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A girl named Andronika was hurt by some closed to her heart as a kid. She never told anyone and kept it inside her heart. She did not trusted anyone again. She survived because she tried to fit in and her parents mistook this as a sign of her getting well. She had many friends but a true friend she had not. Tired of her life, she decided to take a break. She went on holidays only to met with some dark experience of her life.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

The train was as usual late. I was sitting on a bench at the platform. The view I held was nothing extraordinary. The same old rush, lack of time, heavy luggage, hurry and commotion. The people bidding their goodbyes and welcoming their loved ones. A young boy was trying to catch the rushing train. Alas! He did make it but after falling and breaking his arm, I presume. All this was before my eyes.

Lost in the boat of thoughts, I heard a noise. “Beep, Beep…” where was the noise coming from? I frowned. Then remembered the phone I put in my purse. As a lady yourself, you might know how hard is it to find a single thing in a purse. (I usually prefer small clutch. While travelling far from home, I get nervous and pack a lot of this. Hence, the big red hand bag.) It took me a while to find it. A small smile formed on my lips, remembering the quote “You will find everything, except a hammer, in a lady’s purse.” I stepped further away from the bench, due to the noise and picked ma’s call. “Hey! Ma.”

“Hello, young lady! Thank god! You attended the call. Have you any idea how much I was worried about you. Where are you?”

“Ma! I was busy. The train isn’t here and I don’t know how long I’ll be stuck here. This is so exasting and frustrating.” I snapped.

“I know honey, but take care and call me once you get there. Goodbye.”

“Geez! Ma, you know I’ll. I always do. Bye.”

Just when I turned to go to the bench, someone just pushed me. Luckily, I managed to balance myself. My eyes landed on my luggage. What! My purse was gone. I reached for the tickets in my pocket. No this can’t be happening. Now, I get pick pocketed and my tickets were gone to. What will I do now? I keep all my money in my purse. Wait, ma did give me some emergency funds. Opening my luggage, I found the money.

“Chuck, chuck…” The train was there and I just lost my purse and my tickets. I took my luggage with me to get another ticket for a train. This was not my day, after all.

I queued in the line. Luckily, the que wasn’t a long one. Finally, it was my turn. The girl at the counter with the usual tone inquired, “Good morning ma’am. What can I do for you?”

I could sense the hollowness in her voice. Then again, it was part of her job. Anyway, I explained, “Good morning. I just want to buy a ticket for Sambaf. I want the earliest possible train.”

“Here you go ma’am. Just pay the amount and the tickets yours. You will have to wait for ten minutes.”

“Thank You.” As much as I wanted to whip the smug look of her face, I just let my anger past.

In a short while the train was there and I rose to board it. I hope this journey will be a memorable one.

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