lying on the floor and they headed back to the army base, it was quite the distance to walk and almost human activity could be seen in sight. A few walks in a roar was heard; the birds in the area flew away and Gãowán turned around and started growling, Yue Mian turned around and her face froze in shock. Behind them, a mountain tiger that shouldn’t be around was walking towards them.

Frightened by the huge mountain tiger that was nearing them, Yue Mian yelled, “Gãowán run!!!!!” The two of them ran off after she dropped the bag with the fish in it and the fishing pole.

When they darted off, the mountain tiger roared louder than before and charged for them. He sped up and roared once more which made Yue Mian turn back to look and it was right behind her; she bent down and crouched holding her head between her legs as she screamed at the pain she felt coming from the mountain tiger attacking her with its claws.

It tried going for her head, but she was already crouched in a ball. It missed her head but managed to push her down onto her side, exposing her body. She looked up. The mountain tiger’s bloody mouth filled her vision. She noticed small flecks of flesh among the blood. The details grew blurry as it lunged toward her. However, before it could reach her, Gaowan jumped in and flanked it on the side by the mountain tiger’s neck. He made it just in time before Yue Mian lost her head.

The mountain tiger was pushed to the side and glared at Gãowán who was standing between it and Yue Mian, Gãowán growled viciously at the mountain tiger; Yue Mian quickly moved away to the side, in the same way, a monkey would run, on all fours.

She stood behind a tree slightly peeking from behind it; her beautiful cotton pants and jacket that her mother made for her was ripped from all the clawing and gnawing from before.

Blood seeped through the rips of her clothes and she had a panicked expression on her face, she should be frightened and crying, but no, she was more worried about her best friend.

The mountain tiger charged at Gãowán by jumping in the air, Gãowán jumped too and was hit down to the ground by the mountain tiger; Yue Mian’s eyes widened seeing this.

He hit the ground but quickly got up after a squeal escaped his mouth.

They had a standoff again and Gãowán had a limp, Yue Mian’s heart started beating faster every second.

He growled at the mountain tiger. He wasn’t giving up so easily, they slowly walked in a circle, but suddenly Yue Mian slipped and caught the attention of the mountain tiger, it wanted to attack her, but Gãowán barked loud grabbing its attention once again.

This time Gãowán attacked and learned from his previous mistake.

He charged directly at the mountain tiger and as the mountain tiger jumped again, Gãowán went for its neck and hinged on; his teeth sunk into its neck and he did not let go.

“Yes!” she said in her heart, happy that they had an advantage over the mountain tiger.

The mountain tiger shook its neck and clawed at Gãowán, scratching him open. Gãowán was stubborn and he did not let go, on the side, Yue Mian watched on with a terror-stricken expression while tears ran down her cheeks.

Her mind running blank at the sight of what was happening to Gãowán; again!!, but this time the mountain tiger lifted its body and stood on its hind legs and with both front paws clawed Gãowán’s stomach open making his innards fumbled out, Gãowáns’ eyes constricted and his jaw unlocked.

The mountain tiger was finally free.

It looked down with a hate-filled expression in its eyes at Gãowán who was laying on the ground beside it, it then turned to look at Yue Mian who had come out from behind the tree with red eyes looking at it, it stepped forward towards her, but suddenly stopped because its throat was open and blood gushed out.

It took one last look at Yue Mian then turned and ran away.

Yue Mian slowly walked towards Gãowán with heavy footsteps and fell to her knees in front of him, she looked at her best friend who was looking back at her with his tongue hanging out of his mouth panting heavily, she felt a lump in her throat from the tears and crying she held back.

The sadness she felt right now was unexplainable, she moved a bit closer to him and gently lifted his head, he made a whimpering sound, but it soon stopped when his head was on her lap, he looked up at her panting heavily and started whining.

Yue Mian couldn’t keep herself together any longer and her silence broke, “Gãowán Gãowán Gãowán please don’t, I’mmmnnn I’m s.s.s.sorr.rrry,” she began crying again, her head slowly went down to lean against Gãowán’s head and he whined, soon his hind legs started kicking violently making Yue Mian’s head shoot up.

She looked at his legs that were kicking and the blood that was spilling from his wounds, she turned to tell him he should stop, but when she turned, their eyes met and she watched as Gãowán’s eyes roll back into his head.

His body stopped spasming, it fell resting on the ground, the last of the urine that he was holding in came out of his penis while pale foam water-based liquid bubbled out from his mouth.

Her eyes widened, she yelled at the top of her lungs, her body collapsed down over Gãowán and she fell unconscious. Twenty minutes passed and her eyes slowly opened, her mouth was dried out and a whiff of foul air entered her nose, she lifted her body and looked at Gãowán who was lying dead on her lap.

Her heart tightened, she turned her head to the direction where the mountain tiger left in, she stared at the direction for a while then turned her head back to look at Gãowán’s body; her mind was blank and her eyes were bloodshot.

A grinding noise could be heard coming from her mouth and a distance away she looked like someone else, not that cute little five-year-old that everyone loves, but someone who wanted to kill.

After calming down, she lifted Gãowán’s head gently; she got up and went to get her fishing pole and sack with the fish in it, she walked back to Gãowán’s body and looked at it, he was covered in flies and so was she.

She emptied the sack with the fish in it throwing it to the side and pushed the sack under his body around his stomach and pushed the organs that were handing outside back in after swatting the flies away. She wrapped the sack around him then took off her jacket and used it to bind it closed so that nothing falls out.

She picked him up and, even though he was heavy, she lifted him onto her back and used all she had to lift the two of them with a little help from the fishing pole as support.

Every step after that was tough, but she continued to be stubborn and took every step carefully, slow steps, but careful steps; she Ye Yue Mian was determined to make it back to the army base with her best friend.

The sky was losing light faster and her legs were losing its balance, she began tumbling but got right back up. What would have taken forty minutes took her almost three hours to achieve.

Just before it was completely dark outside she stopped 10 feet away from the army base at the sound of horses galloping; in the distance men on horseback came rushing to her and stopped right in front of her.

Her back was bent so she couldn’t look up, but she heard her mother and grandfather’s voices along with several others that she recognized.

She felt hands touch her and the pressure from her back was released, she turned around and saw one of the soldiers move back while taking Gãowán and held him in his arms; she turned back and her mother was saying something, but she couldn’t hear it because there was a loud ring in her ears.

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